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Jake Wang
Jake Wang
Jr Marketing Manager

Published: October 26, 2020

Welcome back to Swag in the Wild! 

Join us this week for a peek into how ShapeShift and Policy Genius understand and smartly use swag to not only support but also boost their brand in the eyes of their customers and community. Then get inspired with ideas on how you can use swag to do the same!


Faster. Safer. Private. More Convenient. That’s ShapeShift — a revolutionary digital marketplace of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. With the ShapeShift platform, users can fluidly swap between assets in a seamless, safe, and secure environment. In other words, you get the speed and simplicity you need at a competitive rate. The ShapeShift team puts their passion about their mission into cultivating their community, which is a big win when it comes to building a brand that lasts 💪🏼


Life insurance can be a confusing “there’s probably a better deal out there” maze. But with Policygenius, it’s easier than ever to achieve the power trifecta of “healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Policy Genius helps you find the best price while answering all of your questions so you can get peace of mind. As a customer-first company ourselves, we appreciate this team’s ethos and mission!

Props to the ShapeShift and Policy teams for the work they do and how they thoughtfully craft swag as a meaningful part of their brand. Now let’s dig into the swag 😎 


ShapeShift T-Shirt Giveaway Swag

COMPANY: ShapeShift

PURPOSE: Incredibly Soft Giveaway T-Shirts for ShapeShift’s Booth at #ETHDenver!

SWAG SUCCESS INGREDIENTS: Bulk Swag, Brand Awareness, Community Swag, Conference Booth, Social Media Presence


Swag works best with the people who already care about your brand. Case in point: ShapeShift. And with a tight-knit and passionate community like the ones you’ll find in crypto, high quality swag is a must. But more than that, it’s a fun way to spread the word about your brand, especially when you’re a company at the forefront like ShapeShift!

Because large-scale community events like conferences have taken a turn for the virtual, giveaway swag is more powerful than ever. As such, we’re excited to feature this throwback to pre-COVID times with ShapeShift’s custom branded Bella + Canvas tee, featuring their adorable fox mascot! 

These specially made shirts were part of ShapeShift’s booth at ETH Denver, the world’s largest & most diverse Ethereum #BUIDL event ever produced. And by the looks of things, those shirts ran out pretty fast 😉 What can we say? With such a kickass design on our soft Bella + Canvas tees, it’s no surprise everyone wanted one.

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Policy Genius Sign-Up Sweepstakes

COMPANY: Policy Genius

PURPOSE: Surprise Swag for New Customers — plus, a chance to win $5000!

SWAG SUCCESS INGREDIENTS: Swag Packs, Customer Onboarding, SwagUp Platform, Social Media Presence, Sweepstakes, Brand Awareness 


Who says insurance has to be boring? Policy Genius is a modern insurance company in more than one way – from the smart and playful brand to the high quality swag picks, the company thanks their newest customers with custom branded Policy Genius swag, including a premium cotton tote and an insulated stainless steel thermal water bottle!

But the swag is just the start. We love that the Policy team took it a step further with a neat sweepstakes opportunity using the swag they put so much attention and thought into. Because there’s no time like the present! If swag is part of your onboarding process, consider making it social with a hashtag. 

Policy Genius also brilliantly uses this chance to encourage their newest fans to share the good experience with their friends — for each referral a customer brings in, customers get $100! 

The bottom-line: Swag is a beautiful way to show some love, make it fun with a giveaway, and support a referral program.

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