25 Swag Pack Ideas For Every Occasion

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Nancy Einhart
Nancy Einhart
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Published: March 28, 2023

Everyone loves free stuff, but swag is so much more than that. The right swag can spread awareness of your brand and help create connections with your customers and your employees. Below, we’ve curated 25 of SwagUp’s best swag pack ideas for fostering employee engagement on every occasion.

🚀 Best Swag Packs Perfect for Employee Morale

When you put your brand on a piece of clothing or other item, you’re creating and reinforcing your company culture. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure that your swag reflects your company values, from sustainability and inclusion to putting a premium on self-care.

In this roundup, you’ll find themed packs for all types of occasions, milestones, themes, and people. Whether you’re welcoming new hires or hosting a corporate retreat, these gifts will make your employees feel appreciated.

Best Value Swag Packs 

These swag packs are designed for you to get the most bang for your buck, with high-quality tried and tested products. Our best value packs are great for onboarding employees and new clients or just saying thank you. If you’re just getting started with swag, these packs are a perfect option for your first order. 

SwagUp’s 25 best swag pack ideas for any occasion: best value packs

High Volume Swag Packs

When you’re sourcing swag in large numbers, it can be tricky to hand out items that are personalized or custom. Our high-volume swag packs, like the Conference Giveaway Swag Bag, are made for one-size-fits-all or include apparel that is size-inclusive, such as hats and buttons. These swag packs are great for giveaways, marketing campaigns, sweepstakes, or events. 

Premium Branded Packs

Brands matter: when you’re trying to make the best impression, we recommend choosing premium swag with brands that people recognize. For instance, our Premium Swag Pack features a Timbuk2 Parkside Laptop Backpack 2.0 and a North Face Trekker Vest. Plus, the more premium the swag, the longer it tends to last, even if someone moves on to a different company.

SwagUp’s 25 best swag pack ideas for any occasion: premium brands

In a Hurry Swag Packs

In a hurry? We got you! Our fast-turnaround packs, like the Fast Pack and the Staple Pack, are great to have in your toolbox when you need swag ASAP.  Whether it’s a conference, appreciation swag, or thank-you gifts for clients, these packs make it quick and easy.

Low Minimums Branded Merchandise

Don’t have a big budget? No worries: sometimes you don’t want to buy large volumes of swag, or you aren’t sure how many items you’ll need so you prefer to buy as you go. We’ve lowered the minimums on our swag orders, and offerings such as our No Minimum Swag Pack have a minimum of 1, so you don’t have to worry about storage or estimates and can simply redeem as needed. 

Eco-Friendly Promotional Packs

Swag and sustainability don’t typically go hand-in-hand, but all of the items featured on SwagUp are sustainable. Plus, they are high-quality and will stand the test of time. We have also created packs,  like the Eco Friendly Pack, that are not only sustainable but also have a meaningful eco story behind them. These are perfect for mission-driven companies that really want to feel good about their swag.

Valentine’s Day Pack

Our Valentine’s Day pack evokes grade-school nostalgia with items like a soft pretzel-making kit and a tote bag that features a design you can color with crayons or markers. With these types of activity-based packs, consider adding a competition element, like rewarding your employees with the best tote design.

SwagUp’s 25 best swag pack ideas for any occasion: Valentine's Day

Halloween Pack

Engaging employees is all about getting them excited and feeling appreciated, particularly around memorable holidays, and our Halloween Swag Pack has become a very popular request every year. Halloween swag pairs perfectly with a pumpkin carving competition or an office or virtual costume contest.  

WFH Swag Pack

Working from home can be a little overwhelming, so don’t forget to include your remote employees in the swag fun. Items like our WFH Swag Pack will help employees feel more comfortable and organized in their home offices. Plus, this pack is a nice reminder for employees that they are more than just work.

SwagUp’s 25 best swag pack ideas for any occasion: Work From Home Pack

Kids Pack

Working parents can have it tough. Even with childcare help, many parents find it challenging to strike the ideal balance between work and home life. One thoughtful way to recognize your employees who are parents is by sending swag designed just for kids. It’s a thoughtful way to say that you recognize them beyond their work contributions. 

Pet Pack

Just as employees will appreciate receiving swag for their kids, families with pets will love seeing their furry friends recognized. The Pet Wag For Swag Pack, which includes an adorable pet bandana and a fanny pack for humans, will definitely get you some major kudos. Plus, you can bet that employees will end up sharing some adorable photos of their pets wearing your swag.

SwagUp’s 25 best swag pack ideas for any occasion: Pet Swag

Employee Anniversary Swag Pack

Show your appreciation for your loyal team members by recognizing their employment anniversaries. After all, everyone loves a reason to celebrate. Employee anniversary swag, like our Employee Appreciation Swag Pack, is great to have on hand; you can always order in bulk and store these gifts for later. 

Mental Health Awareness Swag

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, but your team’s mental well-being is important all year round. We’ve created a Mental Health Awareness Pack to remind everyone about the importance of self-care. May is a good time to get a pulse check, make sure people are using their PTO, and ask questions that can gauge burnout, like whether the company is holding too many meetings. 

SwagUp’s 25 best swag pack ideas for any occasion: Mental Health Awareness Pack

Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Swag

Part of engaging employees is doing activities together. On Thanksgiving, many folks prefer to start the day with a fun run, like a Turkey Trot. Why not motivate your staff to find a local Turkey Trot during Thanksgiving and share a photo of their new swag? Alternatively, you can form a local team for your people to run together.

Relaxation Swag Kit

Sometimes, we need a reminder to take a moment of zen, and one way to engage employees is by giving them some space. We recommend blocking time off calendars or doing a week of no meetings to prevent burnout. Sending nice relaxation swag, like our Relax Swag Pack, to engage and delight employees will encourage them to take a pause.  

25 swag pack ideas for any occasion: Relaxation Pack

Vision Board Planning Swag Activity

Getting employees excited about new goals (professional or personal) is a great way to kick off the New Year or a new quarter. Offer employees swag like a journal and plan a vision board-making activity, virtually or in-person. Encourage employees to place the vision boards on their desks or post them on their computer desktops. 

Movie Night Swag and Fun Pack

Who doesn’t love a good movie night? We recommend this pack for employees or workforces that are fully remote. Engaging a remote workforce means encouraging them to do activities that can create connections and memories outside of their work, such as a family or friends movie night.  

Swag With Pride Pack

Pride Swag continues to be a popular request for swag packs during pride month in June, including rainbow-adorned stickers, t-shirts, and more. When it comes to activities, why not sign up to sponsor a local Pride parade or invite employees to attend a brunch or bingo night hosted by Drag Queens? 

Company Kick-Off Swag

A great way to motivate your team at the beginning of the year is to choose a theme for the year to rally around. Of course, you should also emblazon that theme onto some swag! And maybe even hand it out at the company’s annual kickoff meeting. The swag gets employees engaged and helps everyone ( especially remote employees) absorb the message. 

Baby Swag

When someone on your team has a baby, sending them some branded swag — like this adorable Moleskin baby journal — will leave a lasting impression. It’s a special moment in a person’s life, and sending baby swag allows your brand to become part of that special moment.  

Fitness Swag

Get up from your desk and move! That’s the message a fitness swag pack sends. Our Let’s Be Active Pack gives employees the permission to take a break and get active, especially if they work from home. Just make sure that you are allowing employees to build active time into their schedules, maybe with a fun and engaging challenge. 

Winter Swag Merch

Depending on where your employees are based, the winter months can feel very long, and the daylight hours feel all too short. Sending something cozy like a candle can help them weather the winter months; consider sending this swag as a holiday gift or for the new year. 

Summer Fun Branded Swag

When summer comes around, use it as a fun excuse to send some warm-weather swag, just because. Consider a delicious BBQ Pack, a summer fun pack, or a special treat for the Fourth of July. 

SwagUp’s 25 best swag pack ideas for any occasion: Summer Fun Pack

Traveler Swag Bag

For your frequent-flying workforce and clients, this Traveler Power Pack is a thoughtful gift to ensure they have everything they need when they are on the road. You might also consider other on-the-go accessories like backpacks and water bottles. 

New Hire Swag Box

First impressions matter! Sending employees swag on their first day is the best way to start the journey with the company. You wouldn’t want them to feel left out, would you? We have a few packs to choose from here, including The Warm Welcome pack and the Employee Onboarding Pack

SwagUp’s 25 best swag pack ideas for any occasion: New Hire Swag Box

We hope these ideas for the 25 best swag packs for any occasion have your creative juices flowing. And a friendly reminder, you can also visit SwagUp’s Build a Pack page to design the themed swag pack that’s right for you.

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