2022 Swagup Guide to Great Office Happy Hours

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Published: November 08, 2021

Happy hours have always been a fantastic way to promote brand culture, build team spirit and let your employees unwind. The happy hour is an occasion of great celebration. Let’s look at how to do it in 2021.

Before we look at the stuff to keep in mind when hosting an office happy hour, let’s have a look at a few benefits of holding one regularly.

3 Powerful Benefits of Hosting Happy Hour

Benefit #1. Networking

One of the best benefits of the office happy hour is the opportunity for your employees to interact with each other, especially those from different departments. Marketing, IT and Legal might not think they have a ton in common, but removing the work chatter and adding some refreshments is a great way to help them discover their similarities!

Benefit #2. Higher Employee Retention

Believe it or not, a lot of employees appreciate the opportunity to unwind and relax with co-workers at the end of a busy week. And as they get more comfortable with the rest of the team, it shows in their work too. Happy hours can be a great catalyst to increase workplace satisfaction and engagement. 

Benefit #3. Better Brand Perception

By coming together to celebrate milestones, your team broadcasts pride in their accomplishments, and you score a quick double win by engaging your crew and being recognized as the company that champions an inclusive team culture. We love a win-win, and happy hours, virtual or in-person, bolster inclusivity and pride — and all that engaged talent speaks volumes about your company to potential hires 😉 .

Now that you’re up to speed on the benefits of hosting happy hours, let’s jump into the stuff you should keep in mind when planning one. 

5 Mistakes That Could Make or Break Your Company Happy Hour 

Mistake #1. Making It Mandatory

Happy hours are a great chance to come together as a team, but savvy coordinators recognize that mixing and mingling post-work might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Our suggestion? Provide a timeframe for socialization (i.e., 6-9pm) to keep the pressure off, and reiterate that these fun events are optional, not obligatory.  

Mistake #2. Holding It in Your Office

Location, location, location! Never underestimate it. The location sets the mood for the moment. And while there are certainly some exceptions, we’re just going to say it: resist the temptation to hold your office happy hour at the office.

As we’ve all discovered during quarantine, the line between work and personal time can easily blur when everything happens in the same location.

For a change of state and to get everyone in the right mood to truly relax, nothing beats actually getting out of the office.

And, if you’re hosting a virtual happy hour, bringing the party to the people is a fun way to encourage engagement and create connections that don’t hinge on work conversations. Organize an early work stoppage, coordinate beverage delivery,  and arrange for some branded swag and snack packs to be distributed to the team for a relaxing and low-fuss way to decompress and reconnect. 

Mistake #3. Limited Beverage Options

Everyone imbibes differently, so why not cater to the crowd? Sparkling water, flavored seltzers, and alcohol-free/optional beverages like TÖST or CraftMix All Natural Mixers are always a hit. 

Mistake #4. Not Offering Snacks and Finger Food

Some things just go better together, and happy hours and snacks are a match made in heaven. For virtual events, we love Candy Club’s curated selection of retro sweets, or themed treats like S’mores or popcorn kits. Partying in-person? The all-time greats (chips, popcorn, nachos, etc) work, too! 

Mistake #5. Treating It like a “Fun” Work Meeting

That presentation which needs to be done by Monday? Yeah, it can wait. Happy hours are happiest when your team can really connect with their colleagues. While you’ll never quell all work-related conversations, you can cultivate an “off-duty” environment by creating opportunities for work to stop. For virtual events, that might mean kicking the hour off by asking folks to exit all tabs, and getting the party started with a game or silly icebreakers. 

Now that we’ve settled the particulars, let’s talk Swag. Check out our crew’s happy hour MVPs!

Top Happy Hour Swag Picks of 2021


1. All Natural Cocktail Mixers Variety Pack

These super simple, super delicious cocktail mixers from Craftmix were made to mobilize your happy hours. The best part? These are only 25 calories and 5g of sugar per drink!

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Start With This Swag Pick


2. Moscow Mule Mug Gift Set

A quintessentially American cocktail composed of vodka, lime juice, and spicy ginger beer, the Moscow Mule is sunshine in a cup — a copper-plated mug, in this case! Custom-engrave this mug duo and host an office, cocktail-making session, or package your branded set with spirits + a recipe card for a fun, virtual happy hour event! 

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Start with This Swag Pick


3. Sugarfina Champagne Bears

Pop these bubbly-flavored bears from Sugarfina for a fun and fancy way to indulge your sweet tooth.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Food Swag, Company Culture, Team Culture, Happy Hour Swag, Pantry Swag, Fun Swag, Unique Swag, Celebration Swag

Add Some Sweetness to Your Swag Pack


4. Eliqs Custom Mineral Water

Custom-branded bevvies? Don’t mind if we do! Whip these out during your next work occasion and erase any doubt about who’s hosting the coolest happy hour. 

RECOMMENDED FOR: Drink Swag, Company Culture, Team Culture, Happy Hour Swag, Celebration Swag, Unique Swag, Custom Branded, Pantry Swag, Essential Swag

Customize This Swag Pick


5. Single Serving Size Confetti

Confetti makes everything feel a little fancier! Embrace irreverence by brightening up your in-office happy hour with these fun and colorful enhancements. For virtual soirees, include these sachets in your event packs to help your team set a festive mood. 

RECOMMENDED FOR: Celebration Swag, Company Culture, Team Culture, Seasonal Swag, Party Swag, Fun Swag, Custom Branded, Inventory Swag, Dropshipping

Get the Party Started


6. Valencia Slate Coaster Set

Prevent stains and circles of condensation from decorating your surfaces with these sleek, custom branded coasters. 

RECOMMENDED FOR: Functional Swag, Company Culture, Team Culture, Desk Swag, Unique Swag, Drinkware Swag, Custom Branded, Inventory Swag

Customize Your Swag Pack


7. Giant Custom Tumble Tower Game

What’s a party without games? This giant tumble tower game is a great way to include the entire team. It’s also custom-branded and comes with huge blocks which can be stacked to form a mini wooden skyscraper. With this, you’ll be redefining fun in the office.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Fun Swag, Company Culture, Team Culture, Celebration Swag, Party Swag, Unique Swag, Custom Branded, Appreciation Swag, Family Swag

Customize Your Swag Pack


8. W&P Cocktail Canteen

W&P’s sleek and sustainable home goods are staples on our party lists, and this all-in-one toolkit is no exception! Filled with durable and travel-sized barware essentials, this tiny powerhouse packs a punch. Put it to use at your next team function, or include them in happy hour swag packs for a fun, DIY-themed team event.  

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Travel With Your New Favorite Cocktail


And there we go! All the reasons to hold happy hours, several tips to maximize fun and function, and 8 fantastic swag items to help you elevate your next social event. Go ahead and plan your best happy hour. Your brand deserves it! 

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