25 Best Swag Pack Ideas For Employee Engagement

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Helen Rankin
Helen Rankin

Last updated: August 24, 2023

With 2024 coming around the corner, how are we going to make it different? In 2023 companies surveyed by Lattice noted Cutlure being top priority. With many companies doing layoffs and structural changes, its time to refocus and put culture first again. We list off the top 25 Best Swag Pack Ideas For Employee Engagement to help you get there!

Why Do Employee Engagement Swag?  

If you are wanting to improve employee retention and overall morale, you have to delight your employees. These last few years have been tough on so many that this is the year to make employees top of mind again.

Employee engagement also has some other benefits too. Employee engagement helps boost your brand. If your employees love the company they will share this and be proud to promote the company. You create brand ambassadors through your own workforce.

It also helps with employee loyalty. With remote work, it’s challenging for employees to connect or have any attachment to their jobs. Giving swag reminds employees that they are appreciated and helps create a more meaningful connection.

Now let’s get to the 25 Best Swag Pack Ideas For Employee Engagement!

Sneak Peak Ahead 👀

25 Best Swag Pack Ideas For Employee Engagement

  1. Best Value Swag Packs 

These swag packs are made for you to get the most bang for your buck! They are high quality and will surely get a positive reaction! After all, that’s what we want here right?! These packs are great for onboarding employees, clients, or just a simple thank you! These are also great packs to help you get started with swag. So it’s your first-time ordering swag for your company this may be a good option for you to get started! 

Travel Mates Swag Kit: Luggage tag tracker, USB outlet, and custom branded travel case. You can purchase this in quantities as low as 1!

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  1. High Volume Swag Packs

When you’re sending swag that’s high volume, it can be tricky to send some super personalized or custom. These packs are made for one size fits all or have apparel that runs in a variety of sizes. Most brands are pretty limited in size offerings but we found the best items that are more inclusive!  These swag packs are great for giveaways, marketing campaigns, sweepstakes, or events. 

Swag Pack: Custom mailer bag, branded socks and wood stickers! This is great for high volume since its low on shipping costs and these items don’t go out of stock.

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  1. Premium Branded Packs

Brands matter! When it comes to getting premium swag it’s all about the brand! If you’re looking to really make that impression we highly recommend sticking to brands people recognize. Plus the more premium the longer the swag tends to last even if that person moved on to a different company. We love these packs for premium gifts, employee recognition, or client swag. 

Premium Swag Pack: Custom lasered engraved wood box, Theragun, custom insert card, branded sports cap. Part of giving premium swag is ensuring the packaging or unboxing experience is top-notch. This custom wood box does that! Plus Theragun is a premium retail item that will not disappoint. Perfect for those busy executives.

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  1. In A Hurry Swag Packs 

In a hurry? We got you! These are great swag packs to have in your toolbox for when you’re in need of some quick swag! So whether it’s a conference, appreciation swag, or thank you swag gift for clients or employees these packs make it quick and easy! 

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  1. Low Minimums Branded Merchandise

Don’t have a big budget? No worries we get it sometimes you don’t want to buy large volumes of swag or don’t really know how many you need so you rather just buy them as you need. These swag packs are all at a minimum of 1! So no need to figure out warehousing and all that fun stuff, just buy as you need swag packs! 

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  1. Eco-Friendly Promotional Packs 

Swag and sustainability don’t typically get thought of in the same sentence. We feel that the best way to have eco-friendly swag is by offering items that will last and are high quality. While all the items on this blog are sustainable we put together packs that are not only sustainable but have a meaningful eco story behind them. Perfect for mission-driven companies that really want to feel good about their swag.

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  1. Valentine’s Day Pack 

We love this nostalgic grade school swag idea for engaging employees and teams! You can create a fun activity around it like coloring or making some pretzels at home. Add a competition to it! See who colors the best tote! 

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  1. Halloween Pack 

Engaging employees is all about getting them excited and feeling appreciated. This Halloween swag for employees has been becoming a popular request each year! Try doing a pumpkin carving competition or costume competition.  

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  1. WFH Swag Pack 

Working from home can be a little overwhelming. It’s hard for employees to detach from work. So sending them some items to feel comfortable at home that is nonwork-related can go a long way! This branded swag is cozy and a nice reminder for employees that they are more than just work. 

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  1. Kids Pack 

Working parents can have it tough. Daycare has proven to be challenging for many parents and a balance between work and home life. Sending employees swag for their kids is beyond thoughtful. Sometimes engaging employees means recognizing them beyond the workplace. 

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  1. Pet Pack 

Did you know pets just make people happy? Most pet parents love their furry friends so much they are pretty much part of their families. Recognizing employees’ furry family members will definitely get you some major kudos! The bonus is you get some amazingly cute content! We promise you employees will be sharing photos of their adorable fur babies in some branded swag! 

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  1. Employee Anniversary Swag Pack 

Employee Anniversary brand swag is always good to have in your toolbox. You can order these and store them for later with SwagUp! The idea is to send swag that is special and they will want to keep for a long time. It doesn’t even have to be many items. 

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  1. Mental Health Awareness Swag 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! How are you helping employees engage during this time? HR leaders are seeing more and more employees complain about employee morale and burnout.

This is a good time to take a pulse check and see if people have taken PTO and is the company doing too many meetings. Sending some swag to help employees remind them of their mental health is a great way to engage but also show them you care. 

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  1. Turkey Trot / Thanksgiving Swag 

Part of engaging employees is doing activities together! You can either motivate your remote staff to find a local Turkey Trot during thanksgiving and share a photo of their new swag or have your office join a local group together! It’s a great way to bring family and friends together and give thanks! Now that’s how we do employee engagement! 

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  1. Relaxation Swag Kit 

Let’s create a moment of zen and relaxation for employees! Sometimes engaging employees is giving them space. We recommend blocking time off calendars or doing a week of no meetings. Burnout rates and turnover are high these days. Sending nice relaxation swag to engage and delight employees will help alleviate some of that.   

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  1. You Are The Best Swag Pack!

Show employees that you are thankful for all their hard work with this premium swag pack! It’s filled with top swag items that will impress your teams! From a branded Ember mug to keep their coffee warm to nice puffer vest!

Employee Premium Swag Pack

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  1. Movie Night Swag & Fun Pack

Who doesn’t love a good movie night? We recommend this pack for employees or workforces that are fully remote. Engaging a remote workforce means having to encourage them to do activities outside of their work. It helps create some loyalty to the company when you create connections or memories like a fun movie night! 

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  1. Swag With Pride Pack 

Pride Swag has been a popular request during pride month in June! If you are looking for ways to engage employees but also be inclusive this will go a long way. 

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  1. Company Kick-Off Swag 

Pick a theme for the year! Use that message on the swag! This helps engage employees and teammates toward the company’s mission! It helps remote employees who are not in the office to absorb that message. 

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  1. Baby Swag 

When someone within your workplace has a baby, sending them some branded swag will leave a lasting impression. It’s a special moment in a person’s life. By sending baby swag you are becoming part of that special moment.  

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  1. Fitness Swag 

This fitness pack is a great way to delight employees and encourage them to be active! This is hard for many who work from home and forget to leave their desk. Add a fun challenge or activity around it. 

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  1. Winter Swag Merch 

The winter months are long! Sending a little something cozy will be perfect for the winter months. You can send it as a holiday swag gift or send it for the new year. 

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  1. Summer Fun Branded Swag

When summer comes around, it’s a fun excuse to send some fun summer swag! You can do so much here from bbq themed, or Fourth of July summer swag!  

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  1. Travelers Swag Bag 

If you have a workforce that travels a lot or executives you want to send swag to, this is the perfect fit! It offers premium options along and is a thoughtful swag gift to ensure they have everything they need when they are on the road. 

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  1. New Hire Swag Box 

Welcome new teammates with some swag! First impressions matter! Sending employees swag right away is the best way to start the first step of their journey with the company.