Best Fast Turn Around Tech Swag Items For Corporate Gifting

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Helen Rankin
Helen Rankin
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Published: November 18, 2022

You live a busy life and swag probably just got dropped on your desk. You didn’t get hired to do this full-time job but it’s on your to-do list now to find swag and find it fast! We highlight some of the best fast turnaround swag items and threw in some swag tips and tricks along the way! So let’s make your corporate gifting search easy with these fast turnaround tech swag! 

Why Do Tech Swag For Corporate Gifting? 

When it comes to swag something that we strive for is to ensure the items have practical use and longevity. Tech items are always welcome because of this. Especially with everyone working from home, it seems like we are surrounded by technology. This is why tech swag does so well with corporate gifting. 

Best Fast Turn Around Tech Swag Items For Corporate Gifting 

Here are the best fast turnaround tech swag items for corporate gifting! Bonus, all of these swag items allow for low minimums and they donate to One Tree Planted for every order! High Quality 😍, Low Minimums 🤗, Tree Planted For Each Order 🌳is how these tech swag items roll!

Let’s get to it!

The Power Travel Kit

Why We Love It: This item makes for an excellent travel companion or at-home backup. Three practical items work together for your devices. Keep devices charged with the wall plug & cable while you go hands-free with the phone stand.

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The Travel Mates Kit

Why We Love It: This kit includes practical items to ease common frustrations while traveling. Keep your devices charged on the go with the PowerUSB travel plug. It also comes with a luggage tag that connects to an app on your phone to keep an eye on your bag. Finally, the EVA case has a mesh pocket to store your other travel-related items in one place.

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The Ari Bluetooth Speaker Kit

Why We Love It: This tiny, 5-watt speaker has style to spare and a sound capability that just doesn’t quit. At just over 4″ wide, the Ari features Bluetooth technology, and is the front panel is customizable with your full-color design or logo!

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Premium Foam-Etched Packaging

Why We Love It: Want to feel like Apple? Go premium with this Lux box and which has a custom etched foam insert along with a custom water bottle and Bluetooth speaker.

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The Zoom Kit

Why We Love It: The Zoom Kit is the perfect solution for an elevated video chat or FaceTime experience at work. It comes with a ring light & camera cover to add extra lighting to take photos, video chats, and more. You can also use the built-in camera cover to slide for privacy and cyber security.

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The Puzzle and Kreative Kit

Why We Love It: The Kreative Kit includes two unique custom products that are great for a “tech break”. Includes a coloring book, 6 colored pencils, and a 120 pcs Puzzle. Coloring has been proven to encourage creativity, improve focus and relieve anxiety, while Puzzles help improve mood, memory, and problem-solving skills, and lower stress. In the digital age, it’s important to take time for yourself and disconnect from technology.

The kit is packaged in a 2-piece gift box with the 2 products securely nested in the foam insert. This kit includes full-color branding on 2 products.

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What Are Some Fun Ways To Use Tech Swag Items For Corporate Gifting? 

Practical Use 

When selecting some tech swag items, make sure they have some practical use! Pick something that reflects your audience. If you’re gifting some swag to top executives then you might want to up your budget. If you are gifting to large corporations with more than 200 people, then something that is universally needed like a power bank does really well! 

Don’t Cheap Out!

Nothing worse than receiving cheap tech swag. If you are going to make the investment pick high-quality items. Beware of items that are extremely cheap! You will get what you paid for and the last thing you want is to be a reflection of your brand. You are better off giving fewer items that are high quality than a bunch of items that end up in the trash. 

Include Creative Packaging 

The unboxing experience of receiving swag really builds up the moment! You are already putting effort into getting swag and while yes you might be getting these under pressure, luckily these items all include fun packaging for these tech items and they don’t slow down the production time! So you might as well add some nice packaging to really elevate your swag! 

What To Look Out For Fast Turn Around Tech Swag Items? 

Order swag in a rush can be a nail-biting experience! Well, we have a few tips to help you make this a more seamless experience!  

International Shipments 

Keep in mind, if you are shipping anything internationally it’s going to take time. So prepare the correct messaging to anyone that is receiving these items overseas. For example, if you are late to order over the holidays, skip the Happy Holiday message and just use Happy New Year. You might also want to budget for potentially overnighting your international orders to get these a little sooner. 

Lastly, ensure the person receiving the item is aware of this gift being sent. If customs calls the recipient in most cases and if they are unaware of getting anything they will discard the swag!  

Collect Recipient Information Upfront  

Collecting everyone’s address information can be a complete nightmare! Especially if you have some international shipments, is that supposed to be the zip code or the house number? Luckily, with SwagUp we have Redeem pages to help collect all address information and automate your shipments once the swag is ready to go! 

💡 Pro-Tip: Use Our Redeem Pages To Collect Receipt Info Upfront

Order Extra

This may seem like overkill, but you will be surprised how often we see clients forget an entire department from their swag gift list or their boss last minute add another 20 people you didn’t plan for. So always safe to order a few extra to have on hand for this situation. Also, if you are shipping these items during busy seasons like the holidays, shipments tend to get lost or damaged. You will be ahead of the game with some extra swag to ship right away.

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