Best Ways to Use Custom Knit Socks For Your Swag

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Helen Rankin
Helen Rankin
Chief Brand Officer

Last updated: November 7, 2022

Swag Knits are IN! And no, we don’t mean your grandmother’s knits! When thinking about fun swag items for fall/winter or even holidays… knits are in! Knits make the perfect items for the holiday season and help make your brand look premium! Which is what we love about knits! We explore the best ways to use custom-knit socks for your swag and some things to look out for! 

Why do custom-knit socks for swag? 

When you think custom swag, you traditionally think a water bottle or branded shirt. Which are cool, of course, but if you are looking for something more custom but don’t want to wait months for it to have it created, knits are great in between. You can get something unique and custom without the long turnaround time. 

We’ve surveyed on Twitter, and knitted socks were nominated as the second favorite swag option! As we like to say, it’s the swag you didn’t know you needed. 

What are some fun ways to use custom-knit socks for swag? 

Use Great Copy / Message

Come up with a fun phrase on the bottom of the socks! Whether it’s your logo, you want something that resonates with your employees, clients, or your fans! Seeing some fun copy on the bottom of the custom-knit socks is a pleasant surprise, so don’t miss out on the fun with this tip! 

Include Fun Packaging 

Part of giving swag is the packaging. Who doesn’t love a good unboxing? Take advantage of this area to place some fun messaging. We have seen our clients use this to identify their company values, product launches, or maybe just a simple thank you! Whatever the case, using custom packaging for your socks is a nice compliment to the overall experience. 

Use Fun Patterns 

Use fun patterns! Socks are a great way to give your brand and swag some personality! Who says you can’t make ugly sweater patterns on socks or some fun icons? Socks are a great swag item when you can make them unique and playful. While with other swag items like shirts or water bottles, you are somewhat limited to what you can do, with custom knit socks, you can showcase your brands personality. So let’s make it fun! 

What to look out for in swag knits? 

Of course, with any swag items, there are essential things you should keep in mind. We already mentioned knits are a great custom option without having to wait very long but here are a few other tips to know, 

No exact PMS color matching ( Exact colors of your logo)

You won’t always get an exact match since most knits offer preset, standard yarn colors. While the preset yarn colors are generally good with matching your logo colors, there may be an odd color from time to time. Some knits allow for custom PMS colors, but most don’t! 

So if matching your exact logo color is essential, ask to see the colors to match them or ask for knits that offer PMS matching.

Order Early If During Holiday Season 

The most popular items of the holiday season go quickly, so order early to ensure you receive yours on time. Orders after December 15 for knits might become New Years gifts. If you are ordering outside of the holiday season, you can get most knits within 7-10 days! This is fast, considering how custom these knits can be! 

Keep Designs Simple But Fun 

Keep your designs fun, but don’t over-complicate them. Small text or super-detailed designs might lead to errors, so if your logo has subtext, you may need to ditch it since it will lose its integrity. 

Want More Custom Knit For Swag Ideas? 

Looking for more swag knit inspiration? Check out our other options for custom knits as well! 

Custom Knit Beanies 

Custom Knit Beanies are a popular swag item during the holidays! It pairs well with a nice mug and hot chocolate! You can also have fun with the custom beanies by adding a custom pompom at the top or making it without one! Either way, we love it!

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Custom Knit Scaves 

Similar to custom beanies, scarves makes it to the top of our list for the holidays! We have seen clients use fun messages on their scarves or cool patterns for the holidays! 

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Custom Knit Sweaters 

We love a good custom knit sweater since this can be a year round swag item rather than just seasonal. If you are planning something for the holidays, you can make an ugly sweater with your brand or keep it simple with a fun design they can always wear! Perk about the custom knit sweaters if you can PMS match! 

So, if you want something to match your brand, you’ll have plenty of options! As you can see, I made a custom design for my dogs (don’t judge me)! 

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Custom Knit Blankets 

Custom knit blankets are great gifts to send your remote workforce or a client whose team member is having a baby! You can keep these fun and add a custom message on the blanket! Giving custom-knit blankets also feels more personal. So if you are looking for something for your clients or employees, blankets are always a home run! 

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