Best Pride Swag Ideas For Companies 2022

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Helen Rankin
Helen Rankin
CSO + Partner, SwagUp

Published: April 18, 2022

Companies across the nation are continuing to embrace LGBTQIA+ communities and employees. After all, employees want to feel they can be authentically themselves in the workplace and be accepted at work. What better way to have your company show support for the Pride community than by designing and offering branded swag! Of course, your allyship shouldn’t start and end with swag. Supporting, embracing, and caring for your LGBTQIA+ community swag requires a nuanced and holistic approach. However, offering swag is a helpful way to make people feel welcomed and feel comfortable being themselves at work. It also brings teams together to support Pride month! 

Our very own Swagstronauts have put together a shortlist of favorite pride swag items we love to make for our clients. 

Tip: Pride swag can present some challenges due to the number of colors needed. Like other branded swag, Pride branded swag items have imprint charges that are usually calculated by the number of colors in the design. So, keep in mind that more colors may equal a more expensive custom item. 

With this in mind, our team has curated this list of Pride branded swag items to keep you within budget, with high-quality selections that are sure to be a total success with your teams!

How to Get Your Company Prepared for Pride Month

If your company is new to doing brand pride swag, no need to fear; we got you! The best way to get started is by bringing any LGBTQ employees as part of the swag creation process. It’s essential to make sure the swag is done appropriately and respectfully. To make this project successful, the messaging must be tasteful and reflect the company’s values. In fact, many companies take special care to design a custom logo for Pride month or some unique artwork for their branded swag! 

💡Check out ways to build culture and community here.

Company Branded Rainbow Tumbler 

This branded tumbler already comes with rainbow pride stripes! This makes it easy to just add your logo without the additional cost of printing all the colors. It’s also a perfect option for Pride month in June, getting ready for summer! 

Love is Love Candy 

Who doesn’t love some sweets, especially sweets with a purpose? This sweet swag is a nice add-on for any Pride swag for employees or clients. It’s colorful and already comes with an important message on the bottle “Love is Love”! 

🌈 Follow us over the rainbow for more colorful snacks!

Custom Branded Crossbody Tote with Rainbow Strap  

We are obsessed with this custom-branded crossbody tote! It’s a perfect everyday item that everyone will love. It features a colorful bonus: a fun rainbow strap to celebrate LGBTQIA+ employees and the community! This tote can be branded with your logo on the front pouch, making it easy to order! 

🌈 More cute and colorful totes, this way!

Rainbow Foil Print Printed T-Shirt 

Ok, so you are trying to really wow your employees and customers with some branded Pride swag; we hear you! This custom printed t-shirt with rainbow foil print really gives it that wow factor! This foil print looks great on any company logo! This shirt is set to wow and celebrate Pride in a fashionable way! 

🌈 Add a pop of color to any of our tees!

Custom Logoed Holographic Stickers 

If you are looking for something fun and low-cost that will wow people, these custom logoed holographic stickers make an excellent option. It’s a great way to also come up with some phrases in support of Pride month or design a fun version of your company logo for Pride month. 

Tip: Did you know our amazing SwagUp design team can help you design a Pride logo for your company? Pick your pride swag here

Company Logo Pride Pins 

Custom pins with your logo on are fun, and well who doesn’t love some flair! Pins are a fun swag option to have a variety of messages around Pride or showcase that new Pride company logo. Similar to stickers, pins are a low-cost option for company swag. They also are easy to print multiple colors without having to pay per color since they are digitally printed! 

Branded Rainbow Sunglasses 

Who doesn’t love some custom branded sunnies for Pride month? These cool branded swag with rainbow colors have set the vibes for Pride swag. This is an excellent option if you are looking for something fast that still has that cool swag factor! 


Now that you have some pride swag ideas, let’s get started! Our team can help yours celebrate Pride, making it an exciting month for employees and clients! Just remember, swag is a bonus to help bring people together and show some support for our LGBTQIA+ community. We made a little checklist for you to ensure your company is thinking beyond Pride swag! 

Pride Checklist 

  • Be sure to include employees in this project! 
  • Create a unique logo/phrase to support Pride employees & community 
  • Be sure your message is appropriate, supportive, and truthful
  • This message needs to be authentic —ensure your company is supporting Pride all year round! 
  • Donate to LGBTQIA+ charities or causes 
  • Make Pride swag to celebrate & support your LGBTQIA+ community! 


🌈 Our 2021 Pride faves!


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