8 Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Coworkers

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Mikayla St. Clair
Mikayla St. Clair
Guest Writer

Published: December 22, 2020

It’s that time of the year again- time to figure out the perfect secret Santa gift for your co-workers. This is often a stressful time in the workplace. This is especially true if you haven’t worked with the person for very long, or if your co-worker is the type to have everything! You’re just not positive what type of gift they will enjoy.

When you aren’t sure of their likes and tastes, we can help! Here are the best eight secret Santa gift ideas for your coworkers.

1. Holiday Staples Pack

One thing’s for sure when it comes to gift giving is that you can’t go wrong with custom gifts. A Holiday Staples Pack is a fun and unique gift idea that your coworker will love. It includes custom socks, a custom cup, pin set and card all packaged together.

2. Custom Branded Coffee Mug

There’s no such thing as too many coffee mugs. If your coworker is a coffee lover then a great gift idea for them would be a custom coffee mug. You could even include a gift card to their favorite coffee shop.

3. Aircharge Leather Mouse Pad

An air charge mouse pad is a well designed leatherette wireless charging mat and mouse pad that makes an excellent desktop piece. The mouse pad helps reduce clutter in style and keeps your phone charged up. This makes the perfect gift for anyone in the office.

4. Custom Branded Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are a popular choice when it comes to gift ideas. There are so many different sizes and styles to choose from. The Redwood Bluetooth speaker is one your coworker will love because it’s stylish and looks great on desks. 

5. Corkcicle

Do you have a co-worker that loves to workout and stay hydrated? If so, then get your coworker a corkcicle. They keep drinks cold for a long period of time and are easy to carry around. This is a gift your coworker will be thrilled to have. 

6. Remote Work Backpack

Does your coworker always have their hands full? If they constantly have to walk around with their laptop, folders and books, then a great gift idea for them would be a backpack. SwagUp has a ton of stylish and durable backpacks to choose from.

🚀 SWAG EXPERT RECOMMENDATION: The Lifepack Backpack — a solar powered backpack built with an anti-theft design to ensure maximum convenience and security wherever you go in the world.

7. Bamboo Fiber Lunch box

Does your co-worker prefer to bring their lunch on most days? If so, we are betting they would love a bamboo fiber lunch box. This innovative food storage piece features a bamboo lid that doubles as a cutting board. It will be a huge hit with your co-worker for sure!

8. Swag Pack

Give the gift of swag this year! Swag packs are an easy and fun way to promote your company. Customized company merchandise is a great idea because your coworker can use the gifts year round. You can choose between creating a custom swag pack or a preset pack. You can’t go wrong with this idea! 

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