HR’s Swag Guide To An Employee’s Life Cycle

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Helen Rankin
Helen Rankin

Last updated: January 16, 2023

Company culture is so crucial to the success of a business, but it’s easy for company culture to fall apart if you don’t have the right tools in place to enhance it. An employee’s life cycle at a company should have some thought and care put into it. So many companies emphasize employee onboarding but then fall flat afterward. This makes onboarding a waste of time if you don’t have the appropriate touchpoints along the way. 

However, maintaining a consistent and engaging experience throughout the employee life cycle can be challenging without the right mechanisms in place. This is where an HR software solution becomes invaluable. Such a solution streamlines and automates various HR processes, ensuring that from onboarding to offboarding, each stage is supported by efficient tools that promote communication, growth, and a thriving company culture.

We highlight HR’s Swag Guide To An Employee’s Life Cycle.

Swag is a great way to keep employees engaged and proud of the company they work for. It shows the company is willing to invest in them and not just think about profits. Employee swag also helps humanizes the relationship between a business and its employees.

While you might default to getting swag for new hires, you would be missing out on opportunities to use swag throughout the entire employee journey to keep them engaged and connect with them. 

We break down different swag use cases that you can incorporate to keep employees engaged and keep the culture alive. 

How To Start Your Employee Swag

There are a few pro tips about getting your employee swag experience right before diving in! Swag can be a great tool for employee engagement, but there are ways to have this be a complete waste of time. Let’s make sure your employee swag experience is a success! Here are a few tips to help you get started!

Stick to Popular Brands & High Quality 

The last thing you want to do is send swag that gets wasted or tossed! Sticking to high-quality swag is a great way to ensure people keep their company swag even well after moving on to the next stop in their careers. Having recognizable swag doesn’t hurt either and increases the chances of getting a positive reaction from employees.

Remember you want swag to enhance the employee’s experience. If you just give something cheap for the sake of it, employees will relate that to the relationship. We hear so many clients say I don’t like what our company gives — it doesn’t reflect the culture or the brand. 

Relate the Swag to Mission & Values 

Company culture should feel very similar to a sports team. They all have one goal in mind and that’s to win together. Using your company’s mission and values to pick the swag or incorporate it in the designs makes a big difference. You can order a nice custom box and put your logo on it, but it would go further if the box had values and motivating quotes that are relatable to your company culture. This is especially important for cultures that are remote and don’t get to absorb the logo in the office all day long.

For remote workforces, you have to put more effort into creating culture, sending branded swag can help with that. 

Plan Our Your Shipping & Logistics

Yes, we have to mention this part because it can impact the items you pick depending on where you are sending your swag. For example, if your workforce has a lot of international shipments, you wouldn’t be able to send food, plants, and in some cases even technology products. So keep that in mind in your swag selection.

The last thing you would want is to have employees all have different swag sent to them based on location. 

💡Did you know SwagUp ships internationally? We also help with address collection to make it easier for you! 

Swag Guide To Employee Life Cycle

Let’s get started! Your employee’s journey at a company should be well thought out, and think about all the different touch points you want your company to have and how to incorporate them. We outline some employee swag experiences we know will help enhance company culture and keep employees engaged. 

Offer Letter Swag Pack

When a new employee signs an offer letter, it should be a joyous moment! At SwagUp we provide a signing pack to all new hires and take that moment for them to understand the mission and values. It’s more personalized from the CEO and the first touch point of welcome to the company. 

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Onboarding Swag Pack

First impressions make a lasting impression! This is the first introduction to your company’s culture, so this swag pack is worth investing in! Best to think about providing swag that people will need on their first day at work or that makes them really feel like they are part of the team. 

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Employee Birthday Swag

When you’re a small company you can get away with having cake at the office or taking an employee out to lunch. But as your company grows, or if it’s remote, you realize how unscalable that can be. Sending a preset swag item can help ensure consistency for birthdays and it’s a nice way to connect with employees outside of just work. 

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Employee Anniversary Swag Pack

An employee anniversary is a big deal! It’s a big milestone that you should reward! If an employee hits an anniversary date it shows their dedication to the company. Celebrating this, also shows newcomers that the company appreciates their time. 

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Employee Promotions Branded Swag


One of the biggest signalings you can have towards culture is the employees you keep and, in particular, who you promote. It sets the tone for what it takes to get promoted or move within a company. Sending swag for employee promotions is a great way to celebrate this milestone! 

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Presidents Club / Training Swag Pack

presidents club swag pack for employee lifecycle

If your workforce has training that is part of the job, this is a great way to engage employees by offering swag. Whether it’s giving out trophies or certificates, it’s a good moment to celebrate these milestones within a company. It also creates a nice healthy competition — who doesn’t like getting rewarded? 

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Employee Appreciation 

It’s always good to arm your managers with access to some appreciation swag. Did an employee work late on a project? Did they solve a bug problem or discover one? Having some swag to give out for those random moments helps encourage good culture and show others the type of behavior that gets rewarded. 

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Most companies may not think about this, but how you offboard someone is just as important as how you onboard them. Respectfully offboarding an employee goes a long way with culture, showing the employees that you can have a healthy departure if you feel like your time is up. 

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👀 Looking for more employee engagement ideas? Download our calendar here!

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