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SwagUp Team
SwagUp Team
SwagUp Team

Last updated: October 7, 2021

Welcome to the Swag Vault

Congrats — you’ve stumbled upon a SwagUp Secret 🤫

The SwagUp Vault is an extended swag collection featuring the top swag picks from the SwagUp Crew. Some of these are seasonal swag highlights while others are all about promoting modern swag culture. Every pick is something we’re excited about. We update these special swag collection weekly, so keep this page bookmarked and check back often!

What’s in the SwagUp Vault?

If high quality swag isn’t enough… if you are the kind of person that doesn’t just want the cream of the crop but also the latest, coolest, and trendiest swag ideas…

You’ve come to the right place.

It’s no easy feat for a swag item to earn a spot in the Vault. Curated by our Swag Experts, this is a collection where quality is considered the table stakes. 

To be considered for the Vault, a swag pick must have:

  • Quality. We’re talking about maximizing the value per dollar spent in every budget. We’re talking swag items your employees, clients, and community members will be proud to wear (and humble brag) about. We’re talking unique custom swag that doesn’t break after a single use and will never be tossed in the trash for spring cleaning.
  • Novelty. There’s a special something to every piece of swag that makes its way into the vault. Whether that’s in the artisanal, handcrafted sense or in the premium and luxury sense, it’s an undeniable and eye catching part of the swag that makes it worthy of the vault. Getting specific — especially in consideration of your company values — is the key to a great swag experience.
  • Functionality. No matter how cool a swag item is, it’s not worth much if it can’t be used for anything. Context matters. Every swag item in the vault has a variety of use cases you can use as inspiration for your next swag project. Whether that’s onboarding clients, hosting a virtual event, or building community with your brand, these are the swag picks to help you do it.

Let’s get started 😎


Gala Tumbler


In a sea of travel mugs and to-go cups, which one do you find yourself reaching for? Chances are, it’s the one that works — keeps your coffee hot and your water ice-cold, doesn’t leak, and fits in your cup holder or the bottle pouch on your travel bag.  The Gala is one of our Project Managers’ favorite pack inclusions because it does all of those things and looks good doing them. 

Clocking in at 16 oz, this double-walled stainless tumbler features copper vacuum insulation to keep your beverages at the right temperatures,  and a trendy, glossy/matte contrasting finish in eight different colorways.  While the Gala has a lot to offer, we’re pretty stoked about its diverse imprint possibilities. Ensure that your brand stands out with options like sleek laser engraving, to traditional screen printing, or choose from an array of metallic foils for an unexpected pop of color. 

Ready to customize this stylish sipper for your team? Head over to your dashboard, or reach out to our friendly Swagstronauts to get started!

BEST SWAG FOR: Sustainable Swag, Employee Recognition, Custom Branding, Custom Swag, Holiday Swag, Travel Swag, Lifestyle Swag, Client Swag, Client Gifts, Company Swag Gifts


The Urban Backpack


The Urban is one our fave, go-anywhere Swag picks. With a tailored profile, modern accents, and durable canvas exterior, this classic backpack has style to spare. Functional features, like an oversized front pocket, padded laptop sleeve (for laptops up to 15”), and inner organization panel keep your essentials handy, and the padded straps, back, and bottom keep them safe. 

Ready to get a move on? Just pop your travel mug or water bottle in the expandable side pocket, and you’re all set to tackle whatever the day has in store. 

BEST SWAG FOR: Sustainable Swag, Onboarding, Custom Branding, Custom Swag, Outdoor Swag, Travel Swag, Lifestyle Swag,  Team Welcome, New Hire Kits, Company Swag Gifts


H2go Lodge Insulated Bottle


Slim, insulated, and ultra-portable, the Lodge is a sustainable swag MVP that comes in clutch at the gym or on the trails. Featuring a powder coated finish, magnetic cup, and threaded stopper, the Lodge will keep your coffee hot for that sunrise summit (or commute). Not an early bird? No worries, the Lodge’s copper insulation has you covered, keeping your beverages at the ideal temperature for hours. 

Our Project Managers are big fans of the Lodge’s compact profile, sustainable nature, and  flexible customization options. With imprint locations on the top of the cap and all around, plus the option of foil or screen-printed branding, this bottle offers an excellent canvas for your logo, and looks great on the go. Small but mighty, the Lodge is the ideal adventure partner! 

BEST SWAG FOR: Sustainable Swag, Team Building, Custom Branding, Custom Swag, Outdoor Swag, Trending, Lifestyle Swag, Event Swag, Team Welcome, Onboarding, Company Swag Gifts


Embossed Crewneck Sweatshirt


One of our favorite cool-weather finds, the Embossed Crewneck wins major points for crisp details, minimalist presentation, and its bespoke nature. Each of these unique layering pieces is sewn and embossed by hand, utilizing custom dies, along with heat and pressure, to lend dimension and subtle texture to the final product. 

Sleek, minimal, and on-trend, this über-cozy crewneck is the MVP of holiday gifting. Add an insulated mug and a travel cocktail kit for a swag pack that’s sure to wow your team and clients.

Elevate your swag game with subtle branding that makes a bold statement! 

BEST SWAG FOR: Holiday, Winter Swag, Custom Branding, Custom Swag, Bespoke, Trending, Lifestyle Swag, Event Swag, Team Welcome, Onboarding, Company Swag Gifts🌟  


Belair 17” Cotton Canvas Duffel


With roomy pockets, durable canvas construction, and bright splash of color, the Belair Canvas Duffel makes packing for your next getaway or beach day a breeze! 

We’re big fans of this duffel’s sturdy details: a water-resistant exterior and zippered main compartment keep your belongings dry and sand-free while you’re catching rays, and its compact size and roomy interior make it a perfect carry-on option for quick flights. 

Look no further than the Belair Duffel for a smart swag pick that will keep your team and clients organized and ready for whatever’s next. This bag’s going places! 

BEST SWAG FOR: Work From Anywhere, Travel, Summer, Custom Branding, Custom Swag, Gym, Trending, Lifestyle Swag, Event Swag, Team Welcome, Company Swag Gifts


Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug 16 oz


As one of our favorite swag picks, the Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug is a high-quality travel tumbler, perfect for storing liquids of any temperature and maintaining that temperature for a decent amount of time. Equipped with a threaded, leak-proof lid and a sleek profile,  you can truly take this mug with you everywhere!

Born from a refusal to settle for to-go tumblers that sacrificed the coffee drinking experience for design, the Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug is an engineering feat that honors the senses – taste, smell, and touch – of enjoying your favorite drink while offering the durability and extreme heat retention we’d expect of modern drinkware.

Plus: this simple looking travel tumbler has a secret. With its wide-mouth opening, you can fit most popular manual brewing devices to brew coffee on-the-go. Now that takes enjoying coffee, anywhere, anytime, to a new level.

Made from 18/8 stainless steel, BPA-free plastic and steel lid, with an inner ceramic coating for a pure drinking experience. Conveniently packaged in an RPET bag made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.  

Ideal for the coffee lovers, movers and shakers, and the travelers in your team!

BEST SWAG FOR: Drinkware Swag, Convenient and Functional Swag, Modern Design, Travel Swag, Remote Office, Work Culture, Team Appreciation


Sun Bum Lip Kit Set


Heading to the beach? Don’t just pack the towel — toss in this convenient lip kit set to give your lips the proper care they deserve. Packed with Aloe and Vitamin E, fresh fruit flavors, and a dose of SPF 30, this sunscreen lip balm protects and moisturizes. Oh, and the pouch is biodegradable. How’s that for sustainable swag?

A swag pick for the teams that aren’t wasting a single minute of sunshine to hit the beach and enjoy time in the sun, sand, and ocean.

BEST SWAG FOR: Health and Wellness, Employee Culture, Seasonal, Summer Swag, Travel Swag, Sustainable Swag, Team Swag Gifts, Work-Life Balance, Relaxation Swag


Tie Dye Flannel Fleece Blanket


Thanks to the nature of tie-dye, everyone gets their very own unique tie-dye swag blanket when you roll with this swag pick! At 50”x60”x1/4”, we also love that this blanket is perfectly sized for you to enjoy comfort wherever you go, from relaxing in the living room to cozying up in the den. Bonus points for swag that fits the trends of today.

In our amazing PM Alyssa’s words: “My inner hippie loves that tie dye is so trendy now. This is perfect for days in the park or at the beach!”

Don’t miss the chance to snap up this unique swag pick for your remote teams everywhere!

BEST SWAG FOR: Work From Anywhere, Culture, Swag, Fun, Tie-Dye, Trending, Lifestyle Swag, Team Welcome, Onboarding, Company Swag Gifts


Moscow Mule Mug Gift Set


Inspired by the popular Moscow Mule cocktail, this moscow mule gift set is cute, fun, thoughtful, and – most importantly – the perfect piece of swag for the summer ☀️

All you need is 2 oz of vodka, 4 oz of ginger beer, and a tablespoon of fresh lime juice, and you got yourself the perfect relaxing drink for the hot weather. (Or change it up with your favorite variation, whether that’s a Dark & Stormy or Kentucky Mule.)

The aluminum construction of this mug features a unique color finish that makes this the ultimate stylish piece of swag for your remote team.

BEST SWAG FOR: Team Happy Hour, Culture Building, Remote Teams, Company Culture, Fun Swag, Summer Swag, Seasonal, Virtual Happy Hour


USA Made Mid-calf Socks


Nothing like sock swag for instant excitement and bonus swag points. We love these trending socks for their reliable athletic construction and quick turnaround times. Think old-school charm and modern tech for the perfect blend of what you need in a sock. Bonus: They’re USA-made! 

This classic mid-calf look features extra cushion and reinforcement in the heel and toe for the ultimate comfort. Compression knitting in the foot bed means it fits every foot like a glove. Made from 75% cotton, 21% nylon, and 4% lycra.

Look no further — this is a swag pick that’s perfect for summer. 

BEST SWAG FOR: Swag Classics, Lifestyle Swag, Custom Branding, High Quality Swag, Fun Swag, Cool Swag, Apparel Swag, Swag Giveaways, Swag Shop Ready, Team Swag


Boxanne Bluetooth Speaker


A beautiful branded speaker with plenty of sound and no cords to tie it down.

The built-in subwoofer gives this small travel-friendly speaker its powerful sound while remaining pocket-sized. We love this fun swag pick for bringing tunes on the go. And we mean on the go — it even comes with a strap you can use to attach it to a bike or backpack! Got an impromptu call to make? Use the speaker’s built-in microphone to switch to meeting mode at the click of a button.


  • Wireless capability up to 33 ft
  • 3W wireless speaker
  • On speaker controls
  • Up to 5 hours of audio playtime (roughly the equivalent of 5 webinars, 6.9 podcast episodes, or 37.5 shower karaoke sessions)
  • Included wrist strap that can loop around a bike or backpack

Thanks to its full color decoration, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creative designs. And with dual sides, you got plenty of canvas to work with.

Ideal for when you need a swag pick to show off your brand. Available in white or black while supplies last.

BEST SWAG FOR: Event Swag, Team Fun, Remote Offices, Company Culture, Office Swag, High Quality Branded Swag, Attendee Swag, Swag Bag, Swag Giveaways, Community Events, Brand Awareness


Koozie Triple Vacuum Tumbler


Want to enjoy the great outdoors — and a great drink? Enter the Koozie Triple Vacuum Tumbler. This dual purpose piece of drinkware makes it easy to spend time outdoors while enjoying your favorite cold drink. You don’t even have to choose between canned and bottle, because this tumbler works both on its own and as a can cooler! 

Perfectly designed to fit a 12 oz. can or bottle, this swag pick features an accompanying two piece lid that converts this cooler into a tumbler and vice versa. If you’re looking for a great summer swag pick for the team, don’t miss this one. A must-have for virtual happy hours and remote teams everywhere.

More of a hard seltzer fan? Check out the slim can version for a trendy swag pick in 2021.

BEST SWAG FOR: Drinkware Swag, Team Bonding, Functional Swag, Summer Swag, Happy Hour, Remote Teams, Office Swag, Event Swag


Craftmix Cocktail Mixers


Want the recipe to happiness on the hottest summer afternoons? Here it is:

  • 1 shot liquor
  • 2 shots sparkling (or still) water
  • One Craftmix packet

And that’s it – serve over ice and enjoy! 🍹

The Craftmix team searched high and low for something that had the simplicity of a cocktail without the fuss of making one. And, as the story often goes, not finding what they were looking for, they set out to create it themselves!

With the expertise of a former bartender and several months of taste-testing (i.e. getting drunk), the Craftmix team is proud to present their original cocktail mixers.

Because even if you do own a cocktail shaker, sometimes you just need to keep it simple.

But that’s not even the best part.

True health and wellness isn’t about throwing back your favorite cocktail on weekends (and sometimes, weekdays) at the cost of your physical wellbeing. So, Craftmix Cocktail Mixers did us a solid and removed all the unhealthy.

Think low sugar, low calorie, dairy free, fat free, soy free, cholesterol free, non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, and all natural. 

Virtual (or real life) happy hour-approved! Just add water and your favorite alcohol!

(Psst.. You can even get these as individual packets instead of an entire variety pack!)

Ideal for a healthy and fun treat for the team, without the extra sugar, calories, and guilt.

BEST SWAG FOR: Summer Swag, Seasonal Swag, Fun Swag, Happy Hour Swag, Drink Swag, Party Swag, Team Swag Packs, Community Events, Lifestyle Swag, Swag Treats


Premium Cotton Pocket Tee


Looking for something with a little more oomph than a plain old t-shirt, but not quite as dressy as a polo? Enter the pocket tee.

Don’t underestimate what a simple detail like a pocket can do for the basic t-shirt — in fact, the evolution of the pocket tee coincided with the rise of the t-shirt as an outer garment (and correspondingly, the declining use of waistcoats!) Once used to store everything from coins to cigarettes, the pocket tee is nowadays considered both functional and stylish.

But here’s what we really love about this swag pick: featuring a relaxed fit for maximum chill, the Premium Cotton Pocket Tee is carefully made with high quality fabric (100% combed cotton) for an incredibly soft feel that doesn’t sacrifice durability. It’s even preshrunk to boot, so no worries about a ridiculous amount of shrinkage after washing the shirt for the first time. In short, a stylish tee you can’t go wrong with.

Ideal for the first piece of swag apparel your newest talent gets in their new hire welcome kits! 

BEST SWAG FOR: New Hire Swag, Onboarding, Welcome Swag, Company Swag, Swag Apparel, Stylish Swag, Trending, Lifestyle Swag, Swag Shop Pick


LARQ Water Bottle


If you’re looking for a special swag gift, consider the LARQ bottle – the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle and portable water purification system all in one.

Anyone who’s gone through more than one water bottle knows that, inevitably, towards the end of the water bottle’s life, it starts to take on the flavors of all the liquids you put in the bottle. Which, if that varies from coffee to protein powder and smoothies, can make your water taste really, really weird. On top of that, for everyone who doesn’t keep up with water bottle cleaning maintenance as often as they should, there’s probably an entire ecosystem of bacteria chilling out in your water bottle. Ick.

We know, we know – ignorance is bliss. But with LARQ, that peace of mind comes with the knowledge that its UV-C LED light eliminates up to 99.9999% of bio-contaminants in your water and bottle! The bottle will clean itself every 2 hours, but you can also manually activate cleaning with the push of a button. 60 seconds later, you’ll have fresh, clean water at your fingertips.

So, the tech is cool, but that’s not all we love about LARQ. In particular, with one look, you’ll realize that LARQ takes a designer perspective when it comes to creating the perfect modern, tech-powered water bottle, and in short, these water bottles are a class of their own with sharp and sleek lines paired with a variety of deep, rich colors, whether that’s a more understated Obsidian Black and Monaco Blue, or colorful hues like Himalayan Pink and Seaside Mint. 

Finally, if you don’t need an insulated water bottle and prefer an easy bottle to take on the go, check out LARQ’s lightweight alternative: the LARQ Bottle Movement.

BEST SWAG FOR: Health and Wellness Swag, Tech Swag, Premium Swag, High Quality Swag, Swag Gift, Swag Recognition, Swag Awards, Modern Technology, Company Culture, Drinkware Swag, Office Culture, Membership Rewards, Lifestyle Swag


Karst Stonepaper Notebook


We never leave home without this stone paper notebook. Its waterproof cover and pages keep it pristine through rushed early-morning coffee runs. Featuring 120-micron thick paper, the smooth texture of the pages and flat-lay binding provide ample comfort and writing space for your notes and ideas. This is the perfect low-tech companion to your high-tech devices.

If the fact that this notebook is made from recycled stone isn’t enough of a cool factor for you, consider this: every Karst notebook you get plants a tree!

A great sustainable swag pick for every team that could use a notebook that’s tough enough to survive the occasional coffee spill.

P.S. Don’t want a hardcover notebook? Also check out the Pocket Journal, a smaller and more portable Karst product in size A6 with perforated pages for easy removal. We also love that the stitch binding captures the spirit of adventuring and travel.

BEST SWAG FOR: Sustainable Swag, Notebooks, Remote Teams, Community Giveaway Swag, Onboarding Swag, New Hires, Talent Swag, Recruitment


Solgaard Shore-Tex Daypack


Here’s another sustainable swag pick on this list that we can’t get enough of. The Solgaard team is all about blending sustainability, design, and adventure for life on-the-go. 

Meet the Solgaard Shore-Tex Daypack. This is an everyday backpack with the sharp, clean lines of minimalist design and the functionality of modern tech while pulling 5 pounds of ocean-bound plastic into its creation.

The pack takes security and protection seriously (a trademark of Solgaard bags) and its drop-proof storage means you can safely carry your 15” laptop in its own compartment. Plus: Enjoy four secret easy-access pockets to stash your go-to card, passport, favorite earbuds, or anything else you need within easy reach.

Ideal for hustlers and globetrotters that need a trusty pack to secure all their essentials while doing good for the planet.

BEST SWAG FOR: Sustainable Swag, Backpacks, Lifestyle Swag, Custom High Quality Swag, Travel, Company Culture, Team Appreciation, Community Swag Shop Pick


Heavyweight Full Color Beach Towel


Now this is a swag pick most people never think of. You know the feeling of a really soft, perfectly weighted towel that feels so wonderful it brings to mind images of a soft breeze, your favorite drink, and a great massage?

Well, this heavyweight velour beach towel is basically that. At 30” x 60”, everyone on the team can easily bring this with them to the beach and enjoy the weather.

The towel also reverses to 100% cotton terry loops, adding to its soft, luxurious feel. 

On the other side, sheared microfiber can be imprinted with a cool design or illustration featuring your company brand, or a simple, subtle splash of your company logo. 

Ideal for teams that enjoy slow time under the sun with family and friends. 

BEST SWAG FOR: Summer Swag, Unique Swag Picks, Company Brand, Cool Design, Custom Swag, Swag Giveaways, Company Culture, Community Swag Picks


Baggu Duck Bag


Time to rethink the tote bag. A common conference swag item, diehard tote fans know that there’s a secret about tote bags: they’re damn useful.

Especially when you just need something to carry a bunch of random items, whether that’s on a quick grocery run or moving things around the house

And BAGGU is the best of the best. If you haven’t heard of BAGGU before… get ready to hold every bag you own to a new standard. The team behind BAGGU doesn’t just keep it real; they also approach bags with a sustainability-driven perspective. BAGGU is about bags for people and the planet, not people or the planet.

Born in 2007 from a simple problem (not being able to find a functional and affordable reusable bag), the team at BAGGU created their first product: the Standard Baggu. A lightweight reusable bag that looks exactly like your typical plastic shopping bag, except it’s engineered with lightweight ripstop nylon and built to fit almost 3 times as much.

And while the Standard Baggu is pretty much what BAGGU is known for, the company has since expanded their product line to a variety of bags, including fanny packs, backpacks, cross body slings, and totes. Every BAGGU is created to have a long, useful life that you can rely on for your toughest chores and errands.

Which brings us to the BAGGU Duck Bag. This beautiful tote bag is your classic everyday canvas tote reimagined with new durability and made from 65% recycled cotton canvas that gives the bag a nice heft promising it can more than keep up with whatever you throw at it. With a 40” adjustable strap and top carry handles, you can easily carry the BAGGU Duck Bag in hand or over the shoulder. Ideal for laptop-toting, yoga clothes-stashing, and running errands across the city in style. Plus: the interior zip pocket is the perfect place to secure your phone on the go.

And considering this is a tote bag built on a premise of sustainability and functionality, the fact these tote bags look nice, like designer-brand nice, is probably the best icing on the cake you could ask for.

Ideal for a quality tote bag that fits right into your everyday life, with any kind of routine and schedule across the world.

BEST SWAG FOR: High Quality Swag, Tote Swag, Team Swag, Community Swag, Custom Bags, Lifestyle Swag, Travel Swag, Conference Swag, Giveaway Swag


Sustainable Snacks Chocolate Superfood Snacks


Snack healthier this spring with Sustainable Snacks – a chocolate superfood snack born from a personal journey to better health with plant-based ingredients to support a busy lifestyle. Food swag is a fun way to bring company swag to everyone on the team in the form of energy to support their day-to-day, and we love these snacks for not only the bold flavors, unique textures, and healthy ingredients, but also the powerful mission behind the team at Sustainable Snacks: promoting public health through better snacking!

Choose from a variety of flavors, including Blueberry + Pecans and Spicy Cherry + Almonds. Each bite is a delightful burst of flavor featuring berries, nuts, spices, and maple syrup sweetened dark chocolate. And with a short ingredient list of items you can actually pronounce and recognize, be confident in the food your team is getting their energy from for their toughest tasks. 

In short, the easiest way to add more whole, plant-based foods into any routine. 

A great food swag pick for every team that loves their snacks with healthy ingredients in beautiful packaging.

BEST SWAG FOR: Healthy Snacking, Team Culture, Company Events, Virtual Event Swag, Office Culture, Company Culture, Food Swag, Edible Swag, Fun Swag, Smart Energy


Welly Voyager 16 oz Tumbler


With Welly, every bottle you buy helps build a well. And that’s because Welly was started with the belief that pure water is essential to living. But this company doesn’t just have a neat ethos, it also puts a significant focus on whatever hydrates and powers your daily routine, from smoothies to afternoon cocktails on the beach. And that’s what we love about Welly bottles: versatility. 

This triple-walled, vacuum-insulated tumbler features a screw-on sliding lid for simple access while still making it easy to add ice cubes (necessary in any area with hot weather and thus making this the perfect sunny day water bottle). The liquids inside can stay cold for 24 hours and hot for at least 8 hours. Plus: enjoy durable powder coating, a carefully engineered design that helps you avoid that awkward wet condensation on your bottle, and beautiful natural bamboo wrap.

BEST SWAG FOR: Sustainable Swag, Social Impact, Drinkware Swag, Team Onboarding, Community Culture, Spring and Summer Swag, Health and Wellness


Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket


This is the blanket that started it all. But we wouldn’t blame you if you looked at it, and thought, why the heck wasn’t this already a thing? Because it’s one of those inventions that require a spark of insight, say in the back of a van with a car that won’t start, and all you have is whiskey and your sleeping bag to weather the subzero temperatures of the morning.

Which, to be honest, is pretty much what happened to the founders of Rumpl.

But there’s more to this blanket than a good story. Owning this blanket is like owning a piece of the great outdoors – especially when you consider that the blanket is practically made of the same stuff that goes into the best sleeping bags and premium outdoor gear of today. Whether your latest sleeping bag excursion is beneath a blanket fort in the living room or out with your best buddies (and their dog) on the trail, if you’ve ever wished for a sleeping bag blanket, the Rumpl team totally gets you. 

Enter the Original Puffy Blanket, a technical masterpiece featuring synthetic insulation made from 100% post consumer recycled materials and a ripstop shell that is both weather and stain resistant. This is the blanket to end all blankets for your wildest travel ambitions. Oh, and we should mention: the undeniably awesome attached cape clip means you can wear your blanket hands-free and, well, like a cape. (We hear your inner kid fist-pumping.) An essential swag pick for every swag superhero out there, including you.

So, what are you waiting for? Get cozy in the great outdoors with the Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket.

P.S. This is a great swag pick for your next company retreat and/or team bonding event!

BEST SWAG FOR: Outdoor Swag, Employee Swag, Team Swag, Community Swag, Sustainable Swag, Swag Culture, Technical Swag Gear, Blanket Swag, Lifestyle, Swag Shop Picks, Swag Giveaways


The North Face All-Weather DryVent Stretch Jacket 


Looking for a versatile spring team jacket?

Don’t miss this one – here’s why. While The North Face All-Weather DryVent Stretch Jacket may at first glance look like an ordinary rain jacket, it’s actually a highly sought-after blend of lightweight, breathable, and functional apparel that, before long, your team will find themselves wearing as a staple throughout the year.

And did you notice? North Face doesn’t call this a rain jacket. There’s a good reason for that. Unlike the stiffness and bulk of traditional rain jackets, the DryVent Stretch Jacket allows you to retain full mobility while offering both an incredibly soft and impressively weatherproof fit. But that’s not why we love it.

If we had to imagine a rain jacket that felt as comfortable as a second skin while still being casual and comfy, this would probably be it. Because if you’re like us, you really prefer to avoid the wind chill that seems to come with the worst rain showers. 

And here’s where the details matter. Crafted from 113 g/m2 waterproof and windproof DryVent fabric, this jacket makes sure to include every essential, like adjustable velcro tab cuffs, an attached, fully adjustable hood, and a high zip to partially cover the face in the worst of any spontaneous spring storm.

This sleek, modern cut is right at home in the chaos of the city, while still looking put-together and sophisticated beyond your ordinary rain jacket.

And yes, they could have named it better, but then it wouldn’t be a hidden gem would it?


  • 113 g/m2 DryVent™—100% polyester with stretch and durable water-repellent (DWR) finish
  • Waterproof, breathable, seam-sealed DryVent™ 2.5L stretch shell
  • 100% windproof fabric
  • Attached, fully adjustable hood
  • Reverse-coil center front zipper with interior draft flap

Ideal for tight-knit remote and distributed teams with a penchant for outdoor adventures and awesome team uniform swag.

BEST SWAG FOR: Team Culture, Company Swag, Swag Apparel, Lifestyle Swag, Community Swag, Spring Swag, Weatherproof Swag, Employee Appreciation, Outdoor Adventures, Health and Wellness, Swag for the Elements


Marine Layer Sport Yoga Jogger


The perfect balance between movement and meditation, this Marine Layer Best Seller is everything we love about joggers – especially as the days grow longer and the nights grow shorter.And here’s the thing: the Sport Yoga Jogger is carbon-peached on both sides to effortlessly distill comfort into a pair of pants built to weather even the sweatiest of your workouts. We’re not kidding – thanks to the heavyweight active fabric, you won’t have to worry about any unsightly sweat stains when you head out right after a quick workout session. 

Oh, by the way, did we mention? Unlike other joggers, this one comes with side slit pockets you can use to stash your phone away while you run without worrying about it slipping out. 

Now, for some of the technical details:

  • 83% Polyester, 17% Spandex
  • 4-way stretch
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Standard fit
  • Wash cold, dry low

Comes in two colors (Dark Heather Grey, and Blue Spruce/Black Iris) via cationic dye, which gives the Sport Yoga Jogger its unique textured color.

A custom swag apparel pick for the teams and communities that value functional style and comfort with an emphasis on health and wellness.

BEST SWAG FOR: Lifestyle Swag, Swag Apparel Pick, Custom Branded Swag, Remote Teams, Community Culture, Swag Giveaways, Swag Shop Pick, Joggers, Athletic Wear, Onboarding Swag, Employee Appreciation, Employee Care Package


Selfie Ring Light with Extendable Tripod Stand


For the remote teams everywhere ready to step up their camera game — the selfie ring light is probably one of the defining swag picks of 2020 and 2021. With a ring light diameter of 8 inches, this is versatile lighting for a variety of use cases, from video conferencing to product photography. You get three color lighting modes (warm light, cool white, daylight) for striking just the right hue for any time of day. Extendable from 17.5″ to 62″.

BEST SWAG FOR: Remote Teams, WFH and WFA Swag, Home Office, Sales, Marketing, Leadership, Virtual Events, Hackathons, Lighting Swag


Rains Classic Backpack


In preparation for the rainy season ahead of us (which, for some of us, is actually year-round), we’re big fans of the Rains Classic Backpack. Rains is a minimalistic and modern brand that specializes in contemporary rainwear. 

Their waterproof designs are distinctly influenced by the brand’s Scandinavian heritage, and much like SwagUp, embraces “an uncompromising approach to simplicity that is as equally rooted in functionality as it is in relevance.”

In short, you’ve never shouldered a water-resistant backpack like this. With a matte finish, this modern day pack is available in a beautiful selection of natural colors, from more muted colors like olive and taupe to a bright and energetic yellow sure to stand out on a rainy day – perfect for the teams that seem to bring the sun with them wherever they go. 

Featuring a boxy silhouette with a slim profile that sits flush to your back, this backpack is fully lined and includes an inside 13” laptop pocket in addition to the spacious main compartment. 

But our favorite part might just be the hidden phone pocket on the backside, making your phone or wallet within easy reach throughout your commute in the city.

The finishing touch? Magnetic closings, a stylish carabiner clasp, and adjustable straps.

If your team wishes to be invincible in any weather (and to avoid losing their work from water accidents), this is the backpack upgrade you’re looking for. (Looking for something a little bigger? Don’t miss the Rains Rolltop Rucksack.)

BEST SWAG FOR: Weatherproof Swag, Team Culture, WFA Swag, Remote Teams, Lifestyle Swag, Giveaways, Swag Shop Pick, High Quality Swag, Premium Swag, Backpacks, Onboarding Swag


Bamboo Glass Bottle


Here’s the secret to the awesomeness of glass water bottles — the glass doesn’t retain flavors at all. That means you can pour in coffee, wine, infused fruit water, and even your favorite pre-workout mix into this thing, and still enjoy the nice crisp taste of water as it was meant to be tasted. Glass isn’t just the secret to a pure drinking experience. It’s also a 100% recyclable material. In other words, for teams and organizations looking to be conscious about the swag they pick, nothing is better than a water bottle like this.

Its nature-inspired lid is made from bamboo, while the silicone sleeve provides modern tactile comfort and grip to this simple and stylish piece of swag drinkware. We can’t forget to mention either that its built-in, adjustable stainless steel carry loop makes it easy to carry this thing wherever you go. 

And finally, this one’s for the multi-taskers: a nice wide-mouth opening means you can grab a quick gulp of your favorite drink without worrying about accidentally spilling said drink all over yourself. Trust us on this one – an unplanned recreation of the Ice Bucket Challenge really breaks the flow of concentration.

Welcoming a new hire? Throwing a virtual event? Choose the Bamboo Glass Bottle for a great swag pick that everyone can appreciate.

BEST SWAG FOR: Drinkware Swag, Eco-Friendly Swag, Company Culture, Onboarding Swag Pack, Welcome Gift, Client Appreciation, Swag Shop Pick, Community Swag, Summer Swag


Harney & Sons SoHo Black Tea Blend


Hit pause on your workday and escape to the atmospheric hustle and bustle of the streets of SoHo in southern Manhattan. Think dark pink walls and simple, elegant woodwork. This tea blend from Harney & Sons is all about bringing that experience to wherever you are. And it’s got quite a history behind it too — Emeric Harney created this unique black tea blend to celebrate the Harney & Sons SoHo flagship store’s grand opening at 433 Broome Street. Today, the blend is considered a landmark favorite with its artful blend of chocolate, coconut, vanilla, and amaranth petals. 

Features a medium body with tropical and sweet flavors, like eating coconut candy. Brewable in 4-5 minutes, perfect for a rejuvenating afternoon break between meetings or to shift gears between execution and planning.

A great edible swag gift for teams that pay attention to how energy impacts performance, coffee and tea lovers (because sometimes you need something a little softer than another cup of coffee), and companies/organizations that embed thoughtfulness into their culture.

BEST SWAG FOR: Food & Drink Swag, High Quality Tea Blends, Health & Wellness, Team Appreciation, Employee Care Packages, Community Giveaways, Swag Shop Picks, Employee Appreciation, Virtual Event Swag


Eco-Friendly Wooden Barrel Speaker


This little beech wood eco friendly speaker is one of the most stylish modern designs we’ve seen! With a  modern nature-inspired look, the speaker includes thoughtful touches like a leather strap for easy carrying and a night-light function.

Built with a 5W sound system for a pleasant listening experience in a small package. Plus, you can laser engrave your team or company logo on the side for an instantly awesome piece of swag.

In short, a simple and straightforward swag pick for the modern workplace.

BEST SWAG FOR: Travelers, Remote Offices, Creatives, High Energy Teams, Virtual Events, Swag Giveaways, New Hire Swag, Customer Appreciation


Classic Unisex Bomber


A bomber jacket is classic cool at its finest. With a history rooted in military flight, the bomber was engineered for the practical purpose of warmth while possessing the toughness to survive rough conditions. In other words, a fitting piece of swag apparel for startups and teams at the forefront of innovation.

The sleek cut of this classic unisex bomber features a flattering silhouette and retail fit that just effortlessly works. The traditional rib-knit banding at the collar, cuffs, and hem is what identifies this bomber as a classic style icon. Details like a utility pocket on the sleeve, a premium YKK zipper, and medium fill for comfortable year-round wear rounds this versatile bomber as a high quality swag pick.

And with 70 gsm insulation in the body and sleeves, no need to worry about staying warm.  

Ideal for the hustlers, style icons, and modern teams out there doing good work to live the good life.

BEST SWAG FOR: Company Culture, Casual Swag, Employee Appreciation, Team Spirit, Community Swag, Uniform Swag, Award Swag, Brand Awareness, Unique Swag, Apparel


Barrow Spork


We’ve never seen a spork like this. This laser-engraved swag tool is perfect for your next great outdoors adventures – whether that’s in your backyard, or up on the mountain trails. Made handsomely in matte black steel, the Barrow Spork features a slim design and is equipped with 7 useful functions, including a wrench, screwdriver, serrated edge, bottle opener and carabiner. 

Its thin profile and small footprint allows it to easily travel with you. Just clip it to your jacket or tuck it away in your weekend duffel.

Ideal for teams that love doing it all – and want swag that works the same way.

BEST SWAG FOR: Team Culture, Community Swag Kits, Unique Swag, Outdoors, Hobbies, Lifestyle Swag, Custom Branded Swag, Swag Giveaways, Travel Swag


Classic Cocktail Set


Every home bar deserves a set of ready-to-go cocktail syrups. This simple gift set includes four 4oz bottles featuring foundational flavors like Vanilla Ginger, Cherry Almond, Grapefruit Basil, and Maple Cinnamon. 

We like the Vanilla Ginger for its versatility. Try pairing with bourbon or vodka, or skip the spirit and try it with lemonade, iced tea, or even cranberry juice. For the teams that like something bolder, we recommend the Cherry Almond, which works well with bourbon, whiskey, vodka, and rum. Of course, the Maple Cinnamon syrup is, appropriately, the perfect complement to a holiday cocktail. And finally, don’t overlook the Grapefruit Basil – this light and refreshing flavor offers a tartness that works wonderfully in a mimosa (or with gin, vodka, and tequila).

Get this fun food swag gift for teams that enjoy mixing their own drinks, whether they’ve been doing it for ages, or just recently picked it up over quarantine. Best of all, this gift is perfect year-round. (Bonus points if you send them this before your next virtual company happy hour!)

BEST SWAG FOR: Food & Drink Swag, Employee Care Package, Company Culture, Virtual Happy Hour, Lifestyle, Employee Appreciation, New Years Celebration


Slow North Neck Wrap


Melt away the tension in achy muscles with this cloud-inspired neck wrap! We’re big fans of this beautifully designed supplement to promoting health and wellness at home. Works both as a warm or cold pack.

Ideal for work from home and remote teams spending long hours at the desk.

BEST SWAG FOR: WFH Swag, Remote Teams, Employee Care Package, Health & Wellness, Employee Culture, Self Care Swag


DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo


Looking for a new perspective?

Take to the skies with the DJI Mavic Mini, a lightweight and beginner-friendly drone that weighs about as much as the average smartphone.

Produced by well-known drone company DJI, the Mavic Mini is not only portable and easy to use, but also accompanied by the DJI Fly app (and Flight Tutorial!) for a high quality user experience.

In other words, this drone is a shortcut to elevating the ordinary. 

Capture 12MP aerial photos and 2.7K HD videos. Plus, the Fly More Combo pack comes with two extra batteries, boosting total flight time to an impressive 90 minutes.

We love this swag pick for the teams that have a penchant for getting creative and thinking outside the box.

BEST SWAG FOR: Creatives, Techies, Company Events, Celebrations, Speciality Swag, Novelty Swag, Premium Swag, Team Culture, Marketing, Leadership Thank You Gift, Hobby Swag, Unique Custom Branded Swag, Photography


The Cupanion Sustainable Bottle


The Cupanion Sustainable Bottle is a reusable, unbreakable water bottle that lets you track your collective impact with every refill. But don’t let its simple, clean, and minimalistic design fool you — the Cupanion Sustainable Bottle packs everything essential for a water bottle that just plain works. No spills or leaks. No random cracks or chips. And best of all, it’s a water bottle that helps your community be environmentally friendly – and track your collective impact at the same time. 

Every bottle comes with a unique scannable barcode so you can see your entire organization’s contributions through choosing to refill. 

There’s a lot to love about the bottles themselves too. Think dishwasher safe, able to hold carbonation, and the look of glass but without the fragility thanks to its unbreakable Tritan material. 

Pro tip: The flat sides of the Cupanion Bottle make stacking in the fridge easy, whether you’re storing your favorite holiday drink or simply crisp and refreshing cold water!

When it comes to custom branding, this water bottle is a versatile powerhouse. Take advantage of Pantone matching, 360 degree print capabilities, and 20+ lid colors to customize to your brand. Choose this top swag pick for a solid addition to your next sustainable swag pack!

BEST SWAG FOR: Environmentally Friendly Swag, Sustainable Swag, Drinkware, Onboarding Gifts, New Hire Packs, Company Culture, Company Branding/Promotion, Social Media Swag, Social Values, Community Impact, Team Initiatives, Employee Culture

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Hillflint Chenille Sweater


Inspired by its collegiate roots, the Hillflint Chenille Sweater is the Ultimate All-American sports sweater — now upgraded with a modern spin. Enjoy detailed logo artwork stitched directly on to the sweater for a more flexible, comfortable, and natural-feeling garment, in addition to the classic raglan sleeve, ribbed collar, and v-notch style for that modern varsity look and feel.

In short, we don’t just love Hillflint sweaters for their serious style. These old school sweatshirts are also incredibly soft and luxurious to the touch. The end result: a timeless garment to celebrate old memories and welcome many more to come.

Ideal for companies looking to build team spirit and company culture with swag!

BEST SWAG FOR: Seasonal Apparel, VIP Swag Gift, Employee Culture, Client Appreciation, Team Spirit, Company Culture, Award Swag, Brand Ambassador Program


Moleskine Smart Writing Set


The best of both worlds, the Moleskine Smart Writing Set seamlessly bridges old-school analog charm with modern digital note organization and transcription. 

This next-gen smart notebook and pen allows you to write on real paper (none of that plastic ‘page’ stuff) while instantly digitizing your best ideas in real-time. You’ll not only be able to see your notes evolve off the page into the Moleskine Notes App, but also edit, transcribe, organize, and share on any device. 

With the Smart Writing Set, you will forever have an instant and workable digital copy of everything you write. 

In other words, the absolute best swag appreciation you can get for the people always at the top of their game.

INCLUDES: Pen+ Ellipse rechargeable smart pen, USB cable, 1 pen tip ink refill, Dotted Notebook Paper

BEST SWAG FOR: Techies, Executives, Multitaskers, Modern Teams, Productivity, Digital Systems, Organization, Office Swag, Giveaway Swag, Award Swag, Virtual Events, Premium Swag Pack, Project Managers, Upgraded Notetaking


Arc’teryx Outdoor Clothing & Technical Apparel


Overcome the elements, go beyond your comfort zone. Arc’teryx is a North Vancouver based company that produces high quality technical performance apparel and outerwear, making for some of the best premium swag apparel gifts we’ve seen. 

Here’s just a few swag ideas to add to the list this holiday season: the extremely versatile Squamish Hoody, the sleek Covert ½ Zip, and the lightweight Atom Vest. 

Not only are these great picks for helping your team stay warm throughout the year, but they also feature clean and casual lines and performance without the bulk. This is style that doesn’t compromise form for functionality.

The Squamish Hoody pays tribute to Squamish, BC, a beautiful place where the mountains meet the coast. Befitting the adventurers that visit this getaway, the Squamish Hoody offers a high performance, minimalist design built with advanced wind-resistant fabric.

The Covert ½ Zip is ideal for the hustler on the weekday and the weekend — with modern sweater styling, this apparel blurs the line between gear for the outdoors and daily life. Its breathable material makes this layer a comfortable piece of everyday wear. 

The Atom LT Vest can be worn as a midlayer or solo. Thanks to its lightweight material, this vest is reliable year-round and in all kinds of weather as the vest dries quickly while keeping heat in. Bonus: It’s packable. Just fold the vest into its own packet for easy travel.

Pro tip: Arc’teryx is swag apparel for teams that love to play just as hard as they work 😉

BEST SWAG FOR: Fall & Winter Seasonal Swag, Premium Apparel, Outdoor Swag, Remote Teams, VIP Client Appreciation, Office Team Gifts


feat Tie-Dye Blanket Hoodie


Think you have a favorite hoodie? Think again. These slim-fit tie-dye blanket hood