Use Swag for a Successful Rebrand in 2022

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Nehad Zein
Nehad Zein
Guest Writer

Published: August 04, 2021

It’s not looking good. Your old brand is just not standing out enough, and you’ve started to notice the signs of a new opportunity – it’s time for a rebrand. But how do you maximize the odds of success? And at the same time, how can you minimize the risks? Here’s where swag comes in handy.

If you’ve got your new logo, a brand new website, and an innovative marketing strategy in place to show off your refreshed brand to the world… you might be wondering, what are you missing?

It’s no secret that rebrands can be a difficult, risky play. But sometimes risks are necessary for breaking through to new heights – and when you’re in that situation, you want to do everything you can to get the set up right.

Because rebrands are exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. You’re wondering how your investors, customers and employees will handle it. So many things could go wrong…

…but they don’t have to. 

Here’s how swag can help you make the transition easier.


How Swag Makes the Rebranding Transition Easier

Image Credits: Photo by Ryan Plomp on Unsplash

In a Digital World, Physical Swag Stands Out

The physical nature of strategically designed, high quality swag helps you achieve two primary goals.

  1. Your refreshed brand is now exhibited on company merchandise you can feel and touch. This serves as a soothing reminder to everyone involved, easing the entire transition.
  2. It’ll replace the old swag you’ve already given out. If you use company t-shirts as uniform for example, this is a must do. When you deliver a multi-sensory experience, the change will be easier to accept.

New Swag Helps Communicate New Values

Are you doubling down on a sustainable-first strategy? Express it with carefully chosen sustainable swag products. Are you looking to introduce more fun into your culture? Choose from a variety of gourmet food or happy hour swag to easily get the point across. Whether it’s minor tweaks or significant reforms, we’ve got the swag to help you express it.

Convinced on using swag to navigate your brand update? Here are a few ways to go about it.

#1. The Good Ol’ Personalized Card

At SwagUp, we’re huge proponents for personalized cards. When it comes to using swag for rebranding, these cards can do the double duty of running your internal team through the entire transitioning process, answering questions like why you’re doing it while simultaneously expressing how much you look forward to having them as a part of this new chapter in your organization’s journey!

#2. Create Buzz with a Rebrand Reveal Event

Events are amazing and all of us have been missing attending them in 2020. However, virtual events still have a place in 2021. To celebrate your rebrand in style, host a virtual or hybrid event inviting all of your stakeholders and announce your rebranding strategy. Then garnish the experience with some brilliant swag. It works better than a press release. Promise.

#3. Swag + Digital Marketing = Success!🎉🎉🎉🎉

It’s 2021. A huge portion of your rebranding will be digital, including websites, social media pages and other online mediums. Isn’t combining swag with your digital strategy worth a shot then? For example, you could hand out early swag to top influencers in your industry. Your renewed brand might just woo some early prospects and it’ll also give you a chance to see how the world reacts to your huge update.

A Few Things To Consider

Rebrands are tough. Many companies fail to realize how rebranding can detrimentally affect their existing company culture. A major challenge with any rebranding is getting your most important stakeholders (aka your employees) excited and on board with it.

Things will be easier if you’ve got clear objectives. Are you changing your name or just your logo? Is the change going to be subtle or a complete departure from your present state? Whatever your move, make sure that the swag strategy you adopt reflects your goals well. And lastly, consider how long the transition period is. Big changes are easier to achieve when done gradually.

That Said, Swag is a Brilliant Pivot Catalyst!

Check out how our friends at Breeze used Swag in the middle of a rebranding!

Send out your newly branded swag to your most loyal clients and fans, letting them know all about your phenomenal refresh. Swag can easily help your audience grasp your brand’s transformation. And you can bet they’ll be curious to know more too!

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