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Jake Wang
Jake Wang
Jr Marketing Manager

Published: April 06, 2020

SwagUp team has some new tools to help you start off strong. We’ve launched our new SwagUp Platform to help consolidate and manage all of your swag initiatives in one centralized dashboard! Yes, you heard that right, you can manage all merchandise, direct mail campaigns, conference swag, all in one place! It’s the perfect solution for large teams collaborating on swag projects, and for a fully remote workforce. Your team can place orders, review proofs, upload shipping addresses, track shipments, and manage inventory. Say goodbye to using Google Sheets to manage your inventory and tracking, and no more questioning which mockups were approved. We have you covered! 

What can SwagUp Platform do for you?

Our dashboard consists of four main sections for you and your team to manage: Proofs, Orders, Inventory, and Shipments. (Admin restrictions coming soon!) 

Reviewing Proofs

Your Proofs page is where you can review designs, request changes, and approve proofs for production – interacting directly with our design team. This is also where you’ll find your free design mock-ups (always delivered within 24 hours of your request). 

To view more details, select a proof. In the detailed view you’ll be able to:

  • Review proof images
  • Add and reply to comments
  • View your order breakdown
  • And more!

If you really want to give your team some “swag superpowers,” send an invite to get them on the SwagUp Platform! Invited team members are able to review, comment, and even approve proofs independently, freeing up you to be more productive.

Placing Orders

Once your proofs are sent off to production, you can view your “order status” (In Progress, On the Way, Complete) on the Orders page. But the magic doesn’t stop once your order is delivered — if your team really loved the swag, we’ll keep an order history on your SwagUp Platform so you can quickly order again.

You can view the breakdown of all your orders, and even reorder items that turned out to be company favorites, directly from your order history. You’ll also find information like the order summary, pricing, shirt sizes, etc. in order details.

Tracking Inventory

Use your Inventory tab to get real-time inventory updates on all your swag, including 3rd party items! Yup, have extra swag taking up space in your office? Well, what are you waiting for? Send it on over to us, and manage the inventory remotely!

Items that are running low on stock will show the remaining quantity emphasized in red. It’s just as easy to reorder (you can even do it from this page), but what if you just want to reorder a single item in a pack? Expand your “pack details” to see an item-by-item breakdown. Below each item, you’ll have the option to reorder that item in bulk.

Now here’s a secret: If you have old leftover swag, you can store it with us and get all the same benefits of real-time inventory updates, just as if you ordered that swag from us! Contact us to get started!

Shipping Swag

Add new recipients, edit, and delete contacts at any time. From the Shipments page, you may add and organize the important contacts to your company. On this tab, you are able to schedule shipments in advance for upcoming events, or new hires starting at a later date. 

You can also choose to ship swag from your inventory to a new contact on this page.

The “default view” lists out all of your contacts, but you can also switch to the Orders tab to view your recent shipments in “card” format. Each card represents a shipment order, and is labeled with a status (e.g. ‘Delivered’). Orders include tracking numbers, which you can click on to view the latest tracking updates.

Once you start shipping swag to a contact, you will also be able to see the shipping history for the contact underneath the contact details.


Yes, we even developed integrations to help automate our tools! Our Dashboard offers a completely open API to connect to your CRMs, ATS, you name it. We offer tools like Zappier, Shopify App, and direct connections for Rippling clients. Custom integrations are available for more complex partnerships. SwagUp makes managing swag simple across all teams and platforms. Integration setups are an easy way to automate hiring processes, sales tools, direct mail campaigns, subscription boxes, and more!

Want to learn more?

Ready to get started? Schedule a demo with us today! Let us do the leg work, while you take the credit!

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