4 Simple Swag Pack Ideas For Welcoming New Hires

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Helen Rankin
Helen Rankin

Last updated: August 10, 2023

Your new hires will remember their first impression of working for you forever, so it’s essential to help them feel welcome and appreciated on their first day! We highlight the 4 simple swag pack ideas for welcoming new hires! Nothing makes someone feel part of a team more than some new-hire swag!

If your new hire is remote, this is even more important. What better way to help with this than to send them company swag? You’re thinking: no pressure, right? Don’t worry! With some planning, you’ll make a fantastic new hire kit that will leave a lasting impression on your new hires!

Tips On Getting New Hire Swag Packs Started

Make Sure It Reflects The Company Mission & Values

Like onboarding, your employee swag pack should reflect the company’s values. Slapping your company’s logo on the items is essential, but promoting what your company stands for is amazing.

Some companies include a letter from the CEO or founder in the pack. Others print fun messaging on the inside/outside of the boxes! You can even have a sticker pack with all the company values printed on them.

Whatever you choose, it’s nice to know that your employee opening the box gets a sense of what the company is about when they open it. 

Swag Might Be Limited Depending On Where You Ship

Picking swag for new hires can be challenging. When you add the whole “shipping to different countries” part, it can get even trickier. 

If you’re making new hires internationally, certain countries limit what can be shipped. For example, some countries don’t allow electronic devices, and food, and in others like Spain, you can’t even send water bottles! 

As you plan your new hire swag packs, try to get a sense of where they’ll be shipping, which will help narrow your swag options. 

Make The Experience Seamless & Scalable 

Perhaps one of the most important pieces of making and sending great swag packs to new hires is making sure that the experience is easy for both parties.

First, check that the items in your pack are items that can be consistent for a while. If all your employees have different swag, that’s not a great experience. 

Beyond that, think about the experience as a whole. How do you want new hires to know about getting their swag

Whatever it is, creating an effortless flow is best.

Best New Hire Swag Packs

Now, on to the fun part! Our Swag Experts have selected the best swag ideas for onboarding new employees! Check out the swag ideas that work best with your employee onboarding strategy!

The Most Popular Swag Pack 

This type of swag pack is our most popular option! 

It’s a perfect mix of apparel and supplemental items they will use on their first day. Bonus: if you include more than one appeal item since we get a lot of feedback that family members steal swag! So, it’s always good to have some extras!

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Remote Swag Pack 

With getting new hires’ swag that is remote you can get a little more personal with your swag options. Since they are at home including a blanket or something they can keep on their desk goes a long way! Also, it’s good to send some sort of game to remind them to take a break! 

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Premium Swag Packs

If you’re onboarding an executive, you may want to send something a little more elevated. It shows that you value their position in the company. And, it’s an excellent way to make a lasting impression!

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Eco Swag Packs 

More and more companies are making this an essential part of their mission. We highlight some of our favorite eco options that make for perfect swag onboarding ideas! 

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