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Helen Rankin
Helen Rankin
CSO + Partner, SwagUp

Last updated: May 31, 2022

We all love swag. I mean who doesn’t love to receive, use it, wear it, you name it. People love swag. With the changing environment of people working remote and traveling more swag has been come a great way to promote your brand, stay connected with clients or employees, do public launches and so much more. 

The average promotional item search volume is around 1.42 million per month! So it’s no wonder it seems like swag is taking over your social media feeds these days and we have taken notice! So it brings me to our first-ever curated list of the best swag on the internet! Selected by your swag experts here at SwagUp! 

Branded Warren Buffet Socks 

Yes, you heard me, Warren Buffet socks were actually created as swag. I personally am upset I don’t have a pair but at least we can admire the fact that these do exist. This year’s Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting didn’t disappoint with its swag. Attendees received these custom socks along with other swag goodies. Overall this swag gets a 10/10 for creating swag that has relevance. It’s not always about putting your logo on items which makes this pair of socks a swag winner! 

Swag Use Case: Conference Swag & Promotional Giveaway 

Theranos Custom Dad Hat 

While yes these aren’t new to the world of swag, seeing a Theranos hat in the wild seems like something that should belong in a glass case. This custom dad hat is a piece of start-up history that truly belongs in a swag museum if one ever exists. These hats were given to people who were part of their blood drives. 

Swag Use Case: StartUp Swag for Blood Drive & Brand Awareness 

Provar Swag With A Purpose 

What makes swag so special is not that it has a logo on it, it’s the meaning behind it. Giving swag with a purpose makes it one of a kind. The days of just giving swag with your logo on it are over. This swag goes a long way with its powerful message of “Equality is everyone’s responsibility”. 

Swag Use Case: Swag For Community Members & Thank you Swag Pack 

💡 Interested in recreating something like this? We got you covered! Get started here! 

Shrug Capital x PartyRound Custom Monopoly Board Game 

When it comes to launching swag campaigns, no one does it quite like the team at Shrug Capital. With their investment launch of Party Round, they have created a limited edition custom monopoly board game. This custom game is not just a limited edition but was strategically sent to the right influencers to give this a viral effect. It seemed like everyone in the startup community was posting this swag and anyone that didn’t was left with serious FOMO.  

Swag Use Case: Investor Launch Swag, Company Launch, & Collectors Swag 

Photo credit: @KendrickEsq via Twitter
Photo credit: @kelseytjern via Twitter

💡 More cool, customizable board games this way!

Fast Custom Giveaway Hoodie 

It seemed like yesterday everyone was getting a branded Fast hoodie. Their famous $5 Fast hoodies were seen everywhere and some questioned if they were better at selling their swag than actually building their product. At SwagUp, we had seen an increase in clients wanting to replicate the Fast Swag experience. They did giveaways and had an online store to sell their promotional items. While Fast recently closed doors, this makes their Fast swag hoodie a collector’s piece of failed startups. 

Swag Use Case: Company Awareness, Promotional Store  & Social Media Giveaway Campaigns 

Photo credit: @claytonchmbrs via Twitter

Merge AI New Product Launch 

Mergi AI had a successful product launch and swag campaign that seemed to take over all of Twitter. With the success of their launch, they sent out to investors and clients a branded gong and money gun filled with fake money of course! This custom swag pack from Merge Ai was not only fun but they hit the nail on the head with having a swag that was sharable. They ditched the traditional apparel and swag items and gave users swag that was fun to use right out of the box! This swag gets a 10/10 for making a memorable swag experience! 

Swag Use Case: Campaign Launch, Brand Awareness & Social Media Swag Campaign

GaryVee VeeFriends & On Rally Rd NFT Gold Plated Swag 

It seems like everyone is a monkey or some sort of doodle on social media these days, but Gary Vee & On Rally Rd wanted to take the NFT game a step further by offering limited-edition swag with a purchase of a VeeFriends NFT. This brings the virtual and physical world together and for this, these unique swag items is a win. Plus, this custom gold plated Squirrel really makes this swag a piece of collector’s art. 

Swag Use Case: NFT Swag, Collectors Items, Brand Promotion 

Attentive Mobile New Hire Swag Pack 

You know swag is done right when people share it on social media. Especially when it’s a new hire pack. This Attentive swag pack looks like it was made from a retail store. It doesn’t have the same new hire pack feels, which is why it makes the list of best swag on the internet. Swag that is subtle has a higher chance of being worn and kept for years. Now that’s some nice brand awareness! Also bonus points for including Fido! The personalization is the chief’s kiss!  

Swag Use Case: New Hire Swag Pack & Pet Pack 

Are you ready to get started on your next swag project? Our Swag Experts can help create the swag experience that will go viral! Check us our here!

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