Best Swag On the Internet –  May 2022 Edition 

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Helen Rankin
Helen Rankin
Chief Of Brand

Published: May 31, 2022

Swag makes the world go round. Okay, okay, it doesn’t- but we like to think it does! The month of May brought some amazing swag to the web, from iconic Google “Noogler” swag to… honestly, some swag you probably never would have thought of! Our team of Swag Experts searched the web near and far to find the best swag on the internet in May. If you are looking for some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! 

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Still, wondering why to do swag? Well, these branded swag experiences we found may change your mind about the value of doing swag. It’s more than just getting a logoed t-shirt in the mail, it’s about the meaning and purpose behind it. Did you win the shirt through a contest? Does that t-shirt represent being part of a company or group? You see branded swag offers a sense of togetherness. Here are the best swag ideas that you can use for your own marketing or employee experience! 

Shopify Top Entrepreneurs Customer Gifts 

Shopify dropped a nice surprise and delight campaign to their show owners with some custom brand swag! What makes their branded Entrepreneur crewneck so good is it really falls in line with the company’s mission to build tools for entrepreneurs. Aside from it being completely on-brand with its offerings, the quality of the swag items sent and the meaning behind it make it a successful swag marketing campaign! 

Swag Use Case: Surprise & Delight, Client Swag Gifts 

Photo cred & tweet by Ron Shah 
Photo cred & tweet by Sneh

Virgin Atlantic Surprise & Delight For Sailors 

Being on a cruise is filled with surprises and delights along the way. Sure, your room might have some nice towels folded into swans kissing, but have you ever seen a cruise line give branded swag? Virgin Voyages knows how to get their sailors excited with some nice surprise and delight swag offers in their rooms! This additional touch allows for cruisegoers to really connect with their brand and it’s smart because people are more likely to post about their experience when a gift is given. The more value you create for your customers, the stronger a bond they will have with your brand! Virgin Voyages is winning this surprise & delight campaign! 

Swag Use Case: Brand Awareness, Surprise & Delight 

Photo cred & tweet by Ryan RC Rea

Google’s Iconic New Hire “Noogler” Hat 

There is some swag that will go down into history as one of the best swag of all time. This Noogler hat has to be on that list. Any new employee at Google receives this Noogler hat as part of their onboarding process! They also are made to wear it on the first Friday of their start date as they tour the office! It’s created to let others know there are some new Googlers in town and make sure you make them feel welcome! I mean who could miss them with a rainbowed colored hat with a propeller on top? We love this branded Noogler hat for being on-brand for Google, creating a fun new hire experience, and then also making it part of an in-person experience as well!  

Swag Use Case: New Hire Swag, Employee Onboarding Experience  

💡 Interested in recreating something like this? We got you covered! Get started here! 

Atlassian Community Leaders Swag Campaign 

Atlassian Community started in 2006 with just a few members wanting to connect on what Atlassian was building and now the community expands globally with members connecting in person and online! Part of building their community is by welcoming any new community leaders with some onboarding swag! This swag from Atlassian is so nicely put together and we love that their story is being shared as part of the branded swag! Sending custom swag to community members is a great way to bring people together and have a sense of belonging to the community. 

Swag Use Case: Community Leads Swag, Brand Loyalty & Awareness  

Photo cred & Linkedin post by Dave Mathijs

Lucky Remote Onboarding Swag for New Hires 

With a remote company, it can be hard to figure out how to replicate the warm welcome new hires get in an office. Luckily for Lucky, they knew to send some swag as part of a new hire’s remote onboarding experience! This branded swag pack makes the list for doing exactly what you want out of a nice swag pack, it was naturally shared online by a new hire, the quality was great and the post mentions some swag getting stolen because of how nice it is! Just proves sending swag to new hires is a great way to get people excited about joining a company. Double win for having these packs also being sent to investors and customers. In a world that’s remote let’s connect through some branded swag!

Swag Use Case: Brand Awareness, Remote Culture Building, Investor & Client Gifts 

Photo cred & Twitter Post by Caleb Bushner
Photo cred & Twitter Post by Nafis Azad

All In Summit Conference Swag & Giveaways 

The Kind of Intros Jason Calcanis, host of the All-In Podcast, presented a conference in Miami filled with high-end giveaway swag. The All In crew did not disappoint when it came to their swag bags and it seemed like it took over Twitter the week of the event! This branded swag makes our list for offering the ultimate premium swag for conference attendees and for making it a viral experience that left anyone without these sweet swag bags with serious FOMO! 

Swag Use Case: Conference Swag, Giveaways for Event 

Photo cred & twitter post by Victor Li 
Photo cred & Twitter post by Amber Ferenbacher

Photo cred & Twitter post by Zachary Elkenberry 

hoto cred & twitter post by Michael Yared 

Chili Piper Thank You Gift For Customer 

When you give a customer or client a gift, you want it to be special, personal and something they will keep. Well, that’s exactly what Chili Piper did with this customer drawing! Talk about personalization! Chili Piper’s custom drawing proves that when giving customers a swag gift, the more personalized it is, the better! This swag makes it on our list for the personalization and thoughtfulness behind it. 

Swag Use Case: Client Gifts, Personalization Swag 

Looking to do your next swag project? Our team of Swag Experts have you covered! Get here started today!

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