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Amanda Sciabica
Amanda Sciabica
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Last updated: August 23, 2023

Having to figure out what conference swag you need can be tough! There are so many items and it’s hard to know which ones are the best! Whether you are in a rush to get swag for your conference or have a little more time to put some thought into it, we’ve pulled together a list of the best swag for your conference giveaways! When giving conference swag it’s important to keep in mind the audience of the attendees, are they more tech-savvy or are they an older crowd with family and kids? This can help narrow down your options for what swag items to giveaway! Here are some tips on the best swag items for giveaway swag depending on your audience, 

Tips For Selecting Swag Items for Conference Booth And Giveaway Ideas

Booth Set Up

This one seems obvious, but conference swag starts with the booth itself. These are all the branded items used to attract attendees to your booth and get them chatting with your representatives. Having attractive branding makes your company stand out in the crowd on the tradeshow floor.

Attendee Swag

What are the people attending this conference going to want? Better yet, what are they going to NEED? Thinking about the daily activities of the attendees and how this swag will live on after the event is super important when chosing your conference swag.

Welcome Swag 

Attendees are leaving their very busy daily lives to come be at this conference. Let them know how much they are appreciated with some Welcome Swag. Whether it be something small and useful, or a fun item to take home, Welome Swag will always be a hit.

Sustainable Swag

It is becoming increasingly more important for companies to be sustainable. Companies are proud of all their sustainability efforts, as they should be. Let your swag be an extension of your brand’s values with eco-concious giveaways.  

Team Swag

Swag isn’t just for the attendees! Deck your team out in your brand colors for the conference. When done correctly, there may be a lot of envious attendees that would like to grab some for themselves!

Best Swag Items Conference Ideas

Floor Graphics 

Draw people to your booth using floor clings. Thesea re fully custom, easy to remove and a great way to lead the crowd exactly where you want them to be.

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Table Cloth

A beautiful branded table covering is an easy way to decorate your space at any event.

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Custom Pillows

These custom printed pillows are a fun way to dress up any lounge or exhibit space. They’re a great takeaway to put back in the office!

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Pop-Up Banners

Banners can be decorative and informative all at once. Add a QR code to your design to make them interactive!

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Orso Mug

Attendees can use their mug for their morning coffee that is so needed when getting ready for a day of programming. This also lives on in their homes and on their desks as a reminder of your brand on a daily basis.

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Premium Cotton Tote  

Conferences breed swag and in-turn a lot to hold! Give your attendees something to put all their swag in and a useful bag for their every day life.

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Wireless Charging Pad

Conferences happen, but work doesn’t wait. That means, emailing from your phone. So give people a way to charge their batteries while their away with this small lightweight charging pad.

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Mints in Tin 

Conferences are full of people to meet, conversations to be had and you want fresh breath while doing so. Help them out with these branded mints.

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Chess and Checkers On The Go

Custom-branded games are a fun way to get attendees to losen up and unwind at the end of a very long conference day and a great gift to take home to their family.

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Hangover Kit

SLet’s be honest, with the amount of dinners and late nights that happen at conferences a little hangover kit goes a long way! Even if you weren’t part of those late nights, traveling it hard on the body and these kits are great conference refresher! 

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MiiR Insulated Bottle

Did you know that every reusable water bottle can on average of 156 plastic bottles annually. Keep your drink cold or hot and help save the planet while you do it!  

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Sprout Plantable Pencil

This pencil doubles as seeds for all different herbs and vegetables making it the gift that keeps on giving long after you’ve written your last note.  

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Resuable Straws

Save the sea turtles with style with these metal straws. These are great giveaways that can be used everyday at home.

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Everyone loves a good t-shirt. Whether you’re giving these aways or sporting them as a team, these are a timeless way to strut your brand.

Dream Tie-Dyed Sweatsuit

What is more comfortable conference attire than some branded athlesiure. We’re sure your team will love wearing these and people will wonder where they can get their own.

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Basketball Jersey

These are fun for your team to sport your colors and feel, well, like a team!

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Wanting more conference swag? Check out our 2023 Conference Catalog!

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