Hosting a white-elephant party? Here are three ways to use cocktail mixers for it

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Clayton Chambers
Clayton Chambers
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Published: November 15, 2022

It’s that time of the year! While you’re busy planning those end of year holiday parties with your employees, we’d like to offer you a few party tricks to keep in your back pocket.

This year, we’re thrilled to partner with our friends at Craftmix—a brand we love and sell on our website—to offer you a few last minute holiday ideas!

1. Make it a group activity 🕺

Order the Craftmix Variety Pack, divvy up the flavors and let everyone vote on their favorite one. It’s more fun that way.

Variety Pack flavors include:
– Mango Margarita
– Strawberry Mule
– Passionfruit Paloma
– Blood Orange Mai Tai

2. Virtual happy hours with Flave!

Sending a swag pack to your team remotely? Throw a few individual packets in that they can use to host a virtual happy hour!

Skip the grocer. We got the goods! 🕺

Instead of buying extra ingredients, just buy your spirit(s) of choice and mix them with with the Craftmix Happy Hour kit.

Btw- Craftmix is alcohol-free and works perfectly when you mix with sparkling water or club soda.

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