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SwagUp Team Member
SwagUp Team Member
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Published: June 23, 2020

Spotted Swag in the Wild: Emory University, Crunchbase, MyVillage

Check out Swag in the Wild from SwagUp clients:

One of our favorite parts of our business is that it is physical. In a world that’s constantly pushing towards digitization of everything, the physical swag items we touch and feel each day keep things interesting.

What we love even more than seeing swag come to life at SwagUp HQ is seeing it out in the world and seeing how appreciative people are when they receive it.

In our weekly meetings, we call these moments “SwagUp In the Wild” and sharing them with the team gives everyone who worked on those items a sense of pride and fulfillment.

We thought it would be fun to share some recent SwagUp projects we’ve spotted in the wild to show you real-world examples of how we are partnering with our clients.

A note from Michael Martocci, our Chief Swag Officer & Founder 

Project: Emory Nursing School Graduation

Organization: Emory University

Purpose: In a SwagUp first, we helped Emory get key graduation items and other swag to new grads for their remote ceremony

Swag Success Ingredients: Swag packs, Fulfillment, Universities

How it works: Some moments only come once in a lifetime – so you want to make it count! We’re proud to have helped Emory graduates celebrate their accomplishments. Whether you’re congratulating an impressive cohort or bringing people together for a virtual event, don’t miss the chance to leave an impression they’ll remember years from now.  

Project: Crunchbase Team/Family Shirts

Company: Crunchbase

Purpose: A fun design for a fun team. Crunchbase has built a great culture, even while remote.

Swag Success Ingredients: Bulk swag, Fulfilment, Dashboard, HR

How it works: Treat your team like family, and you’re on your way to a company culture that is larger than life. With SwagUp, you can get professionally designed company merch done quickly and easily. Then send your amazing swag to anywhere in the world all from your dashboard. It’s basically a cheat code to instant swag success 😉

Project: MyVillage Educator Packs

Company: MyVillage

Purpose: MyVillage is up to some amazing work, all made possible by their at-home educators. This is how they welcome them 🙂

Swag Success Ingredients: Swag packs, Fulfillment, Dashboard

How it works: Your biggest advocates – whether they’re brand ambassadors or remote educators – are working with a purpose and passion for something beyond themselves. A little recognition and a warm welcome can be the perfect heartfelt gesture to get them started. Use personalized swag packs to make these big wins without breaking a sweat!     

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