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Jake Wang
Jake Wang
Jr Marketing Manager

Published: November 23, 2020

Welcome to Swag in the Wild!

Swag in the Wild is our Swag Expert-curated blog series sharing some of the coolest, funniest, wildest swag our clients and partners have worked on. But that’s not the best part. What we love most is seeing a swag project come to life in the real world after it leaves SwagUp HQ!

Join us this week in recognition of the hardworking teams at Hopin and PRMG! And with Thanksgiving right around the corner, this Swag in the Wild is perfectly timed for appreciating the talent that powers great companies.

At SwagUp, we believe people are our best assets. And after you’ve diligently recruited your greatest talent, wouldn’t it be a pity to drop the ball once they join the company? Hopin and PRMG are two of our favorite examples of teams that get supporting team culture and appreciating their employees right. 

The Hopin team didn’t just send fresh company swag to their newest hires, but also to everyone on the team that continued to hustle relentlessly every single moment after day one. Now that’s #companyculture we love hearing about!

Milestone swag is inevitably the kind of swag that leads to some of the coolest swag projects that passes through SwagUp HQ, and we’re big fans of the theme behind PRMG’s latest swag project. Kudos to this team for taking the time to both appreciate their employees and celebrating a milestone moment, adding another success to the history of the company!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’re grateful to have worked with these teams on their latest swag projects. So let’s check out the swag! 🚀


Hopin is the first all-in-one live online events platform (and also one of our top picks for virtual event platforms!) The team recently raised $125M and its fast growth shows no signs of stopping anytime soon, with the company now reporting over 3.5 million users and 50,000 groups hosting events using its software.


A longtime leader in the mortgage industry, Paramount Residential Mortgage Group Inc. (PRMG) has grown from an original staff of three members to being ranked within 25 of the Top 100 Mortgage Companies in America and a team of over 2,000 employees across nearly 180 branches. And as the swag shows, PRMG’s company culture attracts top talent.


Hopin Welcome to the Team Swag Packs


PURPOSE: Exclusive Company Swag for Teammates Across the World! 🌍

SWAG SUCCESS INGREDIENTS: Swag Packs, Remote Swag Distribution, SwagUp Platform, Onboarding, New Hires, Team Culture


Swag shipped to 34 countries over 5 continents — now that’s something to celebrate! The Hopin team is (quite appropriately, we might add) skilled at gathering talent all over the world and making distance irrelevant when it comes to doing work in the modern era.

We love that Hopin’s new hire swag packs not only onboards the fresh talent joining the team but also takes the opportunity to appreciate the teammates that have already been with Hopin for a while. Because appreciation and employee culture doesn’t end after day one!

By the way, some pro swag project advice when it comes to shipping — crinkle, aside from adding that extra oomph to your swag pack presentation, is crucial to protecting your swag! If it’s good enough to secure swag traveling internationally, then it’s good enough to safeguard your swag from even the most random shipping hazards and accidents that might weaken a great swag experience. The takeaway: Don’t skip on the crinkle!

All great swag packs have one thing in common, and that’s a personalized message to the recipient. When you take the time to add a thoughtful message to your swag, an okay swag pack becomes good, and a great swag pack becomes legendary. After all, for swag to be more than branded apparel, it’s important to remember that at the end of the day, it’s about the people.

Shoutout to the Hopin team for creating a legendary team swag pack. Here’s to even greater moments to come! 🎉

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PRMG One Billion Dollar Club Milestone Swag


PURPOSE: Milestone Swag Appreciating the Real MVPs at PRMG! 🏆

SWAG SUCCESS INGREDIENTS: Swag Packs, Milestone Swag,  Remote Swag Distribution, Performance Culture, Celebration


If being part of the One Billion Dollar Club isn’t something to brag about, we don’t know what is. PRMG’s dedication to cultivating strong company and employee culture is evident in the swag. And as far as milestone swag projects go, this one knocks it out of the park! 

Congratulations to the PRMG for not only reaching their milestone in the middle of a pandemic, but also taking the time to appreciate the people that made this achievement a reality. We’re excited to have helped with this swag project and loved seeing the excitement and reactions from the PRMG employees that received the packs.

Great teams set goals; the best teams celebrate goals. PRMG’s unique One Billion Dollar Club swag doesn’t just acknowledge the moment but also thanks employees for adding to a milestone in company history. In other words, it’s swag worthy of becoming a memento, something that not only won’t be thrown away with the passing of time but will also be kept with pride over an achievement to talk about.

As a result, milestone swag is some of the most important swag you can make for your organization’s greatest supporters, whether that’s inside or outside of the company. 

From clients and partners to employees and community members, milestone and event swag helps everyone involved feel part of something bigger – which also often ends up defining your organization’s culture.

And we’ve found the companies that win at culture are the ones that take the time to celebrate both the big and the small wins. Props to the PRMG team for making sure they get it right with months of collaboration and revision! 

Now that’s #teamculture to be proud of 🙌🏻

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