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Jake Wang
Jake Wang
Jr Marketing Manager

Published: March 29, 2021

Swag in the Wild Feature #31

Welcome to our Swag Expert-curated blog series sharing some of the greatest, coolest, and wildest swag projects our clients and partners have worked on! But that’s not the best part. What we love most is seeing a swag project come to life after it leaves SwagUp HQ.



First Round Capital is a seed-stage venture firm focused on building a vibrant community of technology entrepreneurs and companies. The company pays attention to all the little details, because, in their words, “Your first money in is one thing. But so are your first hires, your first product and your first customers.” Read about the philosophy that helped Notion, Roblox, Uber, Square, and 300 others tackle these firsts and more.


There’s a new game in town for finance – especially when it comes to global consumers. The Milo team started with the belief that everyone should have access to great amazing products. Milo’s founders, however, realized that wasn’t the case for foreigners in the US. As a result, Milo Credit was born. With unique solutions for global consumers at its core, the team is helping everyone join the financial revolution into the future. Check out Milo here.


First Round Capital Founder Swag Packs

PURPOSE: High Quality Swag for the First Round Founder Community!


It goes without saying that a company with a culture as awesome as First Round’s has a thriving community — and boy, are we excited to see how the swag reflects that! First Round Capital has a unique investing ethos and a team that works hard to help founders get all their firsts (not just the first round) right. The swag you see here is a part of their Founder Track, where new founders have the opportunity to benefit from mentorship, quickly gain skills, and engage in mutual, peer-to-peer knowledge exchange and reflective exercises so that their chances of getting it right the first time are the best possible. To that end, we love how this swag pack perfectly matches the mission. With refreshing snacks and drinks to keep the creative energy flowing and a cool quarter-zip that will definitely be getting compliments, the verdict is clear: these First Round founders are expertly swagged out. 

Pro tip: Book swag is one of the coolest ways to share the knowledge in a community! First Round’s pick with How to Decide by Annie Duke neatly complements their Founder Track program, and sets apart this swag pack from the crowd.

THE TAKEAWAY: When it comes to picking swag for an event, bring it back to the bigger picture – whether that means choosing swag that supports the event goals and activities, or focusing on specific company culture values (like health and wellness!) The result? Swag branding that actually works.

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Check out some of First Round’s awesome swag picks!


Milo Credit Employee Swag Packs

PURPOSE: Beautiful Milo Branded Swag for Their Amazing Team – Just in Time for The Newest Hires!


If you didn’t know, Milo Credit is a pretty cool #MiamiTech company. (Like SwagUp, if we do say so ourselves.) And their swag is the perfect evidence – just look at that custom swag box! We wouldn’t be surprised if everyone that saw those Milo swag pack towers wished they could grab a pack for themselves. Moreover, where there’s swag, there’s cause for celebration. We mentioned a little a bit about their story at the start, but don’t take our word for it. You can read about the $6 million they raised to reimagine the way global consumers access credit and financial solutions over at PR Newswire.

For the most recent round of hiring, the Milo team got awesome swag for both their current employees and their newest talent. And that’s exactly how it should be done – huge props for the culture win here! This is what it looks like when swag goes beyond talent retention and moves towards talent attraction.

THE TAKEAWAY: Don’t skimp when it comes to swag for your team. We promise it’s far easier than you think to get beautiful company swag without sinking a ridiculous amount of time, money, and mental energy – because, hey, you’ve got better things to do. Also, no one wants disappointing swag after putting in all that effort.

The Milo Credit Employee Swag Pack smartly starts with amazing swag picks other talented, high performing teams like them have loved, and with the help of their Swag Expert, quickly put together high quality swag packs for everyone on their team. The result? Employee swag that not only employees actually wear (not awkwardly shove into the back of their closet somewhere) but also get compliments… and may possibly be stolen by said-employees’ friends and family.

Check out some of Milo’s  awesome swag picks!

BTW, if you don’t have a cute owl mascot, don’t fret. Sticker packs are pretty much awesome whatever you do. And besides, you can always tap our professional design team for help. (It’s what we’re here for!) 

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