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Jake Wang
Jake Wang
Jr Marketing Manager

Published: November 25, 2020

Swag in the Wild Feature #25

Welcome to our Swag Expert-curated blog series sharing some of the greatest, coolest, and wildest swag projects our clients and partners have worked on! But that’s not the best part. What we love most is seeing a swag project come to life after it leaves SwagUp HQ…

…and this week, we’re very excited to recognize some creative ways swag is used to support both an inspiring mission and appreciate the awesome people around that mission! 


The teams at Cybrary and the Women’s Sport Foundation have created a community in support of training, supporting, and connecting tomorrow’s leaders. Their work in developing the next generation of bold visionaries starts with a simple understanding: knowledge is power. 

From cutting-edge research and resources to mentorship and scholarship awards, these teams have put an impressive effort into creatively driving their mission forward and helping as many people as possible.

We loved working on these swag projects in support of their ambassadors and connectors in their effort to reach as many people as possible. Kudos, Cybrary and WSF! 🙌🏾

Join us this week for a look at how swag can not only communicate a message, but also grow a community. Now let’s see the swag!


Recently named one of the fastest growing companies on Deloitte’s 2020 Technology Fast 500, Cybrary is is a cybersecurity and IT workforce development platform helping aspiring cyber security professionals and companies looking for skilled talent take the industry to the next level.


Established in 1974, the Women’s Sport Foundation (WSF) recognizes the power of sport in transforming the potential of girls and women everywhere. In pursuit of that, WSF pushes forward a range of initiatives from financial fuel for aspiring champion athletes to delivering innovative research empowering female athletes to win more – in sport and in life.


Cybrary Team Hoodies & Creator Swag Packs

COMPANY: Cybrary

PURPOSE: Virtual Giveaways, Creator Appreciation, & More! 😍

SWAG SUCCESS INGREDIENTS: High Quality Swag, Community Love, Swag Packs, Remote Swag Distribution, SwagUp Platform, Creator/Client Onboarding, Company Culture


The Cybrary team is shaking things up in the education industry. Since the company’s founding in 2015, Cybrary has made great strides in making the industry more accessible through a community delivering a powerful and comprehensive education experience for those interested in building a career in cyber security/IT. 

And just like owning a knit sweater, crewneck, or other beloved apparel from your alma mater is a point of pride (not to mention, a physical reminder of the good ‘ol days), the Cybrary team has pulled off several swag projects with seriously high quality swag worth of their community leaders, creator contributors, and ambitious top-performing students!

It doesn’t just provide for a level of community spirit beyond the screen, but also strengthens Cybrary’s brand and helps them reach new audiences with minimal effort. Part of that is how Cybrary uses their high quality swag – after thoughtfully picking the swag pieces they want to represent their brand and making sure the design aligns with the company culture, Cybrary didn’t hesitate to put their swag into action.

From exciting swag giveaways to thank-you swag packs for their awesome creator contributors, the Cybrary team stays creative and flexible in using swag to power their brand growth – and the results speak for themselves. The Cybrary platform now boasts over 2 million users, including students from 96% of Fortune 100 companies. Now that deserves a high five. Nicely done, Cybrary! 

Check out just a few of Cybrary’s awesome swag picks!

🥳 Boost Engagement & Win Customer Loyalty with Swag Packs


Official Women’s Sport Foundation Store Merch

COMPANY: The Women’s Sport Foundation

PURPOSE: High Quality WSF Swag for their Top Supporters & Advocates! 🙌🏾

SWAG SUCCESS INGREDIENTS: Advocate Merch, Swag Shop, Bulk Swag, Community, Organizational Culture, SwagUp Swag Management Platform, Simple Swag Distribution


Every great team has the swag its top supporters and community can show off, especially on game day! And fittingly, for an organization like the Women’s Sports Foundation where the mission is to support and empower female athletes both on and off the field, the gear the WSF team designed allows the community to share their pride and team spirit in support of that mission!

The Women’s Sport Foundation does a lot and their impressive range of ongoing initiatives helping communities get girls active means they are successfully reaching a lot of lives in different locations – so how do you get official WSF merch to the people who want it? Where swag can be accessed anytime, anywhere?

That’s where the official WSF swag shop comes in. Offering a catalog of only high quality swag items that the WSF team carefully put together and worked with our design team to match to their brand and culture, this awesome swag shop is just one way advocates and top supporters of the WSF community can simultaneously support the organization while grabbing some cool swag for their next activity. 

We love that the WSF team thought of using swag to bring in proceeds impacting over 100,000 girls and women across the nation. After all, the best swag carries a message beyond the individual – and instead speaks to a community gathered around a purpose 💪🏼

Check out just a few of WSF’s awesome swag picks!

🛍  Check out the SwagUp Shopify app for your own swag store! 


Supporting Team Culture to Be Proud of

Top Performers Win More Swag

Swag for Scientists Innovating the Future

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