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Jake Wang
Jake Wang
Jr Marketing Manager

Published: November 16, 2020

Welcome to Swag in the Wild!

Swag in the Wild is our Swag Expert-curated blog series sharing some of the coolest, funniest, wildest swag our clients and partners have worked on. But that’s not the best part. What we love most is seeing a swag project come to life in the real world after it leaves SwagUp HQ! 

This week, we’re excited to give a shoutout to the talented, high performing teams at Softheon and Cision. Culture, especially the kind that supports strong talent, is a big part at both companies and that’s reflected in the way they use their swag.

From making memorable the onboarding process to celebrating achievements with exclusive top performer swag, there are many ways to smartly use swag in support of the people inside your company in addition to the tried-and-true approach of using swag for the people outside your company (e.g. brand awareness and community swag!)

As we finish out the last couple months of 2020, take a page out of these teams’ playbook and see how you can use swag to appreciate the MVPs on your team.


A leading company in the global healthcare informatics market, Softheon is on a mission to make healthcare more accessible. The marketplace-as-a-service offers a simpler solution to eCommerce, eligibility, and enrollment technology for carriers, government agencies, state exchanges, and associations.


Based out of Chicago, Cision is a top global company helping businesses make their earned media more manageable. Cision offers software and services in support of public relations and marketing communications professionals that allows them to find key influencers, deliver engaging content, and measure the impact.


Softheon Onboarding Swag Pack

COMPANY: Softheon

PURPOSE: Onboarding Swag for the Bright New Hires at Softheon!💡

SWAG SUCCESS INGREDIENTS: Swag Packs, SwagUp Platform, Company Culture


As a rapidly growing company, Softheon emphasizes recruiting the best and brightest. We’re proud to have worked with Softheon over several swag projects but for this swag in the wild, we’re diving into the Softheon Onboarding Pack. In order to welcome their newest talent to the team and get them off the ground, the Softheon team worked with us to create high quality new hire onboarding swag packs to be sent to the doorstep of their fresh talent! 

There are a couple things to take note of here. First, aside from the high quality swag picks and design choices that are wonderfully on-brand, we feel that Softheon especially deserves a round of applause given their incredible pace of hiring. 

Scaling swag can be a huge pain in the butt when you are working remote (and everyone else is too). That’s where DIY swag falls short. And because packing 100s of swag boxes and lugging them to the post office is not worth the lost workday hours, Softheon skipped out on that hassle via the SwagUp Platform.

Second, a good onboarding pack includes a few must-have essentials. We’re talking the kind of company swag every new employee secretly hopes to get (even if they don’t say so!) For example, the t-shirt. Basic? Sure. Important? Hell yeah. This is an essential piece of swag that can be kind of weird not to have for the company you work at.

But let’s add two more essential swag picks for the onboarding pack, especially when it comes to remote teams: the coffee mug (which may or may not be filled with coffee) and the notebook (pair with a pen to make spontaneous note-taking that much easier).

That’s exactly what Softheon did here with their onboarding pack. Don’t overlook the basics — getting it wrong is awkward while getting it right is the first step to creating company culture your team is proud to talk about.

Check out a few of Softheon’s awesome swag picks!

🎉 Level Up Your Onboarding with Awesome New Hire Swag


Cision President’s Club Award Swag


PURPOSE: Award Swag Supporting Cision’s Top Performer Culture! 🥇

SWAG SUCCESS INGREDIENTS: Swag Packs, Performance Culture, Celebration


A team that grows is a team that wins consistently. We love that Cision uses swag here to support their strong performance culture with a few high quality swag picks and a memorable glass award celebrating their top performers! With the right balance of challenge and support, a higher bar inspires higher performance year after year.

And here’s another way to think about how you can use swag too — not only is custom branded company merch great for brand awareness, recruiting talent, and engaging community, but your company swag is also a great tool for appreciating people inside your company, from your newest employees to your veterans and bold leaders.

Which brings us to another point: don’t let communication drop after day one! A well-timed recognition gift in combination with a brief personalized message on an insert card can be exactly the kind of meaningful impact that will help boost team morale and help employees feel appreciated in their roles.

The Cision team doesn’t just have an eye for talent – when it comes to the swag picks, they made some solid choices for teams that want to get more done in a day. After getting your employees equipped with swag essentials like a shirt and notebook, consider helping them keep things organized with a durable backpack and recharge throughout the day with a few healthy workday snacks (we recommend Raaka dark chocolate and Eliqs custom branded mineral water.)

Kudos to Cision for bringing the swag to their company culture and creating internal company events that encourage their talent to never stop growing, learning, and aiming to be #betterthanyesterday.

Check out a few of Cision’s awesome swag picks!

🙌🏻 Stay Connected with Remote Employees through Swag


Shiseido and Benchling

Fivetran and Jobber

ShapeShift and Policy Genius

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