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Published: April 22, 2020

Spotted Swag in the Wild: Notion, EventGeek, & Fiverr

Check out Swag in the Wild from SwagUp clients:

One of our favorite parts of our business is that it is physical. In a world that’s constantly pushing towards digitization of everything, the physical swag items we touch and feel each day keep things interesting.

What we love even more than seeing swag come to life at SwagUp HQ is seeing it out in the world and seeing how appreciative people are when they receive it.

In our weekly meetings, we call these moments “SwagUp In the Wild” and sharing them with the team gives everyone who worked on those items a sense of pride and fulfillment.

We thought it would be fun to share some recent SwagUp projects we’ve spotted in the wild to show you real-world examples of how we are partnering with our clients.

A note from Michael Martocci, our Chief Swag Officer & Founder 

Project: Born with Notion

Company: Notion

Purpose: Notion sends employees celebrating the expansion of their families some custom newborn swag!

Swag Success Ingredients: Employee gifts, Baby swag, Dropshipping, Warehousing, Dashboard

How it works: Major Life Moment? Be right there with the congratulations for your hardworking employees. It’s a thoughtful gesture easily done from your SwagUp dashboard – so don’t miss this chance to help them welcome a new soul into this world!

Project: EventGeek Virtual Event Attendee Swag

Company: EventGeek

Purpose: EventGeek hosted their Reboot 2020 event and used SwagUp redeem pages to collect addresses and send swag to get attendees excited about the event.

Swag Success Ingredients: Redeem Landing Page, Swag, Warehousing, Drop shipping, Swag Bags, Virtual Events

How it works: Imagine swag showing up on your doorstep right after you attend a virtual event. Pretty cool right? That’s how EventGeek took their virtual game to the next level using SwagUp. With custom redeem pages and dropshipping, you can easily add that perfect human touch to any virtual event.

Project: Fiverr Influencer Packs

Company: Fiverr

Purpose: This is one of our favorite packs of all time! Fiverr put together a beautiful swag pack for their top influencers. Tip: great packaging goes a long way.

Swag Success Ingredients: Swag packs, Fulfillment, Global

How it works: Tired of cheap swag and bad design? Us too. So we’ve done the hard work for you. When you work with us, you’ll only see the swag items that made the cut – from there, it’s easy peasy to create a swag pack like no other for your company brand. #tothemoon  

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