Weekly Swag In the Wild: Teampay, Panoramic and Galt Insurance!

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Published: April 21, 2020

Spotted Swag in the Teampay, Panoramic & Galt Insurance! 

Check out Swag in the Wild from SwagUp clients:

One of our favorite parts of our business is that it is physical. In a world that’s constantly pushing towards digitization of everything, the physical swag items we touch and feel each day keep things interesting.

What we love even more than seeing swag come to life at SwagUp HQ is seeing it out in the world and seeing how appreciative people are when they receive it.

In our weekly meetings, we call these moments “SwagUp In the Wild” and sharing them with the team gives everyone who worked on those items a sense of pride and fulfillment.

We thought it would be fun to share some recent SwagUp projects we’ve spotted in the wild to show you real-world examples of how we are partnering with our clients.

A note from Michael Martocci, our Chief Swag Officer & Founder

Project: Teampay End of Year “Year End Close” Packs

Company: TeamPay 

Purpose: Teampay put together these awesome swag packs to show love to their customers and closeout 2019 

Swag Success Ingredients: Swag packs, Fulfillment, Dashboard, Client Gifts 

How it works: How time flies! Although it’s tempting to rush onto the excitement and fun of tomorrow, it can be worth pausing to properly close out one chapter before beginning the next. Using branded swag packs and fulfillment via SwagUp’s all-in-one dashboard, Teampay was able to personally thank their beloved customers for being part of the journey. Kudos to Teampay for recognizing that celebrating the end of things is just as important to celebrate the beginning of them!

Project: Panoramic Employee Appreciation Gifts

Company: Panoramic 

Purpose: Together with Panoramic, we helped them make sure their employees felt extra appreciated this year. 

Swag Success Ingredients: Swag packs, Fulfillment, Dashboard, Employee Appreciation

How it works: Did you send your employees flowers and gifts for employee appreciation day? Panoramic did! Save yourself time and invest in a solution with disproportionate results via SwagUp. A company that appreciates its employees is a company employees give 110% for. To send a thank-you that shows the best of your company culture, work with a SwagUp Expert today.

Project: SwagUp Baby Packs

Company: Galt Insurance

Purpose: Our favorite future swagstronauts scored some awesome onesies and blankets. We like to start them young 🙂

Swag Success Ingredients: Bulk swag, Fulfillment, Baby Swag 😎

How it works: You know that adage “dress for success”? We think our friends at Galt Insurance have got the handle on that pretty well. (Just check out these future swagstronauts!). If you’re looking for ways to get creative with client swag, we’ve got your back. Work with a team that focuses on the human part of the equation and pick out some amazing swag items to send to your favorite people – no matter how old they are! Got a swag project? Talk to a Swag Expert today.

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