Editor’s Choice: 21+ Best and Coolest Swag Ideas 2022

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Swagup Team
Swagup Team
Swagup Team

Published: January 26, 2021

Picking the best swag for an entire year makes us feel like we’re playing favorites; we really shouldn’t but we can’t help it. 

So with the disclaimer that there are tons of great swag ideas out there (some arguably better than others), these are the best and coolest swag picks our Swag Experts have compiled for 2021. 

No matter if you are preparing swag for your inspiring leaders and hardworking employees on Employee Appreciation Day, upgrading your client and member onboarding experience, or taking your virtual event swag to the next level, these shortlist swag picks are like cheat codes for instant swag success. 

Intrigued? Let’s get started 😉

(P.S. If you missed it, check out what made the list last year!)


The Coolest Swag Ideas of 2021

For swag that carries the energy of a new era. From the moment of unboxing to the next milestone – and every one after that – these are the swag picks to keep the momentum going in 2021.


1. TÖST & Custom Flutes 


Looking to bring more mindfulness into 2021? TÖST has your back. This sparkling non-alcoholic beverage is all about embracing the moment as you live it. 

We love that this drink keeps health and wellness front of mind with simple and natural ingredients, making for a non-alcoholic beverage crafted to be as meaningful and sophisticated as alcoholic beverages minus the alcohol. 

Lower calorie, refreshingly dry and not too sweet — it’s hard to ask for more. The perfect beverage that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere by everyone. Make it an occasion by pairing a chilled bottle with custom branded flutes, then raise a TÖST 🥂

RECOMMENDED FOR: Team Celebration, VIP Client Thank You, VP Welcome Swag, Company Culture, Virtual Happy Hour Swag Essentials, Milestone Swag, Food & Drink Swag


2. Cork Wine Set 


You don’t need to be a wine connoisseur to appreciate this bar staple. The natural cork materials and keepsake box infuses this swag pick with a certain degree of class that will look great in every kitchen. 

Having the basic necessities for a good celebration, whether that’s an occasion with friends and family or a team bonding moment, makes this swag pick an easy choice for any company culture event.

What you get: a corkscrew bottle opener, cork accented foil cutter, cork accented wine stopper that doubles as a pourer, and a keepsake box.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Employee Culture, Team Celebration Swag, Custom Branded, Lifestyle Swag, Bar Accessories, Drinkware Accessories, Virtual Happy Hour Swag Essentials, Milestone Moments, Swag Add-Ons


3. Port Authority Fleece Apparel


Fleece is having a moment – and according to Andrew Luecke, it might not just be a moment: “Fleece is eternal, and it won’t just be discarded […] It can be reused forever, relieving the buyer and wearer over guilt about contributing to waste or stuffing landfills.” (Check out the full read for more about what makes fleece a great investment!)

In line with the thought that classics survive the test of time, fleece is functional in all the ways that really matter – especially during the cold and windy months of the year. Thanks to its construction, the material provides warmth and comfort while avoiding the heavy bulk of other materials. After the rough year of 2020, we think fleece is the perfect apparel for staying comfortable while making the most of 2021.

We love the Cozy Fleece Hoodie and ¼ Zip from Port Authority; both items seamlessly blend ultra-soft with cozy warmth into a conveniently layerable sherpa fleece apparel. Ideal for cooler days, it’s comfortable, versatile and designed to fend off the chill in style.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Custom Branded Swag Apparel, Seasonal Swag, Care Package Swag, Employee Onboarding, Employee Appreciation, Social Media Giveaway Swag, Influencer Swag, Community Swag


4. Foil Imprint Drinkware


Speaking of trends, don’t miss this newly available imprint option for some of our favorite drinkware! Foil imprinting is an easy way to stand out with class and elegance, all the while adding a splash of fun to your next swag project. The shine of the foil allows for some seriously fetching swag. Plus, the extra attention effortlessly makes your logo pop.

Available for some of our most popular drinkware options including The Milk Bottle and the H2Go Silo. Drop a line with one of our Swag Experts for the deets.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Swag Essentials, Drinkware Swag, Special Imprint Design, Marketing Swag, Employee Swag, Seasonal Swag, Custom Branded


5. Mini Theragun


For the teams that tend to get lost in their work, and when they surface for air, discover their body is feeling a tad bit achy… we recommend the Mini Theragun. Theragun products are renowned for offering spa-quality deep muscle massage treatment right in your own home. This is a premium swag gift that prioritizes health and wellbeing, making it one of our favorite swag picks of 2021.

You can feel better, move better, and recover faster with tension and soreness relief. Thanks to its smaller size relative to the original Theragun, the mini Theragun offers “ultra portable, on the go treatment” you can take with you anywhere. And in today’s day and age, “healthy body, healthy mind” is more relevant than ever.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Leadership, Executive Swag, VP Swag, Premium Swag, Health and Wellness, Fitness, Self-Care, Company Culture, VIP Client Gift


6. BKR Glass Water Bottles 


Those in the know, know BKR. The long story short? A sustainable glass water bottle that doesn’t sacrifice form for function, created by visionaries Tal Winter and Kate Cutler under the principle that “inner and outer beauty are connected and that hydration is the foundation of both.” 

We love their story, and of course, appreciate the quality of this cult favorite glass water bottle. You can even opt to get an edition that includes lip balm in the cap (“the Kiss Kit”). Features a small opening for no-spill sipping and a silicone exterior covering for a delightful tactile drinking experience. Plus: it’s dishwasher safe on the top rack.

RECOMMENDED FOR: High Quality Swag, Company Culture, Team Culture, Sustainable Swag, Custom Branded, Drinkware


7. Custom Branded Company Julep Cup


Love traditions and celebrations? The Julep Cup is what you’re looking for. This stainless steel swag pick has a touch of traditional design blended with an air of elegance. Originally created for mixed alcoholic drinks, a julep cup engraved with your company logo and brand to commemorate a special occasion can make your next virtual happy hour even more special and memorable.

Psst… Pair this with the Classic Cocktail Set for the ultimate virtual happy hour gift combo.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Virtual Happy Hour, Company Tradition, Milestone Moments, Team Culture, Custom Branded, Employee Swag, Client Appreciation, Swag Gifting, Dropshipping


8. Atoms Everyday Mask


Engineered with the comfort and durability of modern apparel, the Atoms Everyday Mask is lined with antimicrobial copper yarn to allow for 84.6% filtration up to 50 washes, after which it behaves like a regular cloth mask. This is a comfortable and breathable everyday mask convenient for teams to take on the go. 

The outer layer is lightweight, breathable and features a quick-dry polyester blend. The copper-lined ionized quartz yard inner layer kills viruses and bacteria within four hours, and is also environmentally friendly. Plus: enjoy UV protection from the sun. Features a variety of modern and stylish color options. This is a great comfortable mask to stash in a bag or jacket so you’re never caught unprepared.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Company Swag, Masks, Employee Swag, Onboarding Swag, Swag Packs, Health and Wellness, Dropshipping


9. feat BlanketBlend Hoodie


Essentially, a blanket you can wear without catching any raised eyebrows from friends and family. The feat BlanketBlend hoodie comes in a mix of solids and unique variations (including tie-dye) that makes this a great pick for swag your team will actually wear.

Created with feat’s proprietary BlanketBlend fabric, these hoodies perfectly combine the  comfort of cotton with the performance of polyester, all brought together with feat’s ButterWash process to offer a super soft, super comfy hoodie fit for every occasion. Because feat is always keeping things fresh, we recommend checking in with a Swag Expert to see what’s available (some tie dye options are limited edition!)

Perfect for teams who want a staple piece of swag for every lifestyle. Great for lounging, exploring the great outdoors, and living the good life.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Hoodie Swag, Team Culture, Swag Essentials, Custom Branded, Lifestyle Swag, Company Culture, Swag Apparel


10. 2-in-1 Pen Holder/Wireless Charger


Bet you don’t have a pen holder like this! For remote and distributed teams, this is a great swag pick for the remote office. Organize all your pens and pencils, while simultaneously providing for a convenient way to charge your phone. 

You can even use the stand to easily call into a conference without worrying about running out of power in the middle.

An ideal tech swag option that also helps reduce and eliminate desk clutter. Now that’s convenience that seamlessly fits into your daily routine.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Office Swag, Desk Swag, Swag Essentials, Onboarding Swag, New Hires, Custom Branded, Tech Swag


11. Moleskine GO Pen


Ever wonder what’s the logic of clipping a round pen to a flat surface (e.g. the cover of a notebook?) The Moleskine GO pen features a rectangular barrel for a secure fit and slimmer profile. The minimal and lightweight silhouette of this travel pen naturally clips onto any notebook and is ready to jot down your next great idea whenever inspiration may strike.

Featuring a matte finish with an easy canvas for company branding, this is a great pen for any swag project.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Welcome Swag, Swag Essentials, Day One Swag, Custom Branded, Swag Giveaways, Virtual Events, Conference Swag, Community Meetups


12. Sprout Plantable Pencil


Fact: Pencils are great, until they become so short and stubby, it’s impossible to write anything without getting a serious hand cramp. 

Then what?

With a Sprout Plantable Pencil, the next step is both sustainable and fun: plant it!

Made in the USA, Sprout Plantable Pencils are created using sustainably harvested cedar wood, graphite & clay. The seeds are placed in the plant based seed capsule at the tip of the pencil so that all you have to do is plant the pencil and water it for growth.
Comes in five different herb varieties, including cherry tomato, basil, cilantro, daisy, and carnation.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Sustainable Swag, Company Culture, Team Culture, Day One Swag, Custom Branded, Promotional Giveaways, Social Media Swag


13. Eco-Friendly Utensils and Mug


The swag answer to one-time plastic silverware, we love the Wheat Straw Utensils Travel Set and Mug as sustainable alternatives that get the job done in an environmentally friendly way. Once regarded as waste from the stalk left over after a wheat grain harvest, wheat straw has been repurposed as eco-friendly material that is durable, lightweight, and a smart alternative to traditional plastic.

Plus: it’s a premium food grade material and is both BPA-free and FDA-approved.

These swag picks have the added bonus of being part of a partnership with 1% For The Planet (i.e. one percent of sales of this and all EcoSmart products will be donated to nonprofits dedicated to protecting the planet!)

RECOMMENDED FOR: Sustainable Swag, Company Culture, Drinkware, Food & Drink Swag, Employee Culture, WFH Swag, Travel Swag


14. Miir Pourigami Travel Coffee Dripper


From the coffee lovers on our team to yours, with love. The Miir Pourigami Travel Coffee Dripper is not only stylish and eye-catching, but also built to be portable for the ultimate time-saving convenience.

With a design that pays homage to the elegance of origami, this travel coffee dripper lays flat when not in use and fits neatly into your jeans back pocket. To set up the dripper, simply interlock the three stainless steel panels. Enjoy perfect placement for a secure pour-over.

The included case allows for easy storage with room to stash filters for the road.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Coffee Lovers, Drinkware Swag, Company Culture, Team Culture, Employee Swag, Travel Swag, Lifestyle Swag, Swag Shop Pick


15. Growables Planter Gift Kit


A swag gift that takes, quite literally, the message of growth. For your teams excited to reach new goals and heights in 2021, this fun activity makes for a stress-relieving hobby while adding a bit of natural green to any home. The fertil pot is 100% organic, sustainable and biodegradable (made from spruce wood, manufactured without glue or binders) and ready to place outside in soil. 

Because water, air and roots will penetrate the walls of the fertil pot, there is no need for drainage holes – the natural root structure that develops helps in plant growth. Includes one soil pod and a basil seed packet. OMRI listed and USDA Bio preferred.

Choose from a basil herb or pine tree variation. Each fertile pot is packaged in a recycled kraft gift box and includes simple set-up instructions.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Sustainable Swag, Plant Swag, Stress-Relief, Health and Wellness, Company Culture, Team Culture, Employee Appreciation, Unique Swag


16. Mini Triangle Concrete Planter


A modern planter ideal for small spaces and desks. The Mini Triangle Concrete Planter is hand cast, sanded and sealed, by local Santa Cruz artists, resulting in planters that are a unique work of art. Great for air plants and other low-maintenance plants with a small footprint.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Plant Swag, Company Culture, Team Culture, Custom Branded, Swag Shop Picks, Team Welcome Swag, Community Giveaways, Virtual Event Follow-Up Gift


17. Games Kit Signature Collection


For teams that love kicking back and building stronger team bonds with a good game night. This classy set includes dominoes, dice, and playing cards, all neatly packaged in a customizable gift tin for easy travel, whether you’re on the road or taking to the sky. Plus: this ready-to-go game kit makes for a fun night with friends and family.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Game Night, Dice and Cards, Fun Swag, Team Culture, Family & Friends, Custom Branded, High Quality Swag


18. Sustainable Apparel


One of the smartest swag moves you can make in 2021? Sustainable swag. Be sure to check out this sustainable unisex hemp tee featuring a set on rib collar, double needle sleeve hem & bottom hem, side seam, and satin label. Made from a blend of 60% Viscose Hemp and 40% Organic Cotton Jersey. Silky smooth to the touch and with a lightweight, airy drape. For the ultimate comfy WFH uniform, pair with similarly eco-friendly joggers. 

RECOMMENDED FOR: Sustainable T-Shirt Swag, Joggers. Company Culture, Swag Essentials, Day One Swag, Custom Branded, Swag Shop Picks, Dropshipping


19. Midori Bamboo Backpack and Tote


Made from certified bamboo fiber fabric, the Midroi Bamboo Backpack and Tote is both natural and sustainable. What’s the big deal about bamboo? Well, for one thing, it’s a fast-growing plant that thrives without fertilizer or pesticides, making it the perfect resource to harvest again and again. For another, it’s been compared to the softness of silk while also featuring antibacterial properties to help keep your bag nice and fresh wherever you go. 

Natural bamboo is also hypoallergenic, which is a big plus if you have more sensitive skin and/or are more cautious about the kinds of fabrics you interact with on the regular.

The backpack offers a dual zippered opening to the main compartment, adjustable, extra wide webbing shoulder straps, and a top grab handle. The tote includes 26” shoulder straps and an interior drop pocket for smaller knick-knacks.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Sustainable Swag, Eco-Friendly Teams, Company Culture, Custom Branded, Backpack and Totes


20. Moleskine Smart Writing Set


For the best of both digital and analog tools, meet the Moleskine Smart Writing Set. This swag pick helps your ideas travel off the page and evolve onto the screen with the new generation Moleskine Paper Tablet, Pen+ Ellipse smart pen, and companion app. The app smoothly transfers your freehand notes from page to screen in real time, giving you the possibility to digitize text, edit, organize, share and bring your ideas to life.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Techie Swag, Note-Taking, Organization, Productivity Heroes, Team Culture, Employee Appreciation, Award Swag, Day One Swag


21. Finley Mill Multi-Tool


The perfect gift for the jack-of-all-trades on your team. The Finley MIll Multi Tool handsomely features your logo laser-etched into its wood-grain housing. We like this swag pick for teams that enjoy taking the DIY, hands-on approach in both life and work.

Includes six different Allen wrenches, a bottle opener, Phillips and flathead screwdriver, and corkscrew. A unique piece of swag sure to stick around for more than just a few years.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Welcome Swag, Company Culture, Unique Swag, Custom Branded, Swag Shop Picks, Specialty Swag


22. Mobile VR Headset


Whether your team is exploring VR for the first time or simply looking for a way to enjoy a new hobby during their off-hours, these simple mobile VR headset makes for an easy way to do it. Plus: great to share with family and friends! 

RECOMMENDED FOR: Custom Branded, Novelty/Tech Swag, Team Culture, Swag Gifts, Employee Culture, Swag Shop Picks


23. The LARQ Bottle


Ignorance is bliss — until your water starts to taste funky. If you’re like us, you don’t clean your water bottles as often as you probably should. (Because, let’s be honest, it’s a pain.)

That’s why we love this water bottle from LARQ.

As the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle and water purification system, the LARQ Bottle includes a built-in UV-C LED light that eliminates up to 99.9999% of bio-contaminants from your water and bottle. Plus: double-wall insulation means you can get clean, crisp water at the temperature you want it. 

Simply press a button to get pure water in 60 seconds. The LARQ bottle is also able to intelligently turn on every 2 hours to work its magic and keep your water and bottle fresh.

The icing on the cake? This is one beautiful bottle. An instant shortcut to adding a touch of finesse and class to any workspace.

Powered by a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery that works with the included MicroUSB connector. 

RECOMMENDED FOR: High Quality Swag, Premium Swag, Tech Swag, Drinkware, Team Appreciation, Client Gift, Leadership, Swag Shop Picks

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