3 Creative Ways to Utilize Swag For Your Virtual Event

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Helen Rankin
Helen Rankin

Last updated: November 4, 2020

Why You Should Use Swag to Engage at Virtual Events

Virtual events can be a real snooze-fest if planned badly. 

And with the challenges of 2020, you may be looking for some creative ways to keep people engaged. One of the best ways? Swag!

That’s because corporate gifting looks a lot different when you’re dropshipping to someone’s home address! In this blog post, we will share some of our favorite swag ideas for virtual events, and how best to incorporate them in a digital space. If you don’t know whether swag is necessary for your virtual event, check out our last post on How to Use Swag to Humanize Your Virtual Conference Campaigns.

Swag boosts attendance and makes the ‘check-in’ moment fun

If you think back to the last time you went to a physical event or conference, the best part is picking up your swag bag at the registration desk! Nothing says “I have arrived” like receiving your personalized lanyard and goodie bag. Why should a virtual meeting be any different? Should this nostalgic moment be lost? This is still a perfect opportunity to raise brand awareness. You can even make this even more interactive in a virtual event! Utilizing swag to humanize your virtual event is a tangible way to keep your audience engaged, and generate the same buzz that you typically get in a physical conference.

In this post, we share a few swag pack ideas plus tips on how attendees can use their swag before, during, and after your virtual event. Let’s get started!


  1. The Registration Pack
  2. The Interactive Pack
  3. The ‘Thank You’ Pack

The 3 Best Swag Packs for Every Virtual Event


1. The Registration Pack

FEATURED SWAG PICKS: Baggu Duck Tote Bag, Dad Hat with Leather Patch, Custom Brochure, and Bluetooth Headphones


Both the Baggu Duck Tote and Dad Hat with Leather Patch are high quality, memorable products that can be incorporated into daily life. The Baggu Duck Tote is an excellent bag for environmentally-conscious grocery shopping, or even a trip to the park during summer months – all while representing your brand. The Dad Hat with Leather Patch is a great apparel option that is unisex, without any sizing. 

We’ve seen our clients ask attendees to wear their hat during video calls, and post images on social media to show attendance! We included a custom brochure in the pack as an opportunity to highlight speakers, keynotes, and sponsors. 

You can even include schedules and instructions to follow along with the virtual event, or develop some action-items for attendees to share on social media about their packs!


Ideally, this pack would be shipped prior to the event, providing a swag kit to all registered attendees. You can create a specific call-to-action around receiving swag, in exchange for early registration. This pack option has a perfect balance of products your attendees may use during your virtual event, and beyond. High-quality swag at low volume is much more impactful than numerous chachki items – less is more! 

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2. The Interactive Pack

FEATURED SWAG PICKS: Eco-Friendly Drawstring Bag, Custom Tumbler, Bingo Card, Notebook with Custom Insert Pages, and Minimalist Soft Touch Pens


The Bingo card is fun and it stands out, but the Bingo isn’t the only fun item in this pack! The Eco-Friendly Tote we’ve added is super durable and has a large print area, perfect for sponsor logos. The Soft Cover Journal can be branded on the exterior, and we have the ability to add custom insert pages to send attendees additional information about the event or its sponsors. 

We included our favorite Minimalist Soft Touch Pen to complement the custom journal with your full logo. Lastly, the Custom Tumbler is our new best-selling item for its fun, retro design. Drinkware is always useful in any pack – especially at home! 


One of the most difficult things about a virtual conference is keeping someone engaged while they’re at home. We’ve put together a custom Bingo board, incorporating elements from your event! This creative addition is bound to capture the attention of our attendees throughout the event. It is easy to be distracted while at home, so including a gaming, “scavenger hunt” aspect to your event can help circumvent that distraction. Winners can share online, using your hashtag, to win a free prize! We promise this pack will not disappoint!

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3. The ‘Thank You’ Pack

FEATURED SWAG PICKS: USA Soft Made Tee, Rume Tote Bag, Insert Card, Screen Cleaner & Coth, Stickermule Sticker


This ‘Thank You’ pack contains all of the sought-after swag everyone loves receiving at a conference. Even though it’s a virtual event, it’s essential to send the items people love and enjoy! The USA Soft Tee is a shirt so comfy your attendees will never want to take it off! 

We don’t believe in swag made with low quality tees, especially to the point they’re eventually used as kitchen rags. 

Anyone receiving this tee will keep it for a long time. 

While the Rume Tote looks simple, it’s actually one of the best swag options out there because of its versatility. Attendees can use it as a gym bag, grocery tote, or whatever suits their needs at the moment. Topping of this pack is a useful screen cleaner and custom stickers as a thoughtful last touch. 


While delivering swag prior to your event is an effective engagement strategy, delivering post-event can be just as – and maybe even more – impactful. This thoughtful pack is a great way to thank your guests for attending your virtual event!

Use this swag gift as a high quality, fun follow-up tool for your sales team, so that you can keep conversations going and drive momentum post-event. 

You can also send swag as a reward for attendees that have participated in certain action items, such as attending multiple sessions, posting on social media, or having watched a sponsor video. 

Bonus: The Thank You swag pack is an excellent tool for co-branding with any companies that may have participated or sponsored the event with you!

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As you can see, swag can be even more useful and impactful for virtual events than traditional in-person conferences. Especially during this unprecedented Covid-19 crisis, at-home delivery from your organization has never been so memorable or appreciated! 

Virtual event swag simply makes any virtual event more engaging, more human and personalized, and gives you the brand awareness you’re looking for. (Otherwise, how else will people know about your brand?)

But also consider this: there’s a considerable advantage to dropshipping swag during a virtual event that you won’t have with an in-person event. It allows you to collect data, which, as anyone in sales and marketing understands, is not to be underestimated.

How often do you even get someone’s business card from an attendee that walks by your booth in a physical conference? Anyone can pick up your swag and walk away – you have zero contact information to follow up. 

With virtual events, for someone to receive swag, the intent is higher, and they are more willing to give their information in exchange for some high-quality swag. If you are planning your next virtual conference and don’t include a registration pack, thank you pack, or a fun bingo pack to keep attendees entertained, you will be missing out!

Looking for more ideas to incorporate swag at your next virtual event? Contact our Swag Experts!


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