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Helen Rankin
Helen Rankin
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Last updated: August 10, 2023

Think about the best-branded swag piece you’ve ever received. What made it good? Was it the brand behind it or the quality of the swag itself? Or maybe it was both. When you’re thinking about creating swag for giveaways — the better the quality, the more of an impact it’s going to make. Premium conference swag; should have 3 things; good use of logo design, high quality, and it has to be unique. After all, you are making the investment to spend a little more than your typical giveaway.

How To Go About Picking Premium Conference Swag 

Good Logo Designs

While you might be tempted to put your logo large and across everything, we say keep it simple and subtle. With premium conference swag you want whoever is receiving them to actually use it and use it for a long time. So keep the logo to small dimensions and in placements that are less obvious. For example, did you know someone is more likely to keep and wear a vest if the logo is on the back of the neck versus the front left chest? What makes premium swag so good, is that the person keeps it even after they may no longer be a client of yours or have moved into another industry. The point of good swag is that the person keeps it and promotes your brand for a long time. 

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High Quality 

Aside from it being morally wrong to get cheap swag that is going to be tossed. High quality should be top of mind when picking premium swag. If you are going to put your brand on something, don’t you want it to be on something that is premium? Do you really want to put your brand on something that is going to break or lose its shape fast? How would that reflect on your brand? It would be a waste of marketing budget to invest in putting your logo on swag that is of poor quality. So, stick to premium swag brands or request samples of the items to truly check out the quality of the branded swag firsthand. 

Premium Swag Has To Be Unique

The rule of thumb here is to stick with items that people like but would likely not buy for themself. That’s what makes premium swag premium. Also, stick to swag items that are unique and stand out. Think of brands that people love or a technology item that is on-trend. Think about the experience of the person unboxing it, and ask yourself will they be impressed with this premium swag? So, go for the wow factor! 

Now, let’s dive into some premium swag shall we?! Our team of Swag Experts has picked the top items we use for our SwagUp customers, and swag items we know have been a success! 

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Premium Swag For Conferences & Corporate Events 

Therabody Wave Solo

When gifting high-quality swag to Executives and C-Suites they love their tech items. This is a perfect tech gift that also it perfect for a busy executive on the go that wants to take some knots out their back. We love this Therabody Wave Solo, since it’s compact and makes it an easy item to put in any swag packs.

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Brooks Brothers® Wells Duffel

This branded Brooks Brother’s Duffle is really set to give the wow factor you might be looking for! This duffle is made to last a long time! Their products are high quality and have a timeless look!

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Branded Ember Mug 

Is this a branded mug or technology to warm your coffee? Well, it’s both and that’s exactly why we love this item for event swag! 

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Wireless Beats Headsets

Wireless Beats Headsets, really set a wow factor if this is arriving in your swag bag. With premium swag you want it to make a statement, otherwise, why spend so much on it? We love this headset since it makes a statement and it’s a high-quality item that will get used.

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Courant MAG 2: Essentials

If you are not familiar with Courant products, then you are missing out. All of their products are sleek. They are made for that person that hates having electronics look like junk on their desk. All Courant products are sleek, high quality, and look like art. These top our list for exclusive conference gifts for their elegant charging station will wow anyone. We promise.  

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💡Need more conference ideas? Check out our catalog here!

The North Face Everyday Insulated Vest

We can’t talk about premium swag without mentioning the “iconic” startup puffer vest. The most popular swag item you can give is anything wearable. This premium swag item is sure to live up to its name as a staple high-quality item. 

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Ostrichpillow Neck Pillow

You need to feel this to believe it. It’s the most comfortable neck pillow you will ever own. Perfect swag gift that screams high-end! Those top executives will be raving about receiving this premium swag gift!

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Summary: When selecting premium swag the key is to stick to 3 main points, good design, high quality, and unique items. If you are still looking for more ideas on premium swag ideas we have you covered! Check out related articles below!

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