Best Swag Ideas to Say Welcome Back to the Office

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Helen Rankin
Helen Rankin
CSO + Partner, SwagUp

Published: March 29, 2022

Whoever said “going back to the office is dead” might be eating their words.  As COVID-19 restrictions ease up around the globe, some companies are beginning to address some of the challenges of managing and engaging a fully-remote workforce.  Commonly-reported difficulties include defining or sustaining a remote-work culture, relationship-building, maintaining a work-life balance, onboarding new employees, and overall employee engagement. But there is a balance to be struck, and many companies are adopting a hybrid work model, allowing employees to work from home for part of the week, while still making regularly scheduled appearances at the office. 

If this sounds like your team, or if you’re fully in the return-to-the-office camp, why not make the transition a special occasion? Many employees haven’t had to commute in over two years, let alone change out of their loungewear and joggers, so gestures that ease their transition back to the office are a thoughtful way to increase engagement. Facilitating this cultural shift from the couch to the office can be challenging as an HR rep, but we know that swag is a great tool to bring people together, build excite, and create connections around a certain purpose. 

Here are some great swag ideas on how to get your teams excited for going back to the office! 

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Selecting That Perfect Tech Swag 

Custom Desk Essentials 

Making the adjustment from working from home to office can be a challenge. So having all the office items already available can make it easier to settle in. Why not welcome your team back to the office with a little custom desk swag?

Branded Logo Apparel  

After working from home for so long, most employees probably didn’t think much about their apparel. So giving employees some branded apparel can help eliminate the stress of what to wear. Nothing like some nice comfy brand shirts to wear to the office. 

Custom Backpack 

Backpacks with your logo on them are the perfect welcome back to the office swag! No need to have employees pull at a rusty one from two years ago! This is essential for any commuter coming to the office. It also makes for a nice premium swag gift for returning to the office. 

Water Bottles with Custom Logo  

If you’re in an eco-friendly office, offering some branded water bottles is a great way to reduce plastic and it’s a sweet swag gift for coming back. It’s a double-win swag item to offer employees. 

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Branded Lunch Essentials 

Providing custom lunch boxes is a unique and thoughtful swag item for employees. It really shows you are thinking about what they need as they return the office, and fueling up is definitely one of them! 

Branded Office Games,  Custom Corn Hole & Branded Jenga  

If you don’t have some custom games in your office , we promise you are not doing it right. Having fun games at the office encourages team building and reminds employees to take a break. Having some fun branded games in the office is a great way to warm up the office vibes.

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Welcome Back To the Office Swag Pack 

SwagUp Welcome Back Pack
SwagUp Return to Work Pack

If you’re really trying to go the extra mile, providing a Welcome Back Pack on the first day back to the office is the ultimate swag gift for employees. It’s thoughtful and is a quick way to unify the team. The plus side to doing a Welcome Back Pack is you get to customize the items in the pack and messaging. Add a personal touch like a letter from the CEO or items they can use at home and while at work. 

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Going back to the office can be challenging, but warming the messaging up with some swag can really help get everyone excited about returning. After all, the point of being employees together is to bond and build a better culture. Providing swag to your team to say welcome back to the office is a key part of making them feel like part of the team. The swag items above showcase a blend of thoughtfulness and fun. Now it’s all up to you to create the magic when they return! 


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