Use the Psychology of Color to Create Powerful Company Swag

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Christie Simon
Christie Simon
Guest Writer

Published: May 04, 2021

Do you ever stop to think about how your brand’s colors are affecting your business? Even if you don’t, your clients certainly do.

While many of us may not realize it on a conscious level, the colors that companies use in their branding affect the way we perceive them and their products/services. The color palette you choose can make or break your business. If you apply color psychology to your branding, you can gain an edge over the competition.

Here’s how you can take advantage of your color palette to truly wow your customers, using it to create company swag that’s both memorable and practical:


  1. How To Utilize Color Psychology
  2. Should You Rebrand Your Business?
  3. Maximize Your Marketing Impact Using A Color Palette & Swag

How To Utilize Color Psychology

A focal part of marketing is persuasion. By using slogans, images, and colors, you can persuade customers to purchase your products or services.

Different colors are associated with different meanings. Here are a few examples:

Red can be used to command attention or make someone hungry. It’s synonymous with passion, excitement, and energy. You see red everywhere in advertising, from fast-food restaurants to technology companies. It makes for a great standout color. That being said, use it sparingly; too much red may overwhelm your design and overshadow other features.

Shades of green conjure images of nature, wealth, and growth. It can be used to make a business look approachable and friendly. When paired with neutrals, shades of green really pop—it makes your logo hard to ignore!

Blue is often used to create a calm, relaxing atmosphere. It goes with almost everything, which makes it easy to incorporate with other colors. Seeing blue makes people think of the ocean, the sky, and cleanliness. It represents security and reliability. Perhaps this is why it’s used for so many technology, social media, and retail companies.

Don’t forget about shades of white and black in your branding. These colors provide a neutral backdrop and allow other aspects of the design to soak up the spotlight. Use white or black to create space in your design.

The color of your branding can impact a customer’s mood, opinion, and attitudes about your company. Even the tone of the colors you choose will make a difference. A light blue creates a different atmosphere than a deep navy. 

Some colors are more appropriate for specific industries. Red and yellow may be good colors for a marketing agency that wants to command attention, but they won’t be suitable for a spa that wants to soothe customers—brown or purple may be more appropriate. It’s important to design a color palette that’s congruent with what your business offers.

Should You Rebrand Your Business?

The color scheme of your branding can impact your revenue. If your current color palette is less than optimal, it might be time for a rebrand. Doing so can attract new customers, showcase your values, and help you stand out in your industry.

It’s a wise idea to re-evaluate your current branding before you design customized swag for your business. You don’t want to change your main colors after your merchandise arrives! 

However, you might not need to rebrand; perhaps your brand already has a strong color palette. There’s something to be said about a company that maintains its key colors—it’s easier for people to recognize brands that they’re already familiar with. In addition, rebranding incurs an expense to your business. Consider conducting a cost-benefit analysis to see whether rebranding is worth it for your company.

Once you’ve curated a captivating color scheme, the next step is utilizing it to create eye-catching swag.

Maximize Your Marketing Impact Using A Color Palette & Swag

Now that you’ve successfully redesigned your brand’s color scheme, it’s time to put those shades to work!

A business can utilize their color palette to market themselves with branded merchandise. When you combine that with the impact swag has, you can truly expand your reach! Sending branded gifts to customers shows them that you appreciate their support.

When you read more deeply into color psychology, you learn that various shades may evoke specific emotions. Depending on the type of swag you’re sending, you might want one color from your palette to be more or less dominant. 

Let’s illustrate that point with an example. Say you’re sending your clients a swag package of hats and sweaters. Even though you use red in your promotional materials to trigger action, you might want to refrain from overusing it with an apparel item—you don’t want your t-shirts to look like stop signs! Instead, consider using a neutral color for the base (like white or black), and adding a pop of red for emphasis.

Use your swag in giveaways on social media to attract new customers to your company. Nothing entices a client to your business like the promise of free stuff! With SwagUp, you can send out unique customized items like Bluetooth speakers or waterproof backpacks.

Who doesn’t love an unexpected gift? You can also treat your employees to swag, which helps them feel appreciated and that they’re part of a team. Incorporate your refined color palette into your company’s swag, from t-shirts to coffee mugs. You can even design practical items like umbrellas and pocket journals. Each time your employee uses the item, they’ll be reminded of your thoughtfulness.

Whether you choose to use your new color palette to send promotional items to your customers or give back to your employees, it can help your company thrive.

The power of psychology has helped many businesses make their marketing more impactful. But planning an effective color scheme isn’t something you can do overnight—you might need to spend time researching the impacts of various colors. Then, you can use that knowledge to make persuasive marketing material. When you’re designing swag for your company, consider how the colors you choose will change the way it will be perceived.

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