Sustainable Swag Starts Here: The SwagUp 2022 Eco Swag Look Book!

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Shannon Brennan
Shannon Brennan
Content Marketing Specialist

Published: May 04, 2022

When it comes to sustainability and eco-friendliness, we know that swag gets a bad rap — but it doesn’t have to! From our merchandising strategy and the brands we work with, to the packaging materials we use to ship every piece of swag, we’re committed to doing our part to leave this big, beautiful planet better than we found it. With that in mind, we’re proud to launch our 2022 Eco Swag Look Book!

The SwagUp 2022 Eco Swag Look Book

Our 2022 Eco Swag look book is the perfect starting point for swag strategies that include sustainable swag, and for teams searching for ways to incorporate more sustainable practices.

๐ŸŒŽ Click here to check out or download the look book!

In it, you’ll find a selection of the highest-quality eco swag on the planet, and we’ll break down how the purchase of that eco swag helps give back to the Earth. We’ve also pulled together some helpful ways to bundle eco swag to help you get inspired!

Read on to learn more about SwagUpโ€™s Sustainability Stance, how weโ€™re working in tandem with our suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint, and how to quickly find the best eco swag for your team, whether youโ€™re building a custom swag pack or exploring sustainable swag for your next branded merch launch.ย 

Let’s dive in!

The SwagUp Sustainability Stance

Our sustainability stance has four very simple pillars: keep swag out of the landfill by curating premium products that people will use and love for a lifetime; use compostable and recyclable packaging wherever possible; prioritize reusable items over “throwaways” like keychains and magnets, and work with brands and suppliers that support sustainability efforts. Let’s dig into each of these a bit!

Offer high-quality items that people will love and use, not trash:

We believe that one of the best ways to keep the Earth a little cleaner is to not promote products that will end up the landfill. That’s why our swag selection is carefully curated to showcase premium brands that are recognized for their commitment to quality and durability.

Use sustainably sourced items and recycled materials wherever possible:

Did you know that the majority of our packaging is recyclable or reusable? Our Eco Custom Mailer Boxes are recyclable and printed with earth-friendly inks, and a tree is planted through One Tree Planted with every box order. Our wooden mailer boxes are ideal for your company’s eco swag, are sustainably harvested from North American Pine, and are perfect for storage and re-use. We also encourage the re-use of our mailer bags and crinkle fill.

We love placing your heartfelt insert cards in each pack we send, and bonus – they’re Earth-friendly, too! Our seed paper inserts are plantable, our Eco inserts are compostable/recyclable, and our very popular MOO insert cards are printed on paper sourced in partnership with suppliers who hold strict forest conservancy certifications.

We’re also proud to partner with NoIssue to offer compostable mailer bags, boxes, insert cards, and tissue paper.

Replace single-use plastics with quality, reusable products:

When folks are browsing our eco swag look book or unboxing a free sample pack, it’s not uncommon to see shoutouts on social media or quick emails to rave over the quality of our products. We’re totally blushing, but we’re also really, really proud to stand apart from typical promotion products companies that focus on churning out quick and cheap giveaway items. The products that we offer are chosen because they stand the test of time, and in some categories, can replace single-use products (like plastic shopping bags, grab n’ go bottles of water, or those little baggies for your sandwich or snacks). Giving plastic a second life is also very important to us, and you’ll notice many items in our catalog and look book, like this Solgaard backpack and this duffle, are made from ocean-bound plastic and other recycled materials.

๐ŸŒŽ Want eco swag packs but aren’t sure where to start? We’ve got you! Reach out to our swag experts ๐Ÿง‘๐Ÿผโ€๐Ÿš€ 

Partner with brands and suppliers that support sustainable values:

We recognize that while SwagUp’s sustainability efforts start with us, they extend to the relationships we build with our supplier network, who source, manufacture, and ship goods to us to fulfill all of the swag pack orders we receive!

We prioritize establishing and deepening business relationships with brands and suppliers who have established firm sustainability commitments and are committed to giving back to Earth. Some brands, like Known Supply and Cupanion, have transparent impact programs in place to help buyers know where and how their purchase is manufactured, or to track how many bottles are kept out of the landfill every time a reusable bottle is refilled.

Others, like S’Well and Corkcicle, focus on eliminating single-use products and take that commitment one step further by partnering with charities that support cleanup efforts or increased access to clean water.

While our suppliers work with a range of brands, many of them work to offset their carbon footprint through partnerships with organizations including 1 Tree Planted and 1% for the Planet.

๐ŸŒŽ More sustainable swag spotlights, here and here!

Choosing Sustainable Swag

When you’re researching sustainable swag or shopping for eco-friendly products, it can be hard to know which brands to choose That’s why we’ve created the SwagUp Sustainable Swag seal. We’ve added this to every sustainable swag pick in our catalog, making it easy for you to select and customize swag that gives back to the Earth.

๐ŸŒŽ Check out some of our favorite eco-friendly swag picks!

Sustainable Swag Pack Ideas


The Eco Snack n’ Go Pack


Set your onboarding or event swag apart with a premium cotton tote bag from Known Supply, stuffed with tasty Sustainable Snacks and a custom-designed notebook to capture all your great ideas. Wrap it all up in a custom, compostable noissue mailer bag for a quick, simple, sustainable swag gift that’s sure to please.

Swag Expert Tip: We love this swag pack choice equally for welcoming new hires or greeting guests at your next even, but it also works well really well as a community welcome gift.

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Sustainable Swag Pack Ideas


The Planters Pack


Give back to the Earth and look good doing it! Our Planters pack features a ForestNation tree planting cup in a custom, compostable planter, and a 100% organic cotton Known Supply dad hat to keep you cool while you’re digging in the dirt! Just add a thoughtful, compostable eco insert card and tuck it inside one of our recyclable custom mailer boxes for a swag send helpful, stylish, and sustainable.

Swag Expert Tip: Want to grow brand awareness? Consider sending these plantable swag packs to your supporters along with a friendly request to tag you in post with their planted tree!

RECOMMENDED FOR: Eco-Friendly Swag, Recycled Swag, Sustainable Apparel Swag, Influencer Swag, Promotional Swag, Earth Day Swag, Outdoor Swag


Eco Socks n’ Go Pack


Our classic Socks n’ Stickers pack goes Sustainable! When you need swag fast and want to make an amazing impression, you cannot go wrong with fun socks and a stick-anywhere reminder of your brand! This pack features Sock Club custom-knit, 100% cotton, USA-made socks and a custom wooden sticker made from sustainably harvested wood and non-toxic glues. Just customize a compostable noissue mailer bag for sustainable swag, sent fast.

Swag Expert Tip: We think socks are the best-ever way to announce a new product launch, but this pack is also a breeze to customize for loyal client gifts or a quick thank-you for your hardworking team!

RECOMMENDED FOR: Fast Custom Swag, Custom Socks, Sustainable Apparel Swag, Eco-Friendly Swag, Brand Swag, Swag Giveaways


We can all do a little more to keep our planet clean, green, and healthy. The eco swag planning process is a great opportunity to reflect on what sustainable efforts you and your team have made, and consider other sustainable practices that you can adopt. In addition to curating our 2022 Eco Swag Look Book to get you inspired, We’ve made a quick checklist of simple sustainability practices to help you step up your eco game!

โœ… Go Paperless – This one’s easy! Prioritize digital messages over print-outs, flyers, or mail. Many consumer-facing companies offer easy opt-in to paperless communications, which reduces your carbon footprint and theirs.

โœ… Fill Up Your Favorite Bottle or Tote – On your next grocery (or actual) run, reach for that eco swag! Grab a tote to haul your veggies, and fill up your favorite reusable bottle to stay hydrated on the go. If you don’t have one, we can suggest a few options ๐Ÿ˜‰

โœ… Find an Alternate Route – Take your bike or public transportation for short commutes. Many companies offer a stipend for public transport or alternative commuting options that can help offset the cost of your fare.

โœ… Compost Those Scraps– Veggie ends, apple cores, coffee grounds, eggshells, and more all contain vital nutrients that restore the Earth by nourishing plants and feeding beneficial insects. Composting is super simple, and many organizations will provide a small scraps bucket and take care of removing and composting those goodies so they can go back to the Earth!

Explore more sustainable company swag:

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