Mission Log: Lightweight Shipping, Exporting, SwagUp API + More!

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Jake Wang
Jake Wang
Marketing Manager

Published: April 01, 2021

What’s New at SwagUp?

Check out the latest updates with the SwagUp Platform


Improved Lightweight Shipping

Lightweight shipping gets even better. If you’re shipping swag and swag packs under 1 pound, we’re excited to share new benefits you can take advantage of as a result of our new partnership with DHL. As part of our company values, we’re always looking to simplify the swag experience, and part of that is making a better shipping experience as easy as possible! 

Lightweight (< 1 lb) swag shipments now have a reduced, fixed shipping cost of $8 domestically and $25 internationally. This automatically applies to all standard swag projects, no need to opt-in, request details, or talk to anyone, really.

💡SWAG EXPERT TIP: This shipping option works well with any community or team events involving just a couple pieces of swag (instead of a hefty swag pack) or swag that is not physically fragile (e.g. think t-shirts and socks that can easily fit in a mailer bag with an insert card).


Swag Shipments CSV Export

Easily export your swag shipment activity in one neat CSV file. For all the teams that need to pass a report of their swag shipments to another department, be it HR or accounting, this simple function will make that easier. 

You can filter by status and the order placed date before exporting the data. The report will include the recipient name, address, email, shipping date, tracking number, shipment status, and total cost.

💡SWAG EXPERT TIP: Great for teams that need reporting on their past swag shipment activity. This can be helpful for tracking who you’ve shipped swag to, where your swag went, and related swag expenses. This can also be used to check that everyone got the swag they were expecting to get.


Automate Your Swag with the SwagUp API + Zapier!

One of the best ways to get smart with your swag is all about bringing Zapier to your swag workflow. SwagUp integrates with Zapier, expanding the realm of possibility for your swag logistics. From tracking swag shipments to placing reorders, the SwagUp integration in Zapier lets you do all this automatically and without having to spend a second thought on the things you just need to work.

So, how do you get started? Just grant your (free) Zapier account access to your SwagUp account. You can then pull data like your shipment order information and inventory counts. Plus: Zapier integrates with thousands of other apps through their platform, including Google Sheets, Gmail, and Slack, to reduce the hassle as much as possible. (By the way, if you like diving into the nitty-gritty, check out the public SwagUp API docs!)

Learn more about getting started with Zapier.

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