Mission Log: Dashboard Upgrades, Swagup Gallery, and More!

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Jake Wang
Jake Wang
Marketing Manager

Published: June 08, 2021

What’s New at SwagUp?

Check out the latest updates with the SwagUp Platform


Improved Order Management View and Workflow

This dashboard upgrade brings you a new order management experience with greater visibility into the status of your order, as well as an easy way to get started on planning ahead for where your swag will go – and that’s whether you’re putting everything in storage, or sending swag across the world.

We took your feedback and created this updated order view to help give you a bird’s eye view into everything related to your order.

Most importantly, you no longer have to wait until your designs are ready to start uploading CSV files, planning shipments, and marking swag for storage.

With this update, you can take on all of this at your own pace. Less effort, fewer headaches, and more time back in your day. Now that’s what we like to call a win.

Here’s what you need to know about this new view:

  1. Everything related to your swag designs is reachable from the left-hand side. This is your Design section. You will see all the swag products associated with your order request here. Below each swag product is a link to view your mockups. You will be able to leave feedback, request changes, and approve mockups through that link.
  2. Thinking ahead to shipping and storage? The Shipping & Storage section has everything you need. Click Create Shipment to start sending swag to recipients, or Send to Warehouse to set aside specific quantities of swag for storage at our warehouse. As you make changes, you’ll be able to see updated estimated costs on the right hand side.
  3. And that brings us to the Project Summary. On the right-hand side, you will see a breakdown of your swag project and estimated costs for the swag products, any shipping and storage costs, and overall totals. This summary is updated in real time as you make changes to your swag project plans, including increasing and decreasing quantities for your order and changing decoration methods.

See the help article for more details >

Watch the video overview:


Flexible Process for Fixing Failed Addresses

Catch errors before launch for fewer headaches, better swag, and swag project success. This update improves the process for catching and updating failed addresses for pending shipments. 

Here’s how it works.

When uploading a CSV, especially if you have a lot of contacts on the list, it can be easy to miss errors, from typos to missing data. Our system will flag potential issues and send an email notifying you of any invalid addresses. You will then be able to fix address issues directly from the SwagUp platform under the Shipments tab.

💡SWAG EXPERT TIP: Check out this help article on best practices for uploading a bulk CSV. For a streamlined process, use the provided CSV template in the SwagUp dashboard (Select Shipments > Send Swag > Add Contact to bring up the prompt). This will help ensure your data is in the right format and minimize the risk of potential errors.


Swag photos are the perfect way to commemorate a successful swag launch. It’s also a great way to end a swag project. (Especially since the photos help you capture the moment for the history books!)

Our newly updated SwagUp gallery makes it easier than ever to get fresh swag inspiration by browsing some of our favorite swag projects done by teams like yours. 

With the SwagUp gallery, you can filter photos by use case. Check out examples from client packs and employee packs to popular community swag in the wild. You will also be able to see some legendary swag success stories shared by other teams, diving into their swag journey from inception to launch.

But here’s the best part. Our swag gallery is constantly evolving and expanding. So send us your favorite swag photos, whether you’ve recently launched a swag project or are getting ready for one! Submit your best swag photos here. Pet photos are welcome! 🐶


Meet the SwagUp x Commsor Integration

Looking for the best way to do community swag? This integration is for you.

The latest addition to the line of SwagUp integrations, Commsor is a game changer for community building and they’re just getting started.

Because the Commsor team believes the future is all about entire organizations becoming community-led, their community-management platform helps you unlock community insights, measure impact, and start to truly understand the community around your organization.

And now you can use Commsor with SwagUp to send high quality swag to everyone in your community in just a few clicks. No need to mess with spreadsheets and all the hassles that come with data collection.

Read more about the SwagUp x Commsor integration >

Psst… not yet a Commsor user? SwagUp members currently get a special discount to try it out! Check out the details in the above link.

Want to get involved? Share your two cents with us (and sign up for swag goodies!) here.

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