Mission Log: Cost Savings with Combined Pricing and Unlocked Bonus Items

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Jake Wang
Jake Wang
Marketing Manager

Published: May 06, 2021

What’s New at SwagUp?

Check out the latest updates with the SwagUp Platform


Combined Pricing with Bulk and Swag Pack Items

This one’s for the multi-taskers with great ambitions. With this update, your swag projects automatically quote pricing based on the total item quantity in both your bulk swag and swag packs. When you have a swag item that is in a swag pack, as well as set aside as a bulk item, you get the cost savings with the greater quantity. This pricing is reflected directly in your SwagUp dashboard.

Here’s what that might look like:

  • Time to welcome the newest members to the team! You add 100 Bella + Canvas Tees into a swag pack for your new talent.
  • But you also want a few extra tees in inventory for general swag purposes (think virtual event, training workshop, or even community building). So, you add another 50 shirts as a bulk swag item. 
  • After approving your swag designs, your final swag project will automatically quote pricing based on the overall swag quantity of 150 Bella + Canvas tees, versus 100 Bella + Canvas tees for a swag pack and 50 Bella + Canvas tees for a bulk order. Sweet!

In other words, your swag project can now do more at once, and you won’t need to stress about the pricing.

💡SWAG EXPERT TIP:  If you’re looking to totally revamp your swag process at your company, this means you can get started immediately from your first swag project. 

Pick a few solid swag picks, get the branding right, order a combination of bulk and swag packs, and you’re set for the foreseeable future. 

After all, everything is manageable (including inventory, shipping, and order tracking) from your dashboard. When you’re low on inventory, you can also easily reorder your previously completed swag project.


Bonus Items Section in the Main Pack Builder Page

If you’re a SwagUp veteran, you have probably seen the bonus section that pops up as part of the custom pack builder process. We love the bonus section because it includes swag extras you might like for your pack (think holographic stickers, enamel pins, blue light blocking glasses, and food swag).

Previously, this was a separate step in the pack builder that you only got to after choosing your main swag items. However, by popular demand, we’ve now made this section available directly in the pack builder. While bonus items were always a category in the bulk catalog, this change with custom swag packs means it’s easier than ever to explore bonus items for your swag pack. 

💡SWAG EXPERT TIP: Keep an eye out for the lightning symbol ⚡️on the pack builder to choose SpeedUp swag. Or if you’re looking for sustainable swag, look for the SwagUp Eco seal! ♻️


Use Swag Redeem Pages for a Streamlined Swag Workflow

Redeem pages are included with your SwagUp experience! If you need a simple way to collect recipient data like shirt sizing and addresses, consider using redeem pages. Not only do they eliminate the hassle of organizing a spreadsheet of data, but redeem pages are also a great way to automatically manage your swag workflow, from shipping out swag to new members and employees to collecting participant data for a virtual event.

Note: The best way to take advantage of this feature is to already have swag in inventory. This way, when you set your redeem page live, responses can instantly trigger swag shipments as needed.

But if this is your first swag project, you can still use redeem pages – you’ll just want to hold off on releasing the redeem link URL until your swag hits inventory and is available for shipping!

Redeem pages will sync with your SwagUp account, which in essence means this is about as simple to implement as you’d expect it to be.

To get started with a redeem page for your next swag project, tag your Swag Expert for help!

Want to get involved? Share your two cents with us (and sign up for swag goodies!) here.

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