Sustainable Swag Spotlight: Feat

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Nehad Zein
Nehad Zein
Guest Writer

Published: April 06, 2022

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In our first sustainable swag spotlight of 2022, we’re proud to introduce you to Feat, a high-quality apparel company whose soft and cozy garments are a SwagUp team fave! Feat’s commitment to establishing eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing and supply chain processes makes them a natural addition to our custom swag catalog. Read on to learn more about this brand’s commitment to sustainability, and be sure to check out our picks from their lineup of sustainable apparel.

Founding Feat

Feat apparel was founded in 2015 and was born out of a desire to make clothing the team loved that remained comfortable and appropriate for whatever day. The Feat team is obsessed with quality and comfort: only the finest materials make the cut (ahh, the puns), their custom fabric blends – BlanketBlend, FlowTech, and TreeCell – are engineered for durability, and each garment undergoes a proprietary ButterWash finishing process for a lived-in feel that’s cozy the minute you put it on, and more comfortable with every wear. From a casual meeting to a walk in the park, Feat apparel and accessories are tailored to blend seamlessly with your wardrobe. Whether you’re living that WFH or WFA life (or taking a  spontaneous road trip!), Feat apparel keeps you cozy for the journey without changing clothes. 

Feat’s Commitment to Sustainability

Feat's sustainability commitment.

Feat realizes that the clothing industry is among the most significant contributors to global pollution, and they want to play a part in changing that. Feat is rethinking its manufacturing processes from top to bottom, redesigning its packaging, and choosing more recyclable and eco-friendly materials. Inspired by thought leaders and companies worldwide, they’re also partnering with non-profit organizations to minimize the environmental impact of their clothing. 

The first step they’re taking to enforce their commitment to sustainability is to use recycled or organic materials whenever possible. They aim to replace 70% of all polyester currently used in their products with recycled polyester by summer 2021.

They’re also doubling down on a zero-carbon footprint initiative while rethinking their supply chain and manufacturing processes. Read their full sustainability commitment here.

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Sustainable Apparel

At SwagUp, we’re big on sustainability and believe that the best swag items are those items that can be used and loved for a lifetime. Read on to check out some of Feat’s most popular apparel.

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Custom Crewneck Sweatshirt

SwagUp Feat Sustainable Crewneck

This BlanketBlend crewneck from Feat is sustainable swag at its best. Uber-soft and cozy, the Blanketblend fabric has been custom-developed to combine the softness of cotton with the performance features of polyester. Each crewneck is finished off with a rare yarn and Butterwash process to achieve its legendary softness and durability. Oh, and did we mention their versatility? Blanketblend crews are unisex (slim fits available) with a relaxed, oversized fit.

Customized T-Shirt

SwagUp Feat Sustainable Long-Sleeve Tee

Feat discovered that the softest tees are made from trees, so they set out to make a sustainable closet staple made from our tall friends in the forest! An everyday classic, Feat’s TreeCell fabric is stretchy,  wildly soft, and contains a blend of sustainably sourced Tencel & cotton to maximize comfort, shape retention & breathability. Whether you’re going on an arduous hike or simply running errands around town, level up your sustainable swag game with the TreeCell Tee!

Custom Hoodies

SwagUp Feat Sustainable Hoodie

The Blanketblend Hoodie is as soft and cozy as the crewneck, with all the characteristics of a fantastic hoodie. The hoodie boasts signature metal tips on the laces, a hidden accessories pocket, and like its cousin, the Blanketblend Crewneck, is unisex, with slimmer-fit styles available. Plus, Feat’s hoodies are hand-dyed, meaning each garment is truly unique. Blanketblend is a hoodie for the everyday.

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Sustainable Swag at SwagUp

Feat products are the perfect swag idea for onboarding, holiday, appreciation, and travel packs. They offer something for everyone on your team, and it’s super-easy to get it right. SwagUp’s sustainability stance includes a commitment to sourcing products you’ll want to use for a lifetime. Sustainable apparel from Feat, customized with your logo, is a great way to show your commitment to the environment without compromising quality. 

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And there we go! An introduction to the fabulous apparel Feat, a sustainable swag supplier whose eco-conscious approach is woven (get it?) into every article of their sustainable apparel. We support their remarkable commitment to the environment and are proud to include them in our sustainable product offerings. 

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