SwagUp Offers Repack Services To Help Reduce Waste

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Jenna Sims
Jenna Sims
Training and Enablement Specialist

Published: July 25, 2022

At SwagUp, we strive to make the entire swag process as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. On our website, you won’t see endless amounts of items available, we like to keep it simple and high quality, sharing things we know will last.

One recent sustainability effort we introduced is offering Repack services to our customers. Repacking allow you to repurpose your swag as needed. Our SwagUp team noticed if customers had excess swag from holidays or a marketing campaign, they would often request to have extra swag discarded! 

Our team devised a solution to repurpose our customers’ swag that offsets waste!

Repacking allows you to order new swag, change the copy on your greeting cards, and reconfigure your inventory with us. At SwagUp, we believe that your inventory is yours

At $8 per pack (which covers our operating costs), SwagUp makes it simple to add, remove, reconfigure or change any pack currently in your inventory. So, let’s ensure any excess inventory gets utilized and repurposed!

Simply connect with your Account Executive to initiate the process, and we’ll take it from there!

Here are some examples of how repacks can work for you:

Add a New Item to a Pre-existing Swag Pack

By adding a branded soy candle to SwagUp’s Chill Out pack, we were able to keep the contents fresh and on theme! Do you have swag from a previous project that’s just laying around? You can also send us your items so that we can add them to your packs.

Remove and Discard an Item from a Swag Pack

After ringing in the New Year, SwagUp realized we had several extra Holiday packs that could be sent to our new hires and clients. By completely removing and discarding the holiday-themed insert card from this pack we were able to utilize and send this now winter-themed pack throughout the cold season!

Combine Individual Items to Create a Swag Pack

SwagUp was left with excess totes, hats and shirts after a conference one time. To utilize these bulk items, we ordered some cool mailer boxes and crinkle to re-purpose them for our employees. You can do the same thing! All you need to do is design a fantastic mailer box and choose a crinkle color and we can get these packs built for you!

Turn your Swag Packs into Bulk Items

Do you have a sudden conference or event that you need individual items for? Maybe you have pens in packs that would be great around the office? No problem! We can pull apart your packs and send the items as loose bulk items. We’ll recycle the crinkle and mailers for you so that your bulk swag experience is as simple as possible!

Move Swag Items from one Swag Pack to Another One

Do you have multiple packs with us that you want to adjust? Perhaps you have an odd quantity of new hire packs and client packs that you’d like to consolidate? We can move items from one pack to another so that you can utilize swag that would otherwise sit in storage. Let’s work together towards eliminating waste and ensure your swag has a purpose! 

Contact your account executive to discuss how repacks can work for you!

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