The Reusable Water Bottle That Will Help You Ditch Single-Use Plastics

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Shannon Brennan
Shannon Brennan
Content Marketing Specialist

Published: April 13, 2022

Did you know that over 1 million single-use plastic bottles of water are purchased every minute? Of those, roughly 9% make their way to a recycling facility. To put those numbers in perspective:  for every 1.4 billion bottles of water purchased daily in single-use plastic containers, only 1.27 million are potentially recycled. That leaves nearly a billion bottles littering the earth – every day. Many of these bottles end up in the ocean. Scary stuff, right? Helping to keep our oceans clean, limit waste, and reduce our collective carbon footprint starts with small steps…like investing in a high-quality, reusable water bottle.

A premium reusable water bottle is more than a conversation starter — it’s a commitment to keeping single-use plastics out of landfills or worse, our oceans. But ditching single-use means committing to the same bottle, day after day. It starts out so well: you pick your favorite shape and color, customize it with your design, slap some custom stickers on it, and you’re off to the races…until it starts to smelly funky, or you can’t get it clean, and then you’re back to square one.

If this sounds familiar, allow us to introduce you to LARQ, this week’s sustainable swag product spotlight. LARQ has imagined sustainable drinking vessels differently — they combine innovative, self-cleaning technology with a durable filter and sleek, inspirational design to help you access clean drinking water, anywhere.  Read on to learn how LARQ technologically advanced drinking vessels help to ensure access to fresh water, without waste.

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Sustainable Hydration Starts Here

Do you remember those billion+ bottles that we mentioned are littering the earth? Many of these bottles end up in the ocean, and so LARQ is addressing this mounting concern by partnering with Plastic Bank to remove 1 million single-use plastic bottles from the ocean. 

In addition to contributing to oceanic clean-up, LARQ is also a member of 1% of the Planet network, so every time you make a purchase, you’re also helping the Earth! For every bottle purchased,  a portion of the retail price is donated to environmental nonprofits that help support access to clean water across the globe.  You’re not simply buying a bottle here, but also contributing to a greater cause. 

Finally, every LARQ reusable water bottle comes complete with innovative ideas for repurposing its packaging! Our favorite way to upcycle has to be converting the bottle’s filter into a DIY Bust-a-germ Box, so it can be used to quickly and conveniently sanitize any household objects.

LARQ believes that you are what you drink, and their products reflect an unwavering focus on increasing sustainable access to clean drinking water. Oh, and they pass the “sniff test”. Win-win.

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Meet Purevis™

Have you ever taken a swig from your favorite reusable bottle and gotten that not-so-fresh vibe? Yep, us too. LARQ’s bottle design and filtration system help battle that funky smell, and their newest bottle takes the fight one step further, with Purevis™ technology to guarantee that your LARQ bottle is the one you reach for, day after day.

Select LARQ reusable bottle comes equipped with Purevis™ technology, which eradicates 99.9999%* of germs, bacteria, protozoa, and other harmful bio-contaminants without the use of toxic chemicals like mercury. Purevis™ is the world’s first portable digital water filtration system. The system purifies your water using optimal 280 nm UV-C light (generated by a single LED powered by a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery). UV light is among the safest ways to sterilize anything today and with Purevis™, you never have to replace the filters. Just plug it in once a month and you’re good to go!  

Ready to take LARQ for a test drive? Read on to discover our favorites from their product line.

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Reusable Water Bottles

1. LARQ Bottle

This triple-walled, vacuum insulated bottle features a food-grade stainless steel build that keeps your drink cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. The proprietary powder-coat dual-tone matte finish also lends the bottle a sleek, premium look making it a stylish accessory to complement your daily adventures. You can choose from 5 colors and 2 different capacities (17 oz, 25 oz).

2. LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis

The Movement PureVis™ is a non-insulated, self-cleaning water bottle. The bottle features a single-walled, lightweight stainless steel build that makes it a breeze to carry around. Available in six colors, with a 24oz capacity. it’s perfect to take to the gym, to the office, or simply while going on errands.

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LARQ bottles are a simple way to kickstart or support your sustainable practices. Their filtration system reduces contaminants in drinking water, helping to ensure access to pure hydration, wherever you are. LARQ is committed to reducing the use of single-use plastics, offsets their carbon footprint through 1% For the Planet with each bottle purchased, and has partnered with Plastic Bank to help remove plastic bottles from our oceans. When you customize a premium reusable water bottle like LARQ from SwagUp, you’re selecting a statement piece with purpose, and a piece of custom swag that’s sure to be used and loved for a lifetime.

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