Top Eco Swag For Employee & Client Gifting Ideas – Part 1

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Helen Rankin
Helen Rankin
Chief Of Brand

Published: May 17, 2022

We are seeing more and more companies that want only eco-friendly swag to offer their employees and clients. If you are looking for the best-branded swag, but with a sustainable message, you came to the right place! Our team of Swagstronauts have put together our favorite high quality branded eco swag. 

Although we suggest that your company make an effort to offer eco-branded swag, there’s more to the picture than just swag. Here are some other ways you can make efforts in other areas to be sustainable:

  • Participate in organizations such as One Tree Planted 
  • If you have office spaces, replace buying bottled water for water fountains & water bottles 
  • Reduce traveling, and when you do, use organizations like Gold Standard to help offset your carbon footprint 
  • Get employees involved in local organizations that volunteer with ocean clean up or help plant trees 
  • Don’t buy branded swag that is wasteful and cheap! Stick to high-quality items.

Custom Filtered Water bottle by  Larq 

Larq bottle custom for company swag. Eco-friendly promotional option.

Why we love it: 

This Larq water bottle goes beyond your typical bottle, it’s part bottle, part tech item. We This Larq water bottle goes beyond your typical bottle. Is it a water bottle? Is it a tech item? We can’t decide! It offers self-cleaning water filtration, which is the perfect item for your clients or employees that are nomading around the world! Its sleek style, and ability to clean water makes it an ideal sustainable promotion item!

Best Swag Use Cases: Premium Brand Gifting, Executive Swag Item, Milestone Swag

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Branded Lasered Wood Pins & Stickers 

Eco-Friendly swag wooden pins available for customization.

Why we love it: 

Stickers and pins are great, but have you ever seen ones with custom wood?! These Wood Pins & Stickers are made from sustainable materials and sourced locally. We love how unique this promotional swag item is and its efforts toward sustainability. This makes it a perfect swag bonus for any gifts or campaigns your team is working on!

Best Swag Use Cases:  Eco Swag Packs, Employee new hires swag, Startup Launch 

Solgaurd Backpack with Logo  

Corporate Merch Solgaard Backpack from SwagUp.

Why we love it: 

We love a good eco swag item that offers some technology, great utility use, and is high quality. This Solgaard backpack checks all the boxes! The backpack is made from recycled plastic cleaned from the ocean and uses solar technology to help charge your phone! This makes our list of eco swag for being the best all-in-one option that everyone will love!

Best Swag Use Cases:  New hires, Anniversary Gifts, Premium Executive Swag Packs 

Branded Known Supply Dad Hat 

Known Supply Hat with custom logo. Eco Friendly promotional item

Why we love it: 

We are big fans of our Known Supply Branded Dad Hat due to its mission to ethically source all its items. They are fully transparent about where everything is made and have contributed efforts towards employing women. They are branded as “The Most Human Brand”. This dad hat is high quality, sustainable and the mission they are supporting is all-around amazing.

Best Swag Use Cases:  Summer Swag Item, Recruiting Swag, Investor Swag Gift, Team Building Outting Promotional Item 

ForestNation Tree Cup Tree Planting Kit

Eco-Friendly Office Plant with custom packaging

Why we love it: 

Let’s talk about being green! We love this option since you can fully customize your brand on the cup and it makes a great desk eco swag option! Who doesn’t love plants? It comes with seeds in a cup for your employee or client receiving it to enjoy a nice plant!

Best Swag Use Cases:  Onboarding Swag, Work From Home Swag, Gradational Promotional Item, Care Package 

Sustainable Snacks 

Sustainable Snacks for Corporate Gifting

Why we love it:

Yum snacks?!! Yes, we love our snacks, especially when they are sustainable! We love these snacks since it is a one-size-fits-all snack. It’s vegan, paleo, gluten-free,  and soy-free! We love this swag snack option since you don’t have to worry about giving someone this snack and them not being able to eat it!

Best Swag Use Cases:  Work from Home Swag, Surprise & Delight Campaign, Client Snack Gifts 

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Custom Logo Prodir Pens  

SwagUp eco-friendly custom branded pens

Why we love it:

Did you ever think Guess would make pens? Well, they did! Our sustainable Prodir pens are made with less water, no plastic, and are biodegradable! They are also made of a special material made from 50% regionally recycled plastic enriched with 30% recycled seashells! This makes it our favorite eco pen option that everyone will love!

Best Swag Use Cases: New Hire Swag, Client Gifting, Executive Swag 

Bloom Bamboo True Wireless Auto Pair Earbuds

SwagUp Eco Friendly Custom Branded Speaker made of bamboo

Why we love it:

These custom branded Bloom Bamboo True Wireless Auto Pair Earbuds are FSC®-certified making them ethically sourced and sustainable! We also love that this swag gear is fully customizable, which really allows for your brand to shine!

Best Swag Use Cases:  Company Rebrand, Anniversary Employee Gift, Brand Launch 

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