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Jori Hamilton
Jori Hamilton
Guest Writer

Published: May 13, 2022

These days, it often feels like the entire world is going remote. Virtual businesses, online events, and e-commerce are becoming the norm — and customers are increasingly demanding digital-first experiences that are just as efficient as their favorite apps. When you want to show customer appreciation or make your event memorable with exciting freebies, simply sending physical gifts no longer cuts it.

If your looking for new swag ideas (or just additional unique swag options!) virtual swag bags simply make sense. They ship quickly and can be tailored any occasion — for instance, when a customer buys an event ticket, provides a referral, or is celebrating a birthday — so you can treat your recipients to instant gratification without the hassle of checking their mail. Plus, for digital companies, virtual swag keeps your client appreciation efforts consistent with your customer experience, even when you’re pairing your digital gift with physical swag items.

To help you plan out the contents of your virtual swag bag, here are six ideas of what you can include in your gift.

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E-Gift Cards

Gift cards are always an exciting freebie to include in any swag bag. It gives your customers the freedom to choose a product or service of their preference — whatever’s most valuable to them — so you know they’re getting swag they actually want.

If you’re giving your customers an e-gift card to your online store, it’s also a great opportunity to get your audience to explore what your company has to offer. Plus, there’s always a chance that your clients will end up spending more than what you’ve gifted them, which is a big win for your investment.

Thinking about giving your customers an e-gift card for another store? Make sure to keep it tailored to your audience, industry, or event topic, so your virtual swag bag sends a consistent message and delights every customer. For example, while an e-gift card to a wine store may make sense for an online cured meats store, it may not be the best fit for a marketing event.

Online Courses

An online course is a virtual gift that can offer long-term value for your clients. Whether you’re sending them webinars on your website or a free Coursera or Udemy class, you can help your customers develop new skills so they can achieve their goals.

This is a particularly good freebie to include if you’re aiming to delight professional B2B customers. By helping your clients in their professional development, you can help them grow their businesses, which shows them that your business is a supportive partner.

If you’re giving clients an online course that you’ve developed yourself, this is a great opportunity for you to memorably combine physical and digital swag. For instance, you can include a set of resistance bands with a virtual fitness class or deliver all the non-perishable ingredients needed for an online cooking class. You will need to give your customers a head’s up to check their mail. However, your delivery will ensure your client has all the supplies they need for your course without inconveniencing them so you can better guarantee their engagement with your class.

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App Subscriptions

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, your customers are probably using apps throughout their day. Professional clients use billing software and project management tools, while consumers use video streaming platforms, gaming apps, and more. An app subscription can help or entertain your customers for a full month or more.

If your business has a subscription that you want to market, giving a free trial can be a great way to turn shoppers into loyal customers. When customers get a taste of your subscription experience, they’ll realize the value it provides in their lives, which can inspire them to pay for renewals for months to come.

Event Tickets

Want to guarantee attendance at upcoming virtual event or in-person conference? Consider including event tickets in your virtual swag bags to show them that you value their attendance. This is your chance to make your clients feel like VIP guests while making your event look as packed as possible.

When you want to drive up social media engagement, event tickets can be a great tool. When you’re doing a virtual swag giveaway on Facebook or Instagram, tickets can be incredibly enticing, and many followers may enter in hopes of joining scoring exclusive tickets to interesting events.

Event tickets can even be included in digital swag bags for social media influencers who can not only promote your brand but also attend your event and drive ticket sales. Consider pairing your virtual event ticket with a physical influencer pack, so your influencers can do physical box openings for their followers.

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E-Books or Audiobooks

E-books and audiobooks are far more convenient to read than a physical book. When you include one in your virtual swag bag, your customers can dig into their new book from their phones, laptops, or elsewhere. Whether it’s entertaining or insightful, an e-book or audiobook is a piece of long-form content that will deliver far more value than the blog posts or podcasts that people can read on the internet.

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If your customers have a cause they deeply care about, donating on their behalf can be as good a gift as any. It’ll make your customers feel like you’re listening and like their words have made a real impact. When you’re putting together a virtual swag bag, consider your customer’s values or the nonprofits they’ve talked about in the past.

Though a donation isn’t the best virtual swag for an event in which all your attendees may have diverse interests, it is a great way to make a client-specific gift feel highly personalized and thoughtful.

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Impress Your Customers

A virtual swag bag is a convenient gift for remote companies that offers customers a delightful digital-first experience. Whether you’re sending e-gift cards, online courses, or something else, you can provide immense value and instant gratification. And if you want to make your virtual swag bag extra memorable, you can always pair it with physical gifts that tie in perfectly.

About the author: Jori Hamilton is an experienced writer residing in the Northwestern U.S. She covers a wide range of topics but takes a particular interest in covering topics related to business productivity and marketing strategies. To learn more about Jori, you can follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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