Engagement Platform Postal.io Integrates with SwagUp

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Helen Rankin
Helen Rankin

Published: October 12, 2020

Now more than ever competition is fierce. How do you get your brand to stand out — and in a way that doesn’t turn off prospects? Prospects get contacted through so many different channels. Social media, email, LinkedIn InMail, phone calls; the list goes on and on. 

With so many different options to target prospects, sales, and marketing teams have to get creative. Especially when the simple solution of just picking up the phone to contact a prospect doesn’t always work. 

Buyers want to see value upfront. They don’t want to feel sold to. And that’s just in the beginning stages of the sales cycle. What about once they become a client?  How are you keeping them engaged? Even if you think you have them locked in, there are a million other sales reps and marketing campaigns targeting them. Nothing sucks more than getting blindsided.

That’s where platforms like Postal.io come in. Postal lends that human connection sales and marketing teams need to help soften the sales cycle. Their engagement platform allows you to create campaigns to send gifts to prospects and clients’ gifts through the life cycle of that lead. You can track how the campaigns work and ensure your customers are getting the engagement they need for long-term retention. The Postal platform leverages machine learning to enable customers for specialized sales and marketing campaigns at scale.

The Postal Story

Postal.io is a venture-backed company that recently raised $9 million in Series A led by Mayfield and launched to the public on May 5, 2020. In the era of the coronavirus, staying in touch with clients and creating a sense of human connection has become even more important. 

Postal found it important to expand on its Marketplace and offer items their clients would feel excited about sending as a gift. Branded gifts in particular help keep the excitement and awareness of the brand out there. So Postal reached out about adding SwagUp to their Marketplace. And voilà! Postal clients now have access to SwagUp’s platform to create, automate, and ship swag worldwide! With the Postal platform, you have the flexibility to send both branded and non-branded gifts that can easily be implemented into campaigns.   

We are excited to announce SwagUp’s partnership with Postal.io and offer their sales and marketing clients high quality branded swag to enable their campaigns. 🚀 


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