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Amanda Sciabica
Amanda Sciabica
PR & Events Manager

Published: September 15, 2023

SwagUp has worked hand-in-hand with Zapier since the very beginning. This year, SwagUp is bringing even more Zapier functionality to our platform with the new Integrations tab. Users can now embed Zapier functions right into their SwagUp dashboard. This new addition will make managing contacts, leads, shipments, and swag easier than ever before.

SwagUp has gone even further by creating the Integrations Playbook. These are comprehensive guides that breakdown specific application integrations and how they work with SwagUp to make your swag process seamless. The playbook also details various different use cases for each of these integrations as well as different swag ideas for each circumstance.

Download your Integrations Playbook today!

How the Integrations Tab Works

The SwagUp platform is available to all clients completely free of charge. This online platform is where SwagUp clients can log in and view the products they are working on, check their order statuses, and view real-time inventory of their existing items. Anyone with access to the platform can also easily create shipments, upload contact lists, and create Redeem Pages. Now with the new Zapier Embed feature, you are able to connect to your other existing online tools with just the click of a button!

What is the Integrations tab?

The Integrations tab is a section of the SwagUp platform that utilizes Zapier to help connect more than 5,000 apps to their swag. Zapier is a product that allows users to integrate the web applications they use and automate workflows.

How does it work?

Zaps help businesses create flexible automations that perform different actions based on if/then logic. Select and action from one app that you’d like to be done to trigger an action on another platform.

Zapier Example
Zapier Example

What does this new functionality mean for SwagUp?

With the addition of the Integrations tab onto the SwagUp platform, users can now connect their swag workflow to any other web application they already use.

Use cases

If you would like to send swag to new leads, you could set up a zap between Salesforce and SwagUp. Each time a new lead is added to Salesforce, a new shipment to be created within your SwagUp platform.

You can easily integrate with Slack. Use a zap to connect SwagUp and Slack. Every time a shipment is delivered, you could receive a Slack channel or direct message.

Just think of the possibilities and manual work you could say goodbye to!

  1. Send tracking numbers to your swag recipients
  2. Send a Unique URL to a prospect after finsihing a demo call in Google Calendar
  3. Notify me on Slack when stock goes below 10 units
  4. Send a gift to a Shopify customer who has reached $1000 life time spend
  5. And MANY more!
Don’t know where to start? Chose from premade SwagUp zap templates.

Over 100 SwagUp customers are already automating their workflows through Integrations, saving thousands of hours a year and supercharging their use of swag.

Download our new Integrations Playbook here. This playbook is specific to apps you already use and can show you the best ways SwagUp Integrations can benefit you!

Get started building your zaps with SwagUp today!

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