SwagUp Launches Membership Plans

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Amanda Sciabica
Amanda Sciabica
PR & Events Manager

Published: June 29, 2023

SwagUp has brought you a seamless, easy to use, full service customer experience for the last 5 years. As the swag platform for the modern workplace, SwagUp has helped over 5,000 companies create, automate and distribute their swag globally. Now they’re offering an opportunity to get more from your swag experience with their brand new Membership Program.

Become A Member, Get the Perks!

SwagUp will still offer their same all-inclusive swag service they’ve been offering, however they will now be adding 3 new tiers of membership that will allow customers to save and reap the benefits of purchasing more swag. Furthermore, each membership tier will be offered at both a monthly rate, and a discounted yearly rate.


The SwagUp Experience features everything you already know and love about SwagUp excepted with boosted rewards and discounts. This membership comes with 5% of shipping, 20% off storage and a whopping 50% off expedited production.


Additionally, this membership tier hooks it up with even more savings, offering 10% off shipping, 50% off storage and free expedited production. This membership takes the savings an extra step with offering 3% discounts on all products.


As the white glove service of SwagUp, this membership is for swag power users and offers 4x the rewards and discounts for days. On top of the 10% shipping discount and free expedited production, members will receive free storage and 5% off all products. Each project is carefully guided through the process with one of SwagUp’s expert Swagstronauts to lead the way.

Getting started is easy! Simply select a membership that works for your company’s needs. Pick the swag you want from the hundreds of products on SwagUp’s catalog, or ask an expert to help source anything you might need. Immediately start earning rewards and perks on every swag order.

Read more about SwagUp Membership Plans and get started today!

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