SwagUp Founder Michael Martocci on Paradigm Shift

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Amanda Sciabica
Amanda Sciabica
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Published: June 06, 2023

SwagUp Founder and CEO, Michael Martocci spoke with hosts of Paradigm Shift to talk about growth. Paradigm Shift is a podcast about building the future and pivotal moments in the journey to get there. Michael highlights how he bootstrapped SwagUp to become a $100 million revenue company in just 5 years.

SwagUp is a leader in the promotional products industry, revolutionizing the way people create, automate and distribute swag. SwagUp started with the idea that they could consolidate the customer’s workflows and streamline the process under one vendor. They recognized early on that swag is an extension of a brand’s culture and has become increasing more valuable to a company and increasing brand awareness. In this interview, Michael speaks about capitalizing off this opportunity.

Boostrapping and Growth at SwagUp

Hosts Ashish Kundra and Zane Salim speak to Michael all about bootstrapping and reconciling bootstrapping towards a large vision. Michael speaks about how the state of the company is all made up of reacting to customer needs.

Michael addresses ways to ensure financial stability and create a culture that supports your visions when working on a startup. Furthermore, he reinforces the idea that it is necessary to create a workplace community where all employees are willing to wear multiple hats and pitch in wherever necessary to achieve company goals. Equally important, he mentions the value in managing and closely analyzing cash flow in order to be able to reinvest in the company in the future.

“I used to think that once you got to a certain scale you were safe. But, the reality is you’re never safe. You’re never going to build a company to the point where there’s no down side anymore. Anything can happen at any time and you have to stay aggressive. You can’t let the fear of running out of money keep you from building what you need to build. Just be smart and realistic about what that looks like.” – Michael Martocci, CEO and Founder of SwagUp

Listen to the whole podcast here!

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