SwagUp Leads the Industry for G2 2023

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Amanda Sciabica
Amanda Sciabica
PR & Events Manager

Published: June 15, 2023

SwagUp has done it again! SwagUp continues to be a Leader in the industry for Summer 2023, topping the G2 Charts for the 5th year in a row! Swagup’s G2 achievements this summer also include High Performer and Best Estimated ROI. SwagUp has historically been named a Leader in Promotional Products Management by G2 as well as Easiest Setup and Easiest To Do Business With among others.

G2 accumulates their data directly from millions of authentic business users. SwagUp prides itself on being a one-stop-shop where clients can easily create, automate and distribute swag globally. And the customers have spoken! SwagUp truly is all they claim to be and more when it comes to being “the swag platform for the modern workplace.”

The High Performer badge is awarded to organizations with high customer satisfaction scores. SwagUp is honored that customers have recognized their relentless passion for making the customer experience the best it possibly can be.

“We are obsessively focused on eliminating the friction in the process of creating and distributing swag that people will actual use and ultimately be impactful, whether it be strengthening workplace culture, helping close prospects, or building stronger bonds with clients.” – Michael Martocci, CEO of SwagUp

Check out what Sara M. of Wonderist Agency had to say about SwagUp!

“High Quality Products Customizeable with Great Customer Service”

Read more about what SwagUp’s clients have to say and write your own review here!

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