SwagUp Releases 2023 State of Swag Report

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Amanda Sciabica
Amanda Sciabica
PR & Events Manager

Published: May 22, 2023

SwagUp has released its first-ever State of Swag Report. This report has compiled data from companies all over the nation to bring you the facts on what really matters in the world of swag.

This year, SwagUp wanted to reach out to all swag buyers and see what really mattered when buying swag and how swag purchasing was impacted by the current economic climate. We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to.

Interesting State of Swag Stats

The majority of companies value brand and culture very highly.

Most companies utilize swag to connect with their employees and gift swag to new hires, for work anniversaries, and around holidays.

Many companies’ biggest pain point is ensuring that they are purchasing swag that people really want. For that reason, SwagUp created collection redeem pages. Check out all the ways you can use SwagUp collection forms.

Some of the most popular brands with employees today are Yeti, The North Face, Patagonia, Nike, and Bella+Canvas. Shop these popular products on SwagUp’s catalog here!

“The economic climate is definitely impacting companies’ swag budget availability. Nevertheless companies clearly see the value of branded merchandise even in a challenging environment, as shown by the responses.”

— Michael Martocci, Chief Swag Officer, SwagUp

Check out the full report here.

SwagUp is the swag platform for the modern workplace. It helps companies create, automate, and distribute swag globally. With over 5,000 customers worldwide, SwagUp continues to bring swag to the end user in the simplest way possible.

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