SwagUp’s Holiday Early Bird Special is Back!

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Amanda Sciabica
Amanda Sciabica
PR & Events Manager

Published: August 02, 2023

SwagUp brought back their Holiday Early Bird Special for 2023 holiday orders this week with some new additions. SwagUp is the platform for the modern workplace known to create, automate and distribute swag globally. This is especially true for the holiday season. Each fall/winter, companies are clamoring over each other to try to get their holiday orders in on time. What better way to beat the holiday rush than taking advantage of some holiday early bird deals.

Early Bird Special 2023

This year’s special offer will only be extended to SwagUp members. Having just launched their new Membership Program, this is a great incentive to come aboard and join. SwagUp members of all tiers will get 2 times the rewards points on all holiday orders in addition to what they already receive. Check out more details on rewards points for members below.

As a fun added bonus, members who place an early bird order for $10k or more will also receive a complimentary JBL Headset as a gift for themselves.

Take a look at SwagUp’s 2023 Holiday Catalog for inspiration and gift ideas.

This Early Bird Special will run from now until September 4th, 2023. So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this limited offer and get all the membership perks!

Start your holiday order today.


As with all special offers, some rules do apply:

  • Off is only available for SwagUp members. Customers may sign up for a membership now to instantly qualify for the offer.
  • Storage will not be complimentary.
  • Gifts will not be rewarded bases on spend.
  • All orders must be placed and paid in full prior to September 4th.
  • Orders must be holiday-themes and scheduled to ship during the months of November or December 2022 to qualify.
  • Orders are non-refundable.
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