Introducing Products Tab – Your Personalized Swag Mood Board and Company Catalog All In One

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Tyler Moore
Tyler Moore
Product Manager

Published: August 17, 2022

Introducing Products Tab

Feeling a little dried up with inspiration? Got a million other things going on besides swag – but need something fast?

Wondering how the SwagUp Platform helps you scale the more you use it?

Meet Products Tab. A new feature in the SwagUp dashboard, Products Tab takes a historical view of all the swag designs you’ve ever made with SwagUp, and gives you the power to create new swag designs and orders in a matter of clicks. You could start a new swag project in less than the time it takes to brew fresh coffee 😎 

With Products Tab, you can quickly launch new swag orders from previous designs and mockups, even if you never actually ended up using it for whatever reason. But that’s not all – enjoy even more freedom and flexibility with the ability to mix and match individual products and items from packs to create either a new swag pack or a totally new order with a combination of products and pack items.

Let’s explore the details.

The Top 3 Benefits of Products Tab

Love a Swag Item? Save It To Your Wishlist

If you see a swag item in the catalog you absolutely love, but you’re not currently working on a swag project – don’t worry! All is not lost. Just request some mockups to see it with your company branding and save it for later date when you are working on a swag project. This works for both potential packs and individual items!

Your Products Tab allows you to take a comprehensive, historical view of all your swag designs right in the SwagUp Dashboard. Just like a Personalized Swag Mood Board 🙂

Bonus Tip: As long as your designs are still in the Design Stage (with a “Mockup Pending” status), you can freely make color and logo edits from the Products Tab as well.

Mix and Match Mockups for Fresh Swagspiration

Creating a new Swag Order from your collection of designs has never been easier. Even cooler? Gain total control with the ability to mix and match mockups from both packs and individual products as a NEW order, or if selecting multiple individual items, even start a request for a new pack mockup!

Easily Refresh Your Favorite Swag Projects On The Fly

That beloved quarter zip the team got for the holidays that all the new hires are jealous of? Preparing for an annual company event and looking for a way to combine your most popular swag items? Returning to a conference and need a fresh stock of swag for your booth? 

Whatever the case, we know that when you’ve found a great piece of swag, you want to stick with it. And Products Tab makes that easy. From new stock to freshening up a staple swag experience, you can revisit your past swag designs and not only quickly create a new order but also add a few tweaks, whether it’s a change of colors or new logos or even entirely swapping out swag items!

How to Get Started

Products Tab is a SwagUp Dashboard Feature – so to take advantage of Products Tab, you’ll first need to create a SwagUp Account. 😉 100% free to get started. For more info on pricing and how SwagUp can help your team, book a demo to chat with a Swag Expert today! 

Then check out the SwagUp catalog and get started with mockups for your favorite swag products!

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