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SwagUp Team
SwagUp Team
Swag Team

Published: March 02, 2020

The SwagUp team noticed a common trend anytime we would post our own SwagUp branded swag! That trend is that outsiders would ask how to purchase our exclusive team swag. It’s with this repetitive ask that it became evident the next step would be for us to create a Swag Shop of our own, where others can also enjoy some of our exclusive swag. With constant demand from people wondering how to get their hands on SwagUp originals, our SwagUp Shop was born.

It’s not unusual at SwagUp for employees to all to be wearing the same hoodie or t-shirt on the same day! It’s become a common theme at our office. 

“That’s when you know you are creating something special. The team is happy to rep SwagUp every day, and even their family members are asking for some of our exclusive team merch. They feel part of a family vs working for another company” 

Michael Martocci, CEO & Founder of SwagUp. 

We have included a very special perk for our SwagUp Team to come up with some designs of their own. This will be a creative outlet we will allow for any of our SwagUp members to contribute custom designs where the proceeds are split between them and a charity of their choice! 

Check out our SwagUp team’s first employee designed hoodie “Let’s Fly to the Moon”

When we discovered our Quality Assurance Manager, Andrea Funes was also an artist on the side, it felt natural to allow her to design an exclusive hoodie for our shop. 

Proceeds of this hoodie will go directly to Andrea and a charity she holds near and dear, the PetSmart Charity. 

To check out our SwagUp Shop Visit to get your hands on some exclusive SwagUp merch!  Want to set up a swag shop of your own? Learn more here or send us a message to get the down-low.

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