Michael Martocci Talks Transparency at TheVentureCity

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Amanda Sciabica
Amanda Sciabica
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Published: April 18, 2023

SwagUp CEO & Founder Michael Martocci spoke on a panel entitled Radical Transparency at TheVentureCity Summit in February. Michael spoke on why investors and founders need transparency in their business.

TheVentureCity Summit annual meeting in Miami attracts top innovators from around the globe to gather to listen in on the top trends in venture capital world. You will find founders from anywhere in the US to Brazil or even Italy. Which make it a great open discussion to venture capital trends happening around the globe. This years summit took place in Miami’s New World Center, which was very fitting considering the attendees and speakers!

The Radical Transparency panel was moderated by TheVentureCity’s Co-Founder, Clara Bullrich. Panelist inclued Michael Martocci (SwagUp), Geri Kirilova (Laconia), Javi Osa (Tansley) and Laura Gonzalez-Estefani (TheVentureCity).

TheVentureCity Summit

It started with a fun game of agree or disagree on radical statements about transparency in business. Michael agreed that you should always be as transparent as possible, the faster you can get the information about your problems out, the faster you can get to solutions.

“Radical transparency to me is all about trust and speed. The more information that’s out there in the open and the more you can be upfront with people, the faster you’re able to move as a company. And speed is one of the most pivotal assets in a company.” – Michael Martocci

SwagUp was also proud to provide the swag for this event. As a partner, SwagUp provide the summit with these one-of-a-kind matte white Ascent Bottles. Get swag for your next conference today!

SwagUp swag at TheVentureCity
SwagUp swag at TheVentureCity Summit

Check out the whole video here.

Radical Transparency: Why investors and founders need it

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