Mission Log: Redeem 2.0, Products Tab & more… | August and September 2022

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SwagUp Command
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Last updated: October 21, 2022

🚀 What’s New at SwagUp?

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes making improvements to our product. From new features, to changes and bug fixes, we’ll be sure to let you know how they’re making life with Swag even sweeter. With our Mission Log series on, you will find product updates, the latest SwagUp news, and more.

Keep up with the latest product updates from SwagUp this August and September –

Blasting Off Into Redeem Phase 2 – Redeem just got cooler now that your recipients can choose what swag they want 😎

Meet the Products Tab, Your Mood Board, and Company Catalog – Coming up with awesome new swag packs? Yes, please!

Account Switcher: Effortlessly Jump Between Accounts – Does your team use multiple accounts? You don’t wanna miss this dashboard tip!

Plus: Winter. Is. Here. ❄️

🚀 Blasting Off Into Redeem Phase 2

Redeem is only getting better… Phase 2 of Redeem allows you to offer multiple swag options that your recipients can choose from. Not to mention enhancements throughout the experience to make your life (and the lives of your recipients) easier! It’s the perfect tool for holiday gifting and rounding out a tailored swag experience.

Learn more about Redeem >

🔮 Meet the Products Tab: Your Mood Board and Company Catalog

Within your dashboard, the Products Tab displays all the past swag projects you’ve ever worked on and allows you to create brand new swag designs and packs in a matter of clicks. So whether you’re revisiting an old design or starting with something fresh, it’s never been easier to design your products and place orders.

Check it out >

🔎 Account Switcher: Effortlessly Jump Between Team Accounts

Is your team spread across multiple accounts managing swag? Need to quickly check in on another team member’s swag project? Not a problem! Just hover over the ‘Switch Accounts’ option in your Settings and search for the account you’re looking for. Then hop on over.

❄️ The Holidays Are Upon Us

Winter. is. coming.

Wanna beat the holiday rush and get your orders in? Start by browsing our winter/ holiday pack ideas here!

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