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Helen Rankin
Helen Rankin

Published: February 15, 2021

We get it, no one likes to wait. In a world where we get everything we need at our fingertips, we all want things quickly! Over the past few months, there has been a wave of supply chain issues, logistics, while working under unprecedented times. All of these factors have resulted in our turn-around time to average 5-6 weeks. Our team has been working diligently on how to speed up this process and identifying which swag items we can do fast! After weeks of working with suppliers and carriers, we are excited to announce the launch of SpeedUp by SwagUp!

What is SpeedUp by SwagUp? 

SpeedUp by SwagUp is a curated collection of swag items that our team can deliver within 2-3 weeks! And trust us when we say, we are continuing to search on how to reduce this time frame even more. Providing a top-notch client experience is part of our company’s DNA and we are excited to take the first step in providing shorter turnaround times and getting swag delivered swiftly to our customers! 

How does SpeedUp by SwagUp work? 

SpeedUp by SwagUp can be found on our website’s form at Swagup.com. When visiting our form, customers will find a ⚡️ lightning rod indicating an item that is approved for fast turnaround times. Note that while these items can be done quickly, some may be limited by the number of colors for print or delivery location. Our SwagUp team will assist in guiding the customer upon selection of the interested SpeedUp Swag options. Further information about the SpeedUp Swag is available for each applicable item by clicking on the product details.

  • Search for the ⚡️ on products to identify SpeedUp options 
  • The average turnaround time for SpeedUp can be 2-3 weeks or less 
  • No additional cost for SpeedUp options, but some items are limited by imprint
  • Turnaround times do not include shipping, overnight will be an available option   

Sneak Peak of SpeedUp Swag 🚨 

Custom Label with Kraft box

A perfect alternative to getting a fully printed box and less expensive.Double win!

Custom Insert Card 

A perfect way to send a personalized message in every custom swag pack! 

Custom Mailer Bag 

Printed Mailer bags are a great option if sending something soft like a t-shirt or a beanie. It gives the swag delivery experience a retail feel.  

Soda Pop Bottle 

We love this soda bottle inspired look! Perfect for summer!

Resort Refresher 

We love this gradient look on this swag bottle! It is designed to stand out! 

Coachella Tote 

Get ready for spring & summer fast with this trendy swag tote! 

SpeedUp Blended Tee

This option not only comes in a variety of colors and includes sizing up to 5xl!

Bamboo Pens 

Eco-friendly branded pen options that are also good for the environment! Double win! 

Retro Metal & Fabric Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Get this speaker fast for those nice days ahead! 

Looking to get swag fast? Check out our form here and look for the ⚡️ lightning rod on the products as a guide to our SpeedUp options! 

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